William David MCSWAIN John David MCSWAIN Priscilla MCSWAIN David M MCSWAIN Mary Margaret MCSWAIN Hannah MCSWAIN Sarah MCSWAIN Rebecca MCSWAIN James MCSWAIN Elizabeth Jane MCSWAIN William MCSWAIN Susanna MCSWAIN John MCSWAIN Thomas MCSWAIN Judith Moore MCSWAIN George MCSWAIN Judith A MOORE Elizabeth HICKS Benjamin MCSWAIN Jonathan MCSWAIN Elizabeth MCSWAIN Charles MCSWAIN James MCSWAIN Susanna HAMRICK Mini tree diagram
William David MCSWAIN

William David MCSWAIN11,5,8,2,1,9,7,6

also known as William MCSWAIN4,10

22nd Jul 17624 - 9th Dec 18381,2,9,5,7

Life History

22nd Jul 1762

Born in Orange County, North Carolina.1,2,3,4,5,6

(most likely)

22nd Jul 1762

Born in St George Parish, Baltimore, MD.4

(less likely)

3rd Mar 1782

Birth of son David M MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.2,13,6

16th Mar 1784

Birth of daughter Mary Margaret MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.13,15,10,16

11th May 1785

Birth of daughter Hannah MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.17,18

17th Jul 1786

Birth of daughter Sarah MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.4,15

26th May 1789

Birth of daughter Rebecca MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.13

1st Aug 1789

Birth of son James MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.19,20

21st Jan 1791

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Jane MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.21,10

22nd Jul 1792

Birth of son William MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.22,23,24

about 1793

Birth of daughter Susanna MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.15,10,25

28th Aug 1794

Birth of son John MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.4,26,27,28,29,6

8th Sep 1796

Birth of son Thomas MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.15,30,10,27,31,32,14,12,19

31st Oct 1798

Birth of daughter Judith Moore MCSWAIN in Tryon County, North Carolina.33,34,35,12,36,4

31st Oct 1798

Birth of son George MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.12,37,38,39,36

23rd Feb 1823

Death of daughter Mary Margaret MCSWAIN in Rutherford (later Cleveland) County, North Carolina.14,15

about 1831

Married Elizabeth HICKS.12

Aug 1831

Death of Judith A MOORE in Rutherford County, North Carolina.14,27,40

23rd Feb 1833

Death of daughter Rebecca MCSWAIN

23rd Feb 1833

Wrote will in filed Rutherford County, North Carolina.8

9th Dec 1838

Died in Rutherford County, North Carolina.1,2,9,5,7

after 9th Dec 1838

Buried in McSwain Family Cemetery, Shelby, Cleveland, North Carolina.5,4,7

Other facts


Married Judith A MOORE


  • There is some discrepancy between sources on whether William David andhis brother David (John David) were born in Orange County, NorthCarolina or in Virginia.  Some sources express uncertainty betweenthese two locations for the sister Priscilla, which some sources donot list in the genealogy.  Due to the line of migration fromPennsylvania to North Carolina, there is reason to believe that theolder son David was born in Virginia.

    Cleveland County was created out of Rutherford and a bit ofneighbouring areas in 1841.  Thus some sources might differ or overlapin the use of the names.  I have noticed that some sources even placeevents in "Cleveland, Rutherford."  Some sources are also unclear asto whether they intend a city (or township or location) name or acounty name.

    Some sources refer to William and his father as William I and WilliamII.  But they are not commonly referred to as William (David) Sr andJr.  Some sources just give the same full name for both, but withoutany sequential designations.

    Then one source refers to William II and his son as William Sr andWilliam Jr.  But I do not find sources that clearly inform us that thethird William's name was William David, which you would expect if heis a Junior to his father who was William David II.

    This William McSwain appears to be the one whose military gravestoneis found in the McSwain Cemetery in Cleveland (then Rutherford)County, North Carolina.  This has no dates but indicates he was amember of Brevard's Company #10 in the Revolutionary War.
    --  McSwain Cemetery list, http://www.rfci.net/wdfloyd/cemm5.html

    In the 1800 census there is a listing for three McSwain household(spelled McSwaine) in York District of South Carolina, the areabordering Rutherford County, North Carolina.  McSwains lived acrossthis border area.  With only the names of heads of the household andages reported in broad age ranges, there are not enough details todefinitely confirm the persons reported.

    But these three appear to be the sons of William David McSwain, whowas born about 1725 and died about 1780.  I have not seen any one elseanalyze this and other early censuses of these McSwains.  Maybesomeone else will probe this and provide clarification.

