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Shannon Artis KENNEDY1,4,5,6

19th Mar 18901,2,3,4,5,6 - 28th Dec 1953

Life History

19th Mar 1890

Born in Almyra, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6

25th Sep 1911

Birth of son Holland Leroy KENNEDY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.8,9,6,4,10

20th Dec 1912

Birth of son Marvin C KENNEDY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,11,4,12

19th Jul 1914

Birth of son Irvin Virgil KENNEDY in Arkansas City, Arkansas, Arkansas.13,6,14,4

19th Jan 1916

Birth of son Clarence Donal KENNEDY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,4,15,12,16,17

20th Jan 1918

Birth of son Eugene Shannon KENNEDY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,4,12,18,19

about 1921

Birth of daughter Mildred I KENNEDY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4

about 1923

Birth of daughter Ruth E KENNEDY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4

28th Dec 1953

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas

after 28th Dec 1953

Buried in Bayou Meto Cemetery, Arkansas County, Arkansas.7

Other facts


Married Martha Ellen MEINERS


  • I discovered Shannon Artis Kennedy while looking for information onhis son Irvin Virgil Kennedy and descendants, in regard to theirconnection with the McSwains.  I first found Irvin with his parentsand siblings in the 1920 and 1930 censuses for Arkansas County,Arkansas.  Then proceeding on information found there,

    I found Irvin's father Shannon in the 1900 and 1910 censuses, withadditional information from draft registration records.  I was notable to find any record of marriage or births.

    I first found this family in Bayou Meto Township of Arkansas County in1900, when Shannon was a 10-year-old in the household of his father,Edwin D Kennedy.  There were several other Kennedys nearby, some ofwhom I had earlier located in the same vicinity in the 1920 and 1930censuses.

    As I analyzed the information on the individuals each household inthese censuses in, I was able to work out some of the relationshipsbetween the various Kennedy households.  For more details on thebroader Kennedy family, see Edwin D Kennedy and Nancy IsabelNolastname Kennedy.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 6 June, Bayou MetoTownship, District 2, page 3B, Hse/Fam #61
    Kennedy, Edwin D Mead W M  Nov 1861  39 AR KY KY Farmer
    Kennedy, Nancy I Wife W F Dec 1955  44 AR TN MS
    Kennedy, Jerome F  Son W M  Nov 1881  18 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Kennedy, Annie L Dau W F July 1886  13 AR AR AR
    Kennedy, Shannon A  Son W M Mar 1890  10 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Kennedy, Zula H Dau W F Feb 1894  6 AR AR AR
    Edward, Thomas  Boarder  W M Mar 1880 20 AR AR AR

    By 1910, Edwin has died, and widow Nancy Isabel is living with herchildren, but her oldest son Jerome is listed as head of thehousehold.  They are still in Bayou Meto.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 2 May, Bayou MetoTownship, District 2, page 13A, Hse/Fam #2
    Kennedy, Jerome F  Son M W  28 Single AR AR AR Farmer
    Kennedy, Isabel Mother F W 54 Widow  5 children/4 living AR AL MS
    Kennedy, Zula H Sister F W 16 AR AR AR
    Houghton, Walter Hired Man M W 19 AR AR AR
    Kennedy, Shannon A  Son M W 20  AR AR AR Farm Laborer

    We see here that the middle initial of Nancy I in 1900 stands forIsabel.  I have not discovered Nancy Isabel's maiden name.  Her middlename will be spelled Isabelle in 1920.  Note that in 1910, thebirthplace of Nancy Isabel's father has changed from Tennessee toAlabama.  In 1920 and 1930, we will see it is also Alabama.  (Seenotes for Nancy Isabel Nolastname).

