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Mary Winona ROWND

Mary Winona ROWND1,2,6,10,3,7

also known as Nona MCSWAIN4,5,10

also known as Winona ROWEN6

also known as Mary MCSWAIN3

18th Feb 18901,2,3,4,5,6,7 - Feb 19793,9

Life History

18th Feb 1890

Born in Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7


Resident in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas.6


Resident in Prairie Township (Ethel), Arkansas County, Arkansas.1

25th Mar 1913

Married Benjamin Dean MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,7

17th Jul 1918

Birth of son Benjamin Dean MCSWAIN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.8,5,4,2,7


Residence2 in Little Rock Ward 4, Pulaski, Arkansas.5


Residence3 in Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee.4

20th Jun 1969

Death of Benjamin Dean MCSWAIN in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.11,12,3

Feb 1979

Died in Aurora, Arapahoe, Colorado.3,9

Other facts


Social Security number Social Security #: 431-07-3111.8


  • In 1900, Nona McSwain is hidden, because the enumerator recorded herfamily's name as Rowen, rather than Rownd.  A similar thing happenedin 1930 for the entry of her brother Wilbert and family, listed asRowan.  She is listed as Winona, which would seem to indicate thatNona is a short-form nickname for her full name.  This wouild make herfull name Mary Winona Rownd.  The McSwain family knew here as Nona.She is listed in Social Security records as Mary McSwain.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 5 June, District 7,Prairie Township, page 11A, Hse #181, Fam #183
    Rowen, Winona Dau W F  Feb 1890 10  AR IL AR

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 22 April, Ethel,Prairie Township, District 13, page 4A, Hse/Fam #54
    Rownd, Bert Head M W 52  Kansas Unknown Indiana Farm Laborer
    Rownd, Fannie E  Wife F W 39  AR AL AL
    Rownd, Nona [Winona] Dau F W 20  AR KS KS

    The facts I have found indicate Mary was married to Benjamin Dean(Bennie D) McSwain, son of Phillip (P K)  McSwain of Arkansas County,Arkansas, and they had a son also named Benjamin Dean (Bennie D, Jr),who married an Arkansas woman named Jennie Claire, whose maiden nameis missing.

    I found name Mary McSwain in the Social Security Death Index in Jan2007.  Her birth date and other information matched the wife of BennieD McSwain, the mother of Bennie D McSwain Jr.  Her Social Securitynumber was issued in Arkansas.  Her residences matched those of BennieD Sr in California and later Bennie D Jr in Colorado.  Her place ofdeath was the same as Bennie D Jr..

    In September 2007 I discovered census documentation of the marriage ofBennie D McSwain to Nona Rownd.  Nona's birth date of 1890 from censusages matched Mary McSwain's exact birth date of 18 February 1890 fromthe SSDI.  This indicated that Nona was also named Mary.  Since theSocial Security number was issued to Mary McSwain, this indicated herfirst name was Mary.

    I have combined the information for Nona and Mary to give a fullpicture of Bennie D McSwain Sr's wife.  To finish that off, Bennie'swife in the 1900 census is Winona.  This clarifies that Nona is ashort form of Winona.  Her full name would be Mary Winona Rownd.

    I later found their marriage record in a newly posted databasecollection.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    B D McSwain
    Age: 26, Est Birth Year 1887
    Residence: Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name: Winona Rownd
    Spouse's Age: 23
    Spouse's Residence: Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Marriage 25 Mar 1913 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date: 25 Mar 1913

    "Nona, as she was called, was married to Ben McSwain (Benjamin) andBennie Dean Jr was their only child. He had a daughter (Diane) by afirst wife but I don't know her name. He later married Jennie Claire,whose maiden name I do not know). They had two children, Eddie andJeannie."
    --  Sue Rogers Rownd, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, October 2007

    It appears that Nona, Bennie and son were living in Arkansas untilafter 1937, the beginning year of Social Security.  The individualsthat appear to be her husband, her son, and her son's wife, all wereissued Social Security numbers in Arkansas.

    It appears that she and her husband, Benjamin D, moved to California,where they lived until he died in 1969.  His place of death isreported by Social Security as Los Angeles, but her place of death isAurora, Colorado, the same as Bennie (presumed to be her son) andBennie's presumed wife Jennie.

    There are a couple of other scenarios that might account for the deathof Bennie D in California and Mary in Aurora, but the one suggestedhere is the simplest, lacking any other specific information.

    Information from Bertie Lois McSwain in a letter (dated 27 February1979) to her daughter Edith McSwain Jenkins confirms the familyconnections and date of death to match Mary Winona Rownd McSwain.Bertie refers to her as "Mrs. Nonia" and mentions that she had diedearlier in February:
    "Mr Frank Rownd died last week.  ... He was 91 years old -- just losthis sister 2 or 3 weeks ago -- Mrs. Nonia.  Mr Orval is the only boyin the family left.  Oamie and Frances are the two girls left."


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