    I analyzed these census entries in October 2010, and compared withother earlier sources already reported and analyzed.  None of thesemen are in the age range over 44 years old, though the older brotherJohn David (called David in some sources, but the only one to matchthis John) should be, since family sources indicate he was born about1750.  I do not know of three other McSwains with similar names inthis area at this time that these entries might represent.

    The following entry appears to be for William David McSwain born about1762.  But this John David, or David, was born in about 1750, so heshould be 50 and in the next category.  Even with the discrepancies,it seems likely this is the three brothers, sons of William DavidMcSwain, born about 1700, who died about 1780.

    1800 Federal Census, York District, South Carolina, page 962 (scan626)
    David McSwaine   1 male under 10, 1 male 26-44
    2 females under 10, 1 female 26-44
    3 members of household under 16, 2 over 25

    The will of William lists all his children [See below].  Note that thesecond child is referred to as Polly, yet the name in other sources iseither Mary or Mary Margaret.  I find Polly is a common nickname forwomen named Mary in the 1800s.  There are several McSwain childrennamed Mary but called Polly.  Some sources seems to indicate that achild is named Mary Polly.  The same child will be listed in onecensus as Mary and the next census as Polly.

    Sarah is listed in the will as Sally, a common nickname for Sarah.The witness Hugh Kerr is a great great grandson of William David.

    The following information is from World Family Tree, Pedigree #809

    He served in Brevard Co 10th NC Infantry.

    1830 census Rutherford County, North Carolina. 1 male 60-70 1 female70-80.

    William's will #489 written February 3, 1833 lists children:
    David, Polly, Hannah, Sally, James, Rebecca, William, John, Thomas,Judith, Elizabeth, and George.
    Witnesses Hugh Kerr and John McSwain.

    William was listed as voter #24 1835 Jolin's Precinct, RutherfordCounty.
    William was living in Orange County, NC in 1780 when John Moore wentto Gates Defeat, Battle of Camden.
    William listed for road jury in Rutherford in April 1786.

    Deed May 13, 1789 William bought 500 acres on Bowen River
    Deed Book E I p 291
    Witnesses David McSwain and Abednego Adams
    Pension filed 1830 books 37-38 pa 134
    --  World Family Tree, Pedigree 809

    David Holden, who has extensively researched the McSwain and relatedlines, provides a good summary of this family.  He reports two sonshere, David and William, which have been conflated by some into oneson, while some have conflated the son William shown here (born 1806)with the father William (born 1793).  Some report William born 1793 asthe husband of Judith Hamrick (b 1809), instead of or as well as MaryNancy Bridges.  Judith Hamrick was the wife of his son William (b1806).  One limitation to Holden's online research is that he does notprovide write-ups or details on sources.

    David has different parents for William (born 1762) than my researchand that of others have concluded.  The David McSwain born in 1734 inMaryland appears to be a different person, and I can find noconnection between that David's wife Hannah Jones and our William orWilliam David McSwain born in 1762.  His father appears to have beenWilliam David McSwain (b 1725 in a ship on the Open Sea between Skyeand Pennsylvania), and his mother Susannah Hamrick (also b 1725 inRutherford District, North Carolina).

    William McSwain
    •Birth 22 Jul 1762 in Orange Co., NC
    •Death 9 Dec 1838
    •Burial McSwain Cemetery, Mt. Sinai Community, Cleveland Co., NC

    Father: David McSwain b: 1 Mar 1734 in Maryland
    Mother: Hannah Jones b: Twin Jan 10 1738/39 in Maryland

    Marriage 1 Judith Moore b 10 May 1758
    1. David McSwain b: 3 Mar 1782 in North Carolina
    2. Mary McSwain b: 16 Mar 1782
    3. Hannah McSwain b: 11 May 1785 in North Carolina
    4. Sarah McSwain b: 16 Sep 1786 in North Carolina
    5. Rebecca McSwain b: 20 May 1787 in North Carolina
    6. James McSwain b: 17 Sep 1787 in North Carolina
    7. Elizabeth McSwain b: 21 Jan 1791 in North Carolina
    8. William McSwain b: 22 Sep 1792
    9. John McSwain b: 28 Aug 1794 in North Carolina
    10. Thomas McSwain b: 8 Sep 1796 in North Carolina
    11. George McSwain b: Twin Oct 17 1798
    12. Judean (Judith) McSwain b: Twin Oct 17 1798 in North Carolina
    Marriage 2 Elisabeth Hicks b: 1784
    --  David Holden,http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dwh1951&id=I69

    U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963
    William Mc Swain
    Private, Capt Brevard's Company, 10th NC Regiment, Continental Line
    Pension #W2409; Served 18 months
    Death Date 9 Dec 1838
    Wm Mcswain Family Cemetery, Shelby, North Carolina
    Shipped to Mr S Collis Jones, Shelby, Cleveland Co NC
    "This application is for the UNMARKED grave of a RevolutionarySoldier."
    P Cleveland Gardner, Applicant, 29 September 1931

    U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
    William McSwain
    Birth 1762, Death 1838
    McSwain Cemetery, Hwy 18 South Shelby, NC 28150

    Following is a Revolutionary War Military pension affidavit by WilliamMcSwain's son James and wife Elizabeth.  Thanks to Will Graves fortranscribing this and making it available on Ancestry.com.


    Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements
    Pension application of William McSwain W2409 Elizabeth fn46NC
    Transcribed by Will Graves 2/26/09

    [Methodology: Spelling, punctuation and/or grammar have been correctedin some instances for ease of reading and to facilitate searches ofthe database. Also, the handwriting of the original scribes oftenlends itself to varying interpretations. Users of this database areurged to view the original and to make their own decision as to how todecipher what the original scribe actually wrote. Blanks appearing inthe transcripts reflect blanks in the original.]
    [fn p. 29]

    State of North Carolina Cleveland County: Court of Pleas and QuarterSessions August sessions 1846

    On this 14th day of August 1846 personally appeared Elizabeth McSwainin open Court now sitting and after being first duly sworn accordingto law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order toobtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832,that she is the widow of William McSwain deceased, who was a privateSoldier in the North Carolina Continental line, and as such served theUnited States in the War of the revolution for the term of 18 monthsthat he resided in the State of North Carolina, when he entered theService, and that this Claimant now asked of the Government for apension, which her husband the aforesaid William McSwain might havebeen entitled to had he applied in accordance with the above recitedact of Congress, and this deponent further declares that she wasmarried to the said William McSwain sometime in the year 1831, andthat her late husband the aforesaid William McSwain died on the 9thday of December 1838, and that the paper purporting to be a transferor sale of William McSwain his wages, for 18 months service in theContinental Service to John Carruth, was found by the executor JamesMcSwain amongst the said William McSwain's valuable papers, and thatthe only reason why an application has not been made at an earlier dayis that she did not know that she was entitled having been married tothe said William McSwain at so relate a period, and being his 2ndwife.

    Sworn to and subscribed the day and date above written.

    S/ Elizabeth McSwain, X her mark

    Sworn to in open Court and subscribed before me August 14th 1846
    S/ R. Champion, Clerk
    S/ by D. Beam, DC

    State of North Carolina Cleveland County

    On this 14th day of August 1846 Personally appeared before me B. B.Bridges one of the acting Justices of the Peace for said County JamesMcSwain who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oathmake the following affidavit is that he is the Executor of the lastWill and Testament of William McSwain Late of this County deceasedThat he while examining the papers of the aforesaid William McSwainDeceased found a paper purporting to be a Transfer of his wages as aSoldier of the Revolution to one John Carruth for 18 months Service inthe North Carolina Continental Line and That the original Certificateor Transfer is hereunto appended. This deponent further declares thathe is a Son & one of the heirs at law of the aforesaid William McSwaindeceased. That the only reason why they did not make application at anearlier day for a Pension is that they were did not know that they wasentitled until recently.

    Sworn to & subscribed the day & date first above written.
    S/ B. B. Bridges, JP S/ J. McSwain

    State of North Carolina Office of Secretary of State

    I., William Hill, Secretary of State, in and for the State of NorthCarolina, do hereby certify, that it appears from the muster-rolls ofthe Continental line of this State, in the Revolutionary War, thatWilliam McSwain a private Soldier in Capt. Brevard's Company of the10th Regiment, entered the service on the __ day of __ 1782 for theterm of 18 months, and that he was transferred in March 1783. Itappears on a book of settlements of the accounts of the Officers andSoldiers of the revolution that Wm McSwain no doubt the same man wasallowed $26.60/100 as one of the 18 months Drafts.

    Given under my hand this 10th day of March 1846
    S/ Wm Hill, Secretary of State

    These May Sertify [certify] that I have purtchised [purchased] WilliamMcSwaines [McSwain's]  wages for Eighteen Months Servis [service] inthe Continental Servis and takes all Chanses  [chances] of the Same,if Never Drawed [drawn] I am Never to look to him for aney [any] partof  the Same Sertifyed [certified] by me this 17th of January 1786.

    S/ Thomas McSwain Witness present S/ John Carruth

    [facts in file: Elizabeth, the widow, was 76 years old when sheapplied for her bounty land entitlement in 1855; she then lived inCleveland County, NC; veteran's son, James McSwain, lived inMooresboro, Cleveland County, NC in 1854.]



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