Maud 6th Lady Strange of Blackmere NEVILLE Joan DE FURNIVALL Joan NEVILLE Ankaret Baroness Strange of Blackmere LE STRANGE Mini tree diagram

Thomas 6th Lord Furnival NEVILLE2,3,1

13621 - 14th Mar 1405/61

Life History


Born in County Durham, England.1

before 1st Jul 1379

Married Joan DE FURNIVALL in Alton Castle, Cheadle, Staffordshire, England.4

about 1390

Birth of daughter Joan NEVILLE


Birth of daughter Maud 6th Lady Strange of Blackmere NEVILLE.1

23rd May 1395

Death of Joan DE FURNIVALL in Nottinghamshire, England.4,1

4th Jul 1401

Married Ankaret Baroness Strange of Blackmere LE STRANGE in Whitechurch, England.2

14th Mar 1405/6

Died in Nottinghamshire, England.1

after 14th Mar 1405/6

Buried in Worksop Priory, Worksop, Bassetlaw District, Nottinghamshire, England.1


  • This lineage developed originally from the name of Richard DeNovavilla, Latin for New Town.  Due to sound changes in FrankishLatin, this became Neuville (Newtown, Newton) and in The EnglishNorman usage, Neville.

    The Tudor Place genealogy comments:

    Richard "Teutonicus" De NOVAVILLA
    Born: ABT 1000, Neuvile, Normandy, France

    Notes: was called De NovaVilla, or De Neuville from his fief inNeuville sur Tocque in the department of the Orne, arrondissement ofArgenton, and the canton of Grace. A cousin of William the Conqueroron his maternal side and he left four sons; Gilbert, Robert, Richardand Ralph.

    From Gilbert De Nevill descends the houses of Westmoreland, Warwick,Latimer and Abergavenny.
    -- NEVILLE (6º B.Furnival)

    Very similar names in every generation and closely related lineagesintermarrying in every generation seems to create confusion for theresearchers trying to reconstruct these lines.  Several Maud Nevillesand Joan Nevilles make the generational and marriage relationsdifficult to sort out and standard sources differ on certainindividuals who married whom in the 1300s and 1400s among the Normannobility.

    The Le Strange Genealogy at Tudor Place online lists the familymembers of Ankaret Le Strange as follows:

    Ankaret Le STRANGE (B. Strange of Blackmere)
    Born: ABT 1361,  Died: 1413
    Father: John Le STRANGE (4º B. Strange of Blackmere)
    Mother: Mary FITZALAN
    Married 1: Richard TALBOT (4º B. Talbot) 23 Aug 1383
    1. John TALBOT (1º E. Shrewsbury
    2. Gilbert TALBOT of Irchingfield (5º B. Strange of Blackmere)
    3. Mary TALBOT
    4. Richard TALBOT (Archbishop of Dublin)
    5. George TALBOT
    6. Anne TALBOT (C. Devon)
    7. Thomas TALBOT of Wrockwardine (Sir Knight) (had no Children) (d.1419/20)
    8. William TALBOT
    9. Alice TALBOT
    10. Elizabeth TALBOT
    Married 2: Thomas NEVILLE (6° B. Furnival) 4 Jul 1401, Whitechurch,England
    1. Maud NEVILLE (B. Strange of Blackmere / C. Shrewsbury)
    2. Joan NEVILLE

    Some report that Ankaret's second husband was Thomas Neville, 5th LordFurnival, who also had a daughter named Joan.  This same Tudor Placesource reports uncertainty about who Thomas and Ankaret Neville'sdaughter Joan married.

    Joan NEVILLE

    Notes: There is no clear agreement who Joan married. Burke (peerageunder Furnival) says she may have married Hugh Cokesey or Hamon DeBelknap. The history of Burton Agnes implies she married WalterGriffith and lies in the church there.

    Father: Thomas NEVILLE (6º B. Furnival)
    Mother: Ankaret Le STRANGE (B. Strange of Blackmere)
    -- NEVILLE1

    The information above shows Ankaret and Thomas Neville had twodaughters, Maud Neville and Joan Neville.  But in this Tudor Placegenealogy, on the details for Maud, it states that her mother was JoanFurnival, another wife of Thomas Neville 6th Lord Furnival.  Itfurther reports that Maud married John Talbot, first Earl ofShrewsbury.  But this is Ankaret's son, with her other husband RichardTalbot, as reported above!  This would mean she married her stepbrother.  I know of cases where this has happened even in currentAmerican society.

    Maud NEVILLE (B. Le Strange/C.Shrewsbury)
    Born: ABT 1392 Died: BEF 1433
    Buried: Worksop Priory, Nottinghamshire, England
    Father: Thomas NEVILLE (6º B. Furnival)
    Mother: Joan FURNIVAL (B. Furnival)
    Married: John TALBOT (1º E. Shrewsbury) BEF 12 Mar 1407
    1. John TALBOT (2º E. Shrewsbury)
    2. Christopher TALBOT (Sir Knight)
    3. Joan TALBOT
    4. Thomas TALBOT (d. before his father, Bourdeaux)
    -- (Matilda) NEVILLE

    Both Thomas Neville and Ankaret Le Strange had been married twice,complicating their family structures.  So had Ankaret's first husbandJohn Talbot been married before he married Ankaret.

    Thomas De Neville
    Birth 1362 County Durham, England
    Death  Mar. 14, 1406 Nottinghamshire, England

    Son of John de Neville, 3rd Baron Neville de Raby and Maud de Percy,Lady Neville
    Husband of Baroness Joan Furnival and Ankaret Le Strange, BaronessTalbot
    Father of Margaret de Neville; Maud Talbot (De Neville) and Joan deNeville
    Brother of Alice Deincourt; Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland;Matilda de Neville; Alice Devereux; Maud de Neville

    John de Neville (1328 - 1388)
    Maud de Percy Neville (1335 - 1379)
    Joan De Furnival De Neville (1375 - 1395)
    Ankaret LeStrange Neville (____ - 1413)
    Maud Neville Talbot (1392 - 1423)
    Thomas De Neville (1362 - 1406)
    Ralph de Neville (1364 - 1425)*

    Burial Worksop Priory, Worksop, Bassetlaw District, Nottinghamshire,England
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