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Enoch Avery JACKSON

Enoch Avery JACKSON10,5,7,12,8,2,9,3,4

also known as Ean JACKSON6,10,11

1st Oct 18775,6,1,7,8,9,3,4 - 10th Sep 19271,2,3,4

Life History

1st Oct 1877

Born in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.5,6,1,7,8,9,3,4


Residence1 in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory (exact location uncertain).5

27th Feb 1901

Birth of son E A JACKSON in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1

27th Feb 1901

Death of son E A JACKSON in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1

19th Apr 1902

Birth of son William F JACKSON in Greenville, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.13,7,1,14

12th Jan 1905

Birth of son John Wesley JACKSON in Oklahoma.15,7,16,17,1


Residence2 in Hickory, Love, Oklahoma.7

1st Nov 1913

Birth of son Jeff Gardner JACKSON in Oklahoma.18,19,20,21,1

26th Apr 1916

Birth of daughter Ethel Beatrice JACKSON in Oswalt, Love, Oklahoma.19,20,22,23,1,24


Residence3: WWI Registration card; registration in Marietta, Love County,Oklahoma; Permanent home address is reported as Pike, Love County. in Pike, Love, Oklahoma.9

16th Jul 1919

Birth of son Lee Woodrow JACKSON in Marietta, Love, Oklahoma.19,20,1,25,26,27,24


Residence4 in Burney Township, Love, Oklahoma.6

10th Sep 1927

Died in Oswalt, Love, Oklahoma.1,2,3,4

Tuberculosis -- Death Certificate;  "a lingering illness of several months" -- Newspaper Obit, Marietta Monitor

12th Sep 1927

Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Love. Oklahoma.1,2,3,4

Other facts


Married Mary Frances GRACY


  • The details for Enoch Avery Jackson match closely the informationsometimes found under the name of Ernie Abraham Jackson. Somegenealogies have this person entered as Enoch Abraham Jackson.  Itappears this same person is referred to under both names, Ernie andEnoch. In letters to Linda Hanks, Enoch's niece Betty Jackson Hessrefers to him as Uncle Ean.

    This appears to be a nickname, pronounced Ene (Een), short for Enoch.Her comments match what we know about Enoch Abraham. Lucille BrinkleyMixon (died 1993) also calls Enoch "Uncle Ean" in a letter (Unknowndate) to Linda Martin Hanks, which Linda has given to Lucille'sdaughter Beverly Mixon Hill.  Later Beverly obtained a cassette tapeinterview of Lloyd (date or interviewer unknown) in which Lloyd alsosays his grandfather was called Ean, but his real name was EnochAvery.  "Ean, E-A-N. ... Really his name was Enoch Avery.  That washis real name, but he was always called Ean."
    --  Lloyd Jackson Cassette tape interview, Interviewer Paul Jackson,14 December 1983, transcribed by Orville Boyd Jenkins 23 February 2012

    The WWI Draft Registration with information on this person is hard toread, being faded in streaks. Ancestry.com transcribes the name asErnie Abraham Jackson. But it could just as well be Enoch. Jacksonresearcher Kati Jackson Cain says from her analysis that the namelooks as though it is written Enic.  Incidentally, the middle name inthe draft registration is spelled Abriham. The signature is wild andscrawling, and has marks unlike either name, except for the first A.

    This is very interesting, since his grandson Lloyd says his name wasEnoch Avery.  This would mean Ean was named after one of his mother'sbrothers, Avery Gracy, according to Ean's grandson Lloyd in a recordedinterview near the end of his life.  But the middle name of Abrahamwould mean he was named after his paternal great grandfather, AbrahamJackson.  Could Ean himself have gotten confused and given his name tothe military registrar as Enoch Abraham?  Could his own grandson havegot Ean's middle name wrong?

    The draft registration information on Enic/Enoc Abriham Jacksondescribes the person we have found in the censuses under the name ofEnoch A Jackson, and his wife Mary Francis Gracy.  This record isunique in having the middle name as Abraham instead of Avery.

