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William David MCSWAIN

William David MCSWAIN8,4,9,5

also known as David MCSWAIN6,5

17256,7 - 17806,3

Life History

about 1721

Born in Isle of Skye, Scotland.6,7

(less likely)


Born in On the Open Sea.2,3,4

(most likely)


Married Susanna HAMRICK in Orange County, North Carolina.9,20,8,21


Birth of son John David MCSWAIN in Virginia.10,2

14th Jan 1756

Birth of daughter Priscilla MCSWAIN in Virginia.11,12

22nd Jul 1762

Birth of son William David MCSWAIN in Orange County, North Carolina.13,14,10,15,16,17


Birth of son Benjamin MCSWAIN.18,19


Birth of son Jonathan MCSWAIN.18,19


Birth of daughter Elizabeth MCSWAIN.18,19


Birth of son Charles MCSWAIN.18,19

about 1775

Birth of son James MCSWAIN.19,18


Resident in Orange County, North Carolina.5


Died in Rutherford County, North Carolina.6,3


Buried in McSwain Cemetery, Cleveland County, North Carolina.1


  • After several years of review and comparing sources, it seems likelythat this William David is the same person some sources report asDavid.  Birth dates vary, so the names get entered as separateindividuals sometimes.  This William David shows up as David or asWilliam.  I still show another child named David.  This is likely thesame person as this, with a different reported (estimated) birth date,usually 1721, whereas a common estimated date for William David (orDavid) is 1725.

    Most genealogies report this date of birth, and state he was born onthe ship form Skye.  However, the date of landing reported anddocumented in port records was 1731.  It did not take 6 years to crossthe Atlantic.  So even though there is no documentation of his birthin Scotland, it seems he had to be born there or was born in 1730 or1731 instead.

    A marriage record gives us David's full name of William David, whichmany genealogies lack.  Both David and William were popular names inthe McSwain clan and continue to be today.

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    William David McSwain
    Spouse Name Susanna Hamrick
    [no marriage date in this index record]

    Douglas McSwain in his McSwain Genealogy(http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/m/c/s/Doug-Mcswain/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0001.html) seems to indicate that his entry for David is thesame as the other entry I have here from various other sources asWilliam David.

    Most sources list the place of birth for this William David McSwain as"On the open sea, Isle of Skye, Scotland".  It is not clear from thisif they mean he was born on a ship that happened to be out at sea atthat time, from its base in Skye, or if they mean on a ship that hadset sail for America from Skye.  Likely the latter.  But then it isnot logical to include Isle of Skye in the location for place ofbirth.

    It appears to me that William David (William I, or William David Sr)was born on the ship taking his parents to North America.  Variousevents find them in Pennsylvania, Virginia, then North Carolina.Sources differ on the birthplaces of some children.  But there is theproblem of time frame mentioned above, with the year of birth normallyreported as 1725, but the record of his father's debarkation in thecolonies is dated in 1731.

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Susanna Hamrick
    Spouse David McSwain
    Parents George Hamrick, Susanna Blanton
    Birth 1725 Cleveland County, NC
    Marriage Date 1748

    It appears to be this David McSwain who was listed in the tax rollsfor Orange County, North Carolina, in 1779.

    North Carolina, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index,1790-1890
    Early Tax List, 1779
    David McSwine [David McSwain]
    Orange County NC

    This is not certain, since we have indications of our David McSwain'spresence in Rutherford County, North Caorlina, before this date andafter this date.  It does appear that the phonetic form McSwine wasone form interchanged with the standard form McSwain and the morecommon alternate spelling McSwane, which is still used by some currentfamilies.  The Orange County location matches the marriage recordlocation.

    I actually have a piece of the log cabin that David McSwain lived in,I've got it under my house, the cabin was called the Buck McSwainplace, it was down the Mt Sinai Church Rd. down past the church.  Mywife and I were down that way doing research and the man that toredown the cabin had the logs from it under a shed, he sawed me off apiece several feet long.

    I also have a copy of the book David McSwain from the Isle of Skyethat Eleanor Davis McSwain wrote, she has the same name as my wifeonly my wife spells Eleanor (Elenora), even the same maiden namethough.  We paid Eleanor a visit one year, she lived down in Macon,Ga.
    --  Larry Dean McSwain, personal Ancestry Messaging to Orville BoydJenkins, 26 August 2015


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