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Clarinda BARNETT

Clarinda BARNETT2,5,3

about 18511,2,3,4 - after 1882

Life History

about 1851

Born in Monroe County, Tennessee.1,2,3,4

3rd Nov 1871

Birth of daughter Mary Melissa GREEN in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas.6,7,8,9,10,11,12

22nd Nov 1873

Birth of son Toliver Jorile GREEN in Hill County, Texas.13,14,15,16,17,18,19,1

about 1875

Birth of daughter Suzie GREEN in Hill County, Texas

27th Jun 1878

Birth of son James Taylor GREEN in Hill County, Texas.20,21,22,23,17,4,24,16,25,26

after 1882

Death of Jackson GREEN in Oklahoma

after 1882

Died in Oklahoma

23rd May 1882

Birth of son Daniel David GREEN in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.27,28,29,17,30,31,16,32,33

Other facts


Married Jackson GREEN


  • I found one or two genealogies that have her name as Calrinda Ann, butdid not have any source for the name.

    1860 Federal Census, Washington County, Illinois, 22 June, Ashley,page 42, Hse # 298, Fam # 270
    Jorial Barnett 52 M Farmer $600 Real  $200 Personal South Carolina
    Sarah Barnett 38 F Missouri [stepmother]
    Clarinda Barnett 9 F Tennessee
    Susan J Barnett 8 F Tennessee

    1870 Federal Census, Hill County, Texas, 23 August, PO Hillsboro, page39, Hse/Fam # 265
    Barnet, Jorile 62 M W Farmer No Real Estate value  $150 Personal SouthCarolina
    Barnet, Sarah 49 F W Missouri [stepmother]
    Barnet, Clarinda 19 F W Tennessee

    The overall picture of the Barnett family found in Illinois in 1860matches the characteristics of Clarinda Barnett who married JacksonGreen in Indian Territory.  One discrepancy occurs, which is similarto common errors in censuses.  The birth state of Clarinda in the 1860census with the Barnett family reports her birth state to beTennessee.  In later censuses information for her sons Taylor (JamesTaylor) and Joe (Toliver Jorile) report the birth state of theirmother Clarinda as Illinois.

    In 1910 Taylor's mother's birth state is reported as Unknown
    In 1920 it is Illinois

    In 1910 Joe's mother (should be the same as Taylor's) is reported asborn in Alabama.
    In 1920 it is Illinois.

    From the 1860 Illinois census, we know the family had Illinoisconnections and one group of children of the name Gibson are with theBarnett family in that census.  So Clarinda came to Texas fromIllinois.  We can cut the census enumerator some slack for confusingthe birth place.  It was in Illinois that Clarinda's father marriedhis third wife, Sarah Morgan.

    We must keep in mind that in that era objective details and a focus oninformation were not a part of the culture as it became in the courseof the 20th century.  We are detail oriented now.  We like closure onevery possible item of information.  That was just not the way theylived back then.

    Clarinda the daughter of Jorile (Jorial) was reported in the 1860census as born in Tennessee.  But Jorile had moved to Illinois between1852 and 1857, when he married Sarah Morgan Gibson, a widow living inWashington County, Illinois.  We find their blended family in the 1860census, where all the Gibson children are reported born in Illinois,while the older Barnett children were born in North Carolina andClarinda and her sister Susan were born in Tennessee.

    It is easy to see from this information why Clarinda's birth statemight have been reported as Illinois in the later censuses.  Strangerdiscrepancies have certainly been sprinkled all through the US censusrecords.  Her children remembered that she had come from Illinois, andthat would be reinforced by the fact that her stepmother Sarah wasborn in Illinois.  But sometimes they remembered a family past fartherback, even though Joe got it wrong in 1910 by saying it was Alabamainstead of Tennessee.


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