    US WWI Draft Registration
    Enic (Enoch) Abriham Jackson
    Age 42, Born Oct 1, 1876 [place not given]
    Residence in Pike, Love County, Oklahoma
    Farmer, Nearest Relative (wife) Mary Francis Jackson, Pike, Love,Okla.
    Medium Height, Slender, Brown Eyes, Dark Hair
    Registered 12 September 1918 Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma
    Signed Enoc Abra (?) Jackson

    The signature appears to be Enoc [with no H], faded in places.  Themiddle and last names are scrawled and somewhat faded, but fit thecontours of Abraham Jackson.  The second letter of the middle namelooks tall, and could be a b.  The signature looks something like:Enoc Abra Jackson.  researchers have not been able to determine whythis record would have his middle name as Abraham.  It is especiallypuzzling, since it appears that Enoch intended to sign with the middlename Abraham.

    This date of birth differs from that on his gravestone, which reportsOctober 1877.  The 1900 census agrees with the Draft Registration,reporting October 1876.

    Enoch Avery Jackson
    Birth Oct. 1, 1877 Oklahoma, USA
    Death Sep. 12, 1927 Love County, Oklahoma
    Spouse Mary Frances Gracey Jackson (1882 - 1938)
    John Wesley Jackson (1905 - 1936)
    Lee Woo Jackson (1919 - 1983)
    Buried Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma
    Created by Phil & Donna Whitaker May 05, 2006
    --  Find A Grave Memorial#14181271,     http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=14181271

    There is another E A Jackson buried in Lakeview Cemetery, whose birthand death date are the same.  This child appears to be the firstbornof Enoch and Mary.  Their grandson Lloyd reports that they had fourbabies die, one girl born dead, and the others, another girl and twoboys died as infants, from causes he could not remember.

    Jackson, E A
    b. Feb. 27, 1901 d. Feb. 27, 1901
    Buried Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma
    Created by Phil & Donna Whitaker May 05, 2006
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #14181268,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSsr=2441&GScid=98785&GRid=14181268&

    Enoch's place of birth changes with the censuses. In 1900, he isreported as born in Texas, but in 1910, his birthplace has changed toOklahoma. Other details indicate this is our same Enoch A Jackson, butI cannot account for this change of place. This happens with variousindividuals. It could be due to enumerator error or mis-reporting bythe person (either intentional, or due to lack of attention, or poormemory or focus on such details).

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 4 June, F1Township 8SR1, District 151, p 2, Hse/Fam #17, In home offather-in-law Wylie Gracy:
    Jackson, Enoch A Son-in-law W M Oct 1876 23 Married less than 1 yr TXGA GA Farmer
    wife: Mary F Daughter W F June 1883 16 Married less than 1 yr TXTN TX

    In this census, Enoch and Mary have been married 0 years. This wouldmean less than a year, but it seems odd they did not put some numberof months. It could have been in 1900 before the April census, or itcould have been in late 1899.

    1910 Federal Census, Love County, Oklahoma, 15 April, HickoryTownship, District 169, p 1A, Hse/Fam #6
    Jackson, Enoch Head M W 33 Married 10 years OK AL GA Farmer
    Jackson, Mary Wife F W 26 Married 10 years TX TN TX
    Jackson, William F Son M W 7 OK OK TX
    Jackson, John W Son M W 5 OK OK TX

    Notice also that the birthplace of Enoch's father has changed: GA in1900 and AL in 1910.  In 1920 he is listed under the nickname we findfor him in Betty Jackson Hess' letters:  Ean.

    1920 Federal Census, Love County, Oklahoma, [no date], BurneyTownship, District 124, p 9A, Hse #149, Fam #155
    Jackson, Ean Head Rents M W 44 OK TX TX Farmer Can read and write
    Jackson, Mary Wife F W 36 TX US US Unable to read or write [or leftblank?]
    Jackson, William Son M W 17 OK OK TX
    Jackson, John Son M W 15 OK OK TX
    Jackson, Jeff Son M W 6 OK OK TX
    Jackson, Ethel Dau F W 3 OK OK TX
    Jackson, Lee W Son M W 7 months OK OK TX

    Note that in this census Enoch's parents are both now reported as bornin Texas.

    Several genealogies, while using our report of his birth in ChickasawNation, and probably in Marietta, report that Enoch died in OklahomaCity, but provide no source information or comment.

    Enoch's grandson Lloyd Jackson tells of going with his father tosearch for a grave of "Papa's daddy."  Lloyd's father was William FJackson, Enoch's son.  The references around that story seem toindicate they were actually searching for his father's grandfather'sgrave.  That would be Abraham Jackson, William's father.