    Edwin and Nancy Isabel's son Shannon married and established his ownhousehold with wife Martha Meiners in about 1911.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 28 January, GarlandTownship, District 9, page 1A-B, DeWitt Rd, Hse/Fam #12
    Kennedy, Shannon Head Rents  M W 29 AR AR AR Farmer [b abt 1891]
    Kennedy, Martha  Wife F W 25 IL Germany MO [b abt 1895]
    Kennedy, Holland Son M W 8 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Marvin Son M W 7 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Irvin Son M W 5 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Clarence Son M W 4 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Eugene Son M W 2 AR AR IL
    Meiners, Martha Mother-in-law F W 59 Widow MO Eng Eng [b abt 1860]

    We see here that in 1920, Martha's recently-widowed mother, also namedMartha, is living with them.  Since she owns her own farm in 1930, itappears that she is living temporarily with her son-in-law until shecan set herself up in her own farm.  In 1930, Martha Meiners is headof the household and her son George and wife Effie are living withher.

    We can tell from the data in the censuses that Martha Meiners Sr wasborn in Missouri.  Her parents were both from England.  She married animmigrant from Germany.  Their daughter Martha was born in Illinois.They later moved to Arkansas, Shannon's birthplace, where Martha andShannon married.

    In the 1930 census, we again get middle initials.  From the age ofShannon in 1920 and 1930, it appears his birthday is before April 15,1890.  We later learn from his draft registration that his actualbirthday is 19 March 1890.  Likewise his son Holland.  Shannon wasrenting his farm in 1920, but now owns it.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 25 April, GarlandTownship, District 7, page 1A, Hagler Rd, Hse/Fam #7
    Kennedy, Shannon A Head Owns  M W 40  First married at age 21  AR ARAR Farmer [b bet Jan and Apr 1890]
    Kennedy, Martha E Wife F W 35 First married at age 17  IL Germany MO[b abt 1895]
    Kennedy, Holland H Son M W 19 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Marvin C Son M W 17 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Irvin V Son M W 15 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Clarence D Son M W 14 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Eugene S daughter [sic]  M W 12 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Mildred I daughter F W 9 AR AR IL
    Kennedy, Ruth E daughter F W 7 AR AR IL

    We learn Shannon's middle name from his WWII Draft Registration Card,which also gives us his exact birth date and confirms that he was bornin Arkansas County, though the location is not reported:
    Shannon Artis Kennedy, Birth 19 Mar 1890 Arkansas County, Arkansas,Residence Rt 2, Almyra, Arkansas, Arkansas, wife Martha Kennedy;self-employed.

    I found the WWII registration before the WWI registration.  Theinformation reported in his registration for WWI in 1917 adds thelocation of birth, Almyra, Arkansas.

    Shannon A Kennedy, Almyra, Arkansas County, Arkansas, Birth 19 Mar1890, Almyra, Arkansas, Arkansas; occupation farming for self; marriedwith 4 children, Medium Build and Height, Gray Eyes, Light Brown Hair;Registration 5 June 1917, Bayou Meto Precinct, Arkansas County,Arkansas.

    Shannon was born, grew up, married, farmed and raised his family atAlmyra, Arkansas.  We see that when he was at home with his parents(ages 10 and 20) they lived in Bayou Meto Township.  He reports he wasborn in Almyra, and 1917, he was in Almyra with his wife and family.

    I found a genealogy that reported Shannon's death as December 1954.

    Shannon Artis Kennedy, Birth 19 Mar 1890 in Arkansas County, Arkansas,Death Dec. 1954 in Arkansas County, Arkansas;  Parents Edwin D Kennedy1861-1910, Nancy Isabell Evans b 1855
    --  Nelson Family,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/12740315/person/-179139374?ssrc=&ftm=1

    This tells us only part of the details, and gives no source.  It seemslikely he continued living in Almyra till his death, reported hereonly as in Arkansas County.

    However, I then found his burial information in a register of theBayou Meto Cemetery in Arkansas County.  His gravestone pictured therereports his death as 28 December 1953.  I will take this as thecorrect record.

    Gravestone of Shannon A and Martha E Kennedy
    Martha E, Jan 20 1895, Jan 18 1974
    Shannon A, Mar 19 1890, Dec 28 1953
    --  Find a Grave, Bayou Meto Cemetery,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pv&GRid=18087548&PIpi=5348787


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