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Samuel Westfall JACKSON

Samuel Westfall JACKSON1,2,3,7,4,5,8,9,11,10,12

8th Jan 18748 - 6th Jul 19542,6,4,5

Life History

8th Jan 1874

Born in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2,3,4,5

(most likely)

8th Jan 1876


(less likely)

about 1901

Married Estella BREWER in Ft Gibson, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory.11

24th Jan 1904

Birth of son Alvin Theodore JACKSON in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory.11,9,3,5

24th Apr 1909

Birth of son William Andrew JACKSON in Nash Township, Muskogee, Oklahoma.13,3,14,15,11,9


Resident in Nash, Muskogee, Oklahoma.3

27th Jun 1919

Death of Estella BREWER in Riverside, Riverside, California.11

between 1920 and 1930

Residence2 in Riverside, Riverside, California.7,8,9,10

between 1935 and 1940

Residence3: 1940 census says he was in the same place in 1935 in Tetley Hotel, Riverside, Riverside, California

6th Jul 1954

Died in Riverside, Riverside, California.2,6,4,5

9th Jul 1954

Buried in Crestlawn Memorial Park, Riverside, Riverside, California.6,4


  • Sam and Stella were married in Parker County, Texas.

    In 1910, Sam and his wife Stella are farming in Nash Township,Muskogee County, Oklahoma.  They have two sons Alvin and William,according to the census.  Betty Jackson Hess comments on a picture ofSam and the two sons that they moved from Weatherford, Texas, toOklahoma in about 1908.  This matches the age of the last son William.

    But Alvin, who was born in about 1904, is also reported as born inOklahoma?  Perhaps the report of birth state for Alvin was wrong.  Ifcorrect, they moved back and forth between Parker County, Texas, andMuskogee County, Oklahoma, quite a distance.  Two of their childrendied as infants in Weatherford, Texas, in 1907 and 1908.  See furtherdetails in Notes for Stella Brewer.

    1910 Federal Census, Nash Township, Muskogee County, Oklahoma, 2 May,District 107, Page 14A,  Hse/Fam #107
    Jackson, Sam Head  M W 36 OK TX GA  Farmer
    Jackson, Stella Wife  F W 26 TN TN AL
    Jackson, Alvin  Son  M W  6 OK OK TN
    Jackson, William   Son M W  11mos  OK OK TN

    This census enumeration for Sam and Stella's household occurred on 2May, 1910.  The census date was 15 April.  If William was 11 monthsold in April, he would have been born between 15 April and 15 May1909.

    Note that his father is reported as born in Texas, whereas the 1860census reported Abraham was born in Alabama and other indications offamily connections lead us to Georgia, where Jacksons and Greens livedin proximity.  But no definite connections have been identified.

    Several lines of Jacksons live in the same areas of north Texas andOklahoma, and the Birmingham area Jacksons came from Georgia and SouthCarolina.  Some of those same Jackson families went straight west intoArkansas, where they continued to relate to and marry Greens who hadalso migrated there.  Some from there went farther west.

    There are at least two distinct lines of Jacksons in the Birminghamarea, however, which do not have a connection to our Abraham.Researchers have been stymied to make the connection to Abraham'sfather and lineage.  Some have surmised and placed him into one oranother Jackson lineage.  I have not been able to confirm any of theseconnections.  The Georgia birth and family lineage of Sam's motherTalitha is firm, but the origins of his father Abraham are uncertain.

    Sam and Stella had two other children who died as infants inWeatherford, Texas.  Another family researcher, in an email to LindaHanks, states:
    "Samuel and Stella had two infants, one female and one male, died andare buried in Curtis Cem. in Weatherford, Texas (1907,1908)."
    --  Mary Jo Bledsoe, email to Linda Martin Hanks, 7 August 2010(shared with me and other Jackson researchers)

    These two infants are listed in the Curtis Cemetery register, but noinformation is given on the graves about their parents.  It is stillambiguous which child was male and which female.  From a laterreference by Betty Jackson Hess, it seems the boy was the one who diedin 1908.  She mentions in one of her letters that they lost a boy in1908 before moving back to Oklahoma.

    "Jackson inf 1907"
    "Jackson inf 1908"
    --  http://www.graveinfo.net/Curtis_FJ_pctx.htm

    Sometime after the death of these two children, they moved to the newstate of Oklahoma, formed in November 1907 by the combining of theIndian Nations with Oklahoma Territory and part of Texas.  Their movefrom near Weatherford, Texas, to Muskogee County, Oklahoma, occurredsometime in 1908 or 1909, before William was born in about April 1909.

    A 1918 WWI draft registration in Riverside, California, matches Sam,except that the birth year is 1876 instead of 1874.  This kind ofdiscrepancy occurs quite often.  But the birth day is the same.  Ifthis is the right Samuel Jackson, then it appears that Stella Brewerwas still living, and moved to Riverside, California, with herhusband.

    The wife's name on the draft registration is given as Estella, whichis a form of the name Stella.  Perhaps this is just an enormouscoincidence.  But the exact birth day, despite the difference of twoyear in the year, makes it highly likely that this is the same couple. So then what about Betty Hess' report that Stella died about 1912?Betty may have just got the time frame slightly off in her memory.