    "Papa's daddy died when he was 3 or 4, out in Oklahoma.  He's buriedsomewhere back in there in Love County.  I've been with my daddy andtried to find his grave.  We never did.  That little graveyard wayback down along in them woods somewhere.  He was an old confederatesoldier."
    --  Lloyd Jackson Cassette tape interview, Interviewer unknown, 14December 1983, transcribed by Orville Boyd Jenkins 23 February 2012

    This reference to Papa at first confused me.  I was not familiar withthe term Papa for a grandfather, but later I began to hear it in othercurrent situations.  The reference to "Papa's daddy" dying when "papa"was 3 or 4 sounds like a reference to Enoch's father Abraham, who diedsoon after Enoch's birth in 1877.  Note that Enoch says here that"Papa's daddy" was an "old confederate soldier."  It seems likelyLloyd is thinking of the grave of William's grandfather Abraham, whichhas not been located.  Lloyd's grandfather Enoch was buried in theLakeview Cemetery, near Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma, where othermembers of the Jackson family are buried.  Details from Enoch's graveare:

    Enoch Avery Jackson
    Birth Oct 1, 1877 Oklahoma, USA
    Death Sep 12, 1927 Love County, Oklahoma
    Spouse Mary Frances Gracey Jackson (1882 - 1938)
    John Wesley Jackson (1905 - 1936)
    Lee Woo Jackson (1919 - 1983)
    Buried Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma
    Created by Phil & Donna Whitaker May 05, 2006
    --  Find A Grave Memorial#14181271,     http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=14181271

    "Enoch Abraham, and wife are buried in Lakeview Cemetery in LoveCounty. Enoch b 10-1-1877 d 9-12-1927. Mrs E.A. Jackson b 6-26-1882 d2-22-1938."
    --  Beverly Mixon Hill, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 17 June 2010

    A short notice of death appeared in the Marietta Monitor for EnochAvery Jackson [October 1st, 1877 - September 12, 1927 (Monday)].  Thissource was retrieved and a transcription provided by cousin KatiJackson Cain on 26 May 2014.

    "E.A. Jackson of Oswalt, 50 years old died after a lingering illnessof several months.  Last Monday [12 Sept 1827, same day reported asdate of death] he was buried in Lake View Cemetery.  Deceased leaves awife and five children."
    --  The Marietta Monitor, September 16, 1927 [Friday]

    These references report that E A died on 12 September 1927 (a Monday),and the last item from the Marietta Monitor reports he was buried on"last Monday", which would be 12 September 1927.  But researcher KatiCain reports that his death certificate reports the death date as 10September 1927.  The cemetery may have recorded the burial date as thedeath date, or the stonecutters may have referenced the wrong datewhen cutting the stone.  Kati obtained a copy of the Death Certificatefrom the Oklahoma Board of Health.

    Very few fields are filled out on the death certificate.  Theundertaker filled out the certificate, dates of attendance by aphysician are reported, but on the physician's signature line,there iswritten "Unknown."  t is interesting that the undertaker is the sameperson as the Registrar of the certificate.

    Since the undertaker filled out the certificate, it is puzzling whythe name of the cemetery is wrong.  It reports he was buried in theOswalt Cemetery, when in fact he is buried in the Lakeview Cemetery inMarietta, several miles to the east.  Jackson and Green relativeslived in both places and in other nearby locations in Love County andadjoining Cooke County, Texas, across the Red River to the southwest.

    Certificate of Death
    Oklahoma Department of Health
    E A Jackson
    Place of Death Oswalt, Love County
    Male, White, Married
    Date of Birth 1877
    Date of Death 10 September 1927
    Cause of Death Tuberculosis
    Age at Death 50 years
    Occupation Farmer
    Place of Burial Oswalt, Undertaker L Burton
    Filed 10 October 1927 by L Burton Registrar

    After consulting with Jackson family members on 29 May 2016, Jacksonfamily resaercher Marion Mixon commented concerning Enoch's motherTalitha Green Jackson:
    "We have come to the conclusion Telithia is more than likely buriedwith Enoch but no facts. Paul Jackson said he would go back and listento tape. Not sure it will lead us anywhere."
    --  Marion Mixon, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 5 June 2016


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