John 4th Lord Strange of Blackmere LE STRANGE Richard 4th Lord Talbot of Goderich TALBOT Mary TALBOT John 1st Earl Of Shrewsbury TALBOT Alice TALBOT Gilbert 5th Lord Strange of Blackmere TALBOT Thomas 6th Lord Furnival NEVILLE Joan NEVILLE Mary Lady FITZALAN Mini tree diagram
Ankaret Baroness Strange of Blackmere LE STRANGE

Ankaret Baroness Strange of Blackmere LE STRANGE2,5,3,4

also known as Ankaret LE STRANGE2

13512 - 23rd May 14131,3,4

Life History

about 1350

Born in Blackmere, Shropshire, England.2

(less likely)


Born in Blackmere, Shropshire, England.1,2,3,4

(most likely)

about 1372

Birth of daughter Mary TALBOT in Hartford, Cheshire, England.6

before 23rd Aug 1383

Married Richard 4th Lord Talbot of Goderich TALBOT.1,3,9,8

about 1384

Birth of son John 1st Earl Of Shrewsbury TALBOT.2,7

about 1390

Birth of daughter Joan NEVILLE

about 1390

Birth of daughter Alice TALBOT.2

7th Sep 1396

Death of Richard 4th Lord Talbot of Goderich TALBOT in London, Middlesex, England.2,1,5,8

4th Jul 1401

Married Thomas 6th Lord Furnival NEVILLE in Whitechurch, England.1

14th Mar 1405/6

Death of Thomas 6th Lord Furnival NEVILLE in Nottinghamshire, England.4

23rd May 1413


after 23rd May 1413

Buried in St Alkmund Churchyard, Whitchurch, Shropshire Unitary Authority, Shropshire, England.4


Birth of son Gilbert 5th Lord Strange of Blackmere TALBOT


  • In this generation the Barony of Lord Strange of Blackmere passed intothe Neville family.  The last Le Strange Baron(ess), Ankaret, marriedRichard Lord Talbot.  Their son Gilbert of Irchingfield became the 5thLord Strange of Blackmere.

    At Talbot's death Ankaret married Thomas Neville, 6th Lord Furnival.I note also that Thomas' daughter with his first wife Joan Furnival,Maud Neville, is designated Baroness Strange of Blackmere.  This wasAnkaret's title, which she passed on to her son Gilbert Talbot.  Itappears Maud Neville (Ankaret's stepdaughter) received this title whenAnkaret's first heir, Gilbert Talbot (son of Richard Talbot fromAnkaret's first marriage), died without an heir.

    There were many Maud Nevilles.  This Maud also became the Countess ofShrewsbury, after her marriage to John Talbot, second Earl ofShrewsbury.  John was Ankaret's son by her first husband RichardTalbot.

    Some sources report Ankaret's birth date as 1361.  That would mean shewas 14 at the time of her marriage to Richard Talbot, who is reportedto have been born in 1350, and thus 25 at the time of their marriage.This is possible.  Sources with this date include the Tudorplace LeStrange genealogy and the Worldroots Le Strange genealogy.  At leastone other source, found in the World Family Tree collection, gives thedate I originally used, the same year as her first husband, about1350.  I am changing it in the light of the fairly reliable sourcesgiving the later date.

    The following source gives the family configurations.  Note that thissource styles Thomas Neville as 5th Lord Furnivale, rather than 6th assome other sources do.

    Ankaret Lestrange was the daughter of John Lestrange, 4th Lord Strange(of Blackmere) and Mary FitzAlan.2 She married, firstly, RichardTalbot, 4th Lord Talbot, son of Gilbert Talbot, 3rd Lord Talbot andPetronilla Butler, before 1383.1 She married, secondly, Thomas deNeville, 5th Lord Furnivalle, son of John de Neville, 3rd BaronNeville and Maud de Percy, before 4 July 1401.1 She died circa 1413.

    From before 1383, her married name became Talbot. From before 4 July1401, her married name became de Neville.

    Child of Ankaret Lestrange and Thomas de Neville, 5th Lord FurnivalleJoan de Neville

    In a different line. Children of Ankaret Lestrange and Richard Talbot,4th Lord Talbot:
    Anne Talbot+ d. 16 Jan 1440/41
    Richard Talbot Gilbert Talbot, 5th Lord Talbot+ b. 1383, d. 19 Oct1419
    General John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury+ b. c 1390, d. 20 Jul 1453

    --  Ankaret and Richard,

    The date of marriage is a bit uncertain.  Two sources, connected withthe Le Strange family line, report the marriage to Richard Talbot wason or before 23 August 1383.  A source in the World Family Tree(anonymous compilation of has only the general date of1375, which is 8 years before the exact date 23 August 1383 in theother sources.  Even the date 1375 is still later than the commonlyreported date of birth of the first child Mary Talbot in about 1372.

    I would normally prefer a source that gives an exact date.  Theseother sources, Tudorplace and Worldroots, have seemed credible andcareful.  However, with a birth date for Ankaret of about 1350, themarriage date in 1383 would mean that Ankaret did not marry until shewas 33.  This is very unusual for that period.  The birth date ofaround 1361 proposed by other sources is more reasonable.

    The date of 1383 for marriage is also attractive because it is oneyear before the birth of the Talbots' first child John.  This alsoseems expected.

    Lady Ankaret LeStrange Neville
    Birth unknown
    Death May 23, 1413
    Spouse Thomas De Neville (1362 - 1406)
    Burial St Alkmund Churchyard, Whitchurch, Shropshire UnitaryAuthority, Shropshire, England
    Created by Todd Whitesides Nov 12, 2013
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #120209200,


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