    World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Samuel Jackson
    Residence 178 E Fifth St, Riverside, Riverside County, California
    Birth Date: 8 Jan 1876
    Wife Estella Jackson
    6' 1", Slender Brown Hair and Eyes
    Registered 12 September 1918 Riverside, California

    As we searched for death information for Stella in late April 2012,cousin Kati Jackson found a death record for Estella Jackson thatmatched these details.  Based on that information, cousin Marion Mixonfound a listing for Sam and Stella in Riverside in 1918.  Here hername is Stella.

    U.S. City Directories 1918
    Riverside City Directory, p 111
    Jackson Saml (Stella)   Rancher  Home 178 E 5th

    The 1920 census, found earlier, told us that Stella died before 1920.In January 1920, Sam is a widower, in Riverside City, Riverside County(Township) of southern California.  This enables us to narrow down theperiod of death for Stella between 12 September 1918 and 1 January1920 (census date).  Netty's memory was just in error on the timeframe of Stella's death.

    Stella's death record was later found by a cousin researcher KatiJackson, who found Stella's death recorded in the California DeathIndex.  For some reason this record does not come up in the searcheson California deaths at Ancestry.com.  Kati found the listing inFamilySearch.org.  Stella died in Riverside, Riverside County, on 27June 1919.

    1920 Federal Census, Riverside County, California, 5 January,Riverside City Ward 2, District 118, Page 3A,  Hse #47, Fam #55
    Jackson, Sam W  Head  M W 45 Widowed  OK GA GA  Farm Caretaker
    Jackson, Alvin Th. Son  M W 15 OK OK GA
    Jackson, Wm Andrew  Son M W 10 OK OK GA

    In the 1920 census, there is a slight discrepancy.  Notice that in1910, Stella was reported as born in Tennessee, but in 1920 the boys'mother is said to have been born in Georgia.  This is corrected in1930, when William's mother is reported as born in Tennessee.

    In 1930, Sam is working for the City of Riverside as a Road Grader,and youngest son William Andrew is still at home at age 19, working asa mechanic.

    1930 Federal Census, Riverside County, California, 14 April, District30, p 3B, Riverside, 3360 6th St, Hse #67, Fam #83
    Jackson, Sam   Head  Rents $25 Has a radio  M W 54 Widowed  OK GA GARoad Grader, City St Dept
    Jackson, William A  Son M W 19  OK OK TN Mechanic

    The 1940 census reprots that in that year and in 1935 Sam was livingin the Tetley hotel in Riverside.

    1940 Federal Census, Riverside County, California, 24 April,Riverside, District 40, page 65B, Tetley Hotel
    Jackson, Samuel Lodger M W 62  Widowed Grade 6 b Oklahoma lived insame place in 1835 Blade Man, City Street Dept

    In 1949, the Riverside, California, City Directory had a listing forSam as wel las for his son William aannd wife Thelma.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Riverside, California, City Directory, 1949, p 225
    Jackson Saml  [no occupation rptd] r 3401 8th
    Jackson W A (Thelma L) [no occupation rptd] h 3961 Walnut

    In 1952, Sam was again listed in the Riverside, California, CityDirectory, along with his son William Andrew and his wife ThelmaBarclay.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Riverside, California, City Directory, 1952, p 152
    Jackson Sam retired h 3942 6th Apt 2
    Jackson W A (Thelma L) electn Cal Elec Pow h 3009 Lemon  tel 0806
    Jackson Thelma Mrs (Town & Country Bty Center) 4 3009 Lemon  tel 0806

    Sam died in 1954.  In 1955, his son William is again listed in thecity directory for Riverside.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Riverside, California, City Directory, 1955, p 116
    Jackson William A (Thelma L) carp Cal Elec Pow 7339 Lenox Av  tel OV6-4019

    A short obituary is recorded in a death notice cutting from anewspaper. The heading on the section reads: "Community RecordSection" and is dated Wednesday, July 7, 1954.

    Death Notices
    Jackson, in Riverside, Calif., July 6, 1954
    Samuel W. Jackson, aged 80 years

    Late Resident of 3908 Tenth Street, Riverside.
    Father of Alvin T. Jackson and William A. Jackson, Riverside.
    Grandfather of Mrs. Fred Sylvester and Sharon Lee Jackson.

    Funeral Services will be conducted at the Acheson Colonial ChapelFriday [July 9, 1954 at 10 a.m. Rev Ralph Shirk officiating.Interment in Crestlawn Memorial Park.

    Sam's record in the California Death Index.

    California Death Index, 1940-1997
    Samuel Westfall Jackson
    Birth 8 Jan 1874 Oklahoma
    Death 6 Jul 1954 Riverside County
    Mother's Maiden Name: Greene
    Father's Surname: Jackson
    Social Security #571361139

    Cousin and Jackson researcher Linda Martin Hanks Bussell has posted amemorial for Sam on Find a Grave, reporting the information in hisobituary.

    Samuel Westfall Jackson
    Birth Jan. 8, 1874, USA
    Death Jul. 6, 1954 Riverside County, California, USA
    Burial Pierce Brothers Crestlawn Memorial Park & Mortuary, Riverside,Riverside County, California, USA
    Created by LINDA BUSSELL Aug 31, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #29449101,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=29449101


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