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Alpharetta Mae GREEN

Alpharetta Mae GREEN9,2,3,10,6,7

also known as Retta GREGORY8

21st Oct 18951,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 24th Apr 19634,6

Life History

21st Oct 1895

Born in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

26th Oct 1913

Married Andy GREGORY in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.1,4,6,23

26th Oct 1913

Married in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma, to Andy Gregory.4

12th Mar 1915

Birth of daughter Dessie Lea GREGORY in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.1,3,11,8,6,12,7

30th Dec 1917

Birth of daughter Alpha Josephine GREGORY in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.13,1,14,3,15,16,7,6

5th Jul 1919

Birth of son Alfred Andrew GREGORY in Oklahoma.17,18,1,6,6,7

9th Jul 1920

Death of son Alfred Andrew GREGORY in Garvin County, Oklahoma.17,18,1,6,6

15th Aug 1923

Birth of son Everett Wayne GREGORY in Purdy, Garvin, Oklahoma.19,14,3,1,8,20,6,21

20th Feb 1927

Birth of daughter Wanda June GREGORY in Purdy, Garvin, Oklahoma.22,5,3,18,1,6,8


Resident in Lindsay, Garvin, Oklahoma.8

24th Apr 1963

Died in Wynnewood, Garvin, Oklahoma.4,6

Apr 1963

Buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Lindsay, McClain County, Oklahoma.4,6

Other facts


Birth of daughter Living GREGORY


Birth of daughter Living GREGORY


  • Nieces and nephews called her Aunt Rettie.  Grandchildren called herGrandma.  From an early age our parents made sure we learned the fullnames of our grandparents and aunts and uncles.

    My mother Lou Ila Jenkins found among her papers a school report cardfor her mother, in the name Retta Green.  This was a report card forthe school year 1911-12 in Stephens County, Oklahoma.  The family wasliving a little south of Marlow, Oklahoma, at that time, in RichlandTownship.  The card does not give the name of the specific school.

    In the 1910 census, her name is not written clearly in the almostillegible hand of the enumerator.

    1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 25 April, RichlandTownship, District 243, Page 6B (No House or Family numbers)
    Green, Joe Head M W 34 Widowed OK AL AL
    Green, Re-a   Dau F W 14  OK OK OK
    (the loop of the e is just extended up and forward.  No letter)
    Green, Minnie Dau F W 11  OK OK OK
    Green, Homer  Son F W  3  OK OK OK

    Rettie married Andy Gregory, whose family had lived nerby for severalyears in Richland Township, Stephens County, Oklahoma.  They marriedin October 1913.  They were still in Marlow when Andy registered forWWI in Marlow.  They appear in the 1920 and 1930 censuses in Lindsay,Garvin County.

    1920 Federal Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, 5 February, LindsayTownship, District 28, page 7B, Hse #129, Fam #128
    Gregory, Andy Head Rents M W  28 TN TN TN Farming
    Gregory, Retta A Wife F W 24 OK TX GA
    Gregory, Dessie L  Dau F W  4yrs10mos  OK US US
    Gregory, Alpha J  Dau F W  2 OK US US
    Gregory, Alford A  Son M W  6mos OK US US
    Gregory, John  Brother M W 30 OK US US

    1930 Federal Census, Garvin, Oklahoma, 12 April, Lindsay, District 10,page 7B, Hse #92, Fam #109
    Gregory, Andy Head M W 37 TN TN AL General Farming
    Gregory, Retta  Wife  F W 34 OK TX GA General Farming Labor
    Gregory, Dessie  Dau  F W 15 OK TN GA
    Gregory, Josephine Dau M W 12 OK TN GA
    Gregory, Louila  Dau  F W  9 OK TN GA
    Gregory, Everett  Son  F W 6 OK TN GA
    Gregory, Wanda  Dau  F W 3 OK TN GA

    I remember visiting Grandma and Grandpa a lot on their farm south ofLindsey, Oklahoma.  At least two summers I went up and stayed withthem for a while.  I remember grandma reading her Bible to me everyevening, sitting in her rocking chair beside a small table with akerosene lamp.  When i stayed with them, I would walk with her about aquarter mile down the road to the section line corner for a HolinessChurch worship service held in the schoolhouse.

    Most family gatherings were held at their home.  I remember Christmasgatherings there.  Once we three boys stayed with Grandpa and Grandmawhile our parents went to the Texas State Fair in Dallas.

    I remember when my uncles built them a new house.  And I remember whenyears later they turned on the electricity to the house when the RuralElectric Cooperative got the system run to that part of the county.The Gregorys never did have a phone.  Andy and Rettie worked theirfarm, raising their own meat and vegetables.  I remember huntingsquirrels in their woods southeast of the house.  Andy also workedpart of the time for others in the Broom Corn fields, for whichLindsay was known in earlier years.  My mother told me about herfather and many of the men of the county working in the broom cornharvest.

    In a previous era, Lindsay was the broom corn capital of the world.When I was younger, there was a sign on each road as you enteredLindsay that presented the city's slogan, "Lindsay broom corn sweepsthe world."

    1940 Federal Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, 8 April, Lindsay,District 25-12, page: 5B, House 50, Rented
    Gregory, Andy Head M W 47 born Tenn Rural Garvin Co in 1935 Farming
    Gregory, Reta [Retta] Wife M W 44 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935
    Gregory, Everett W 16 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935
    Gregory, Desy [Dessie] Dau F W SIngle 25 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in1935
    Gregory, Josephine Dau F W SIngle 22 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935
    Gregory, Lou Ila Dau F W 19 Single born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935
    Gregory, Wanda Dau F W 13 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935

    Alpharetta Mae Green Gregory
    Birth Oct. 21, 1895 Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma
    Death Apr. 24, 1963 Wynnewood, Garvin County, Oklahoma
    T. J. Green (1873 - 1947)
    Lou Ada Green (1877 - 1907)
    Married 10-26-1913
    Spouse Andy Gregory (1892 - 1975)
    Dessie Lea Gregory Spann (1915 - 2003)
    Alpha Josephine Gregory Hayes (1917 - 2005)
    Alfred Andrew Gregory (1919 - 1920)
    Everett Wayne Gregory (1923 - 2009)
    Wanda June Gregory Trout (1927 - 2013)
    Birdie Green (1898 - 1898)
    Norah Green (1902 - 1902)
    Burial Green Hill Cemetery, McClain County, Oklahoma, Section 4, Row14
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