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Andy GREGORY14,3,4,5,13,6,9,3,2,8,15,10,11

29th May 18923,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 - 25th Jan 197512,8,9,11

Life History

29th May 1892

Born in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11


Resident in Township 4, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.2


Residence2 in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.6


Residence3 in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.1

26th Oct 1913

Married Alpharetta Mae GREEN in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.7,12,9,11

12th Mar 1915

Birth of daughter Dessie Lea GREGORY in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.7,5,16,14,9,17,10


Residence4 in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.3

30th Dec 1917

Birth of daughter Alpha Josephine GREGORY in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.18,7,8,5,19,20,10,9

between 1918 and 1975

Residence5 in Lindsay area, Garvin, Oklahoma.14,1

5th Jul 1919

Birth of son Alfred Andrew GREGORY in Oklahoma.21,22,7,9,9,10

9th Jul 1920

Death of son Alfred Andrew GREGORY in Garvin County, Oklahoma.21,22,7,9,9

15th Aug 1923

Birth of son Everett Wayne GREGORY in Purdy, Garvin, Oklahoma.23,8,5,7,14,24,9,25

20th Feb 1927

Birth of daughter Wanda June GREGORY in Purdy, Garvin, Oklahoma.26,4,5,22,7,9,14

27th Apr 1942

Resident in Rt 3, Lindsay, Garvin, Oklahoma

24th Apr 1963

Death of Alpharetta Mae GREEN in Wynnewood, Garvin, Oklahoma.12,9

25th Jan 1975

Died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma.12,8,9,11

Stroke while driving

28th Jan 1975

Buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Lindsay, McClain County, Oklahoma.12,13,9,11

Other facts


Social Security number 448-16-4900.8


SSN issued in Oklahoma.8


Birth of daughter Living GREGORY


Birth of daughter Living GREGORY


  • As far as his children said they ever knew, Andy never had but the onename.  I remember his rural mailbox on the section-line road in frontof his house, south of Lindsay, Oklahoma, was labeled "A. Gregory."

    All his accounts and his mail were always in the name Andy Gregory orA Gregory.  His nieces and nephews called him Uncle Andy.  Hisgrandchildren called him Grandpa.  His earlier children Dessie andJosephine called him Papa, the other children called him Daddy.

    His birth record from Tennessee reports his name as Andy None Gregory. As far as any of the family knew, Andy never had a middle name.

    Tennessee, Delayed Birth Records, 1869-1909
    Name at Birth
    First:  Andy
    Middle:  None
    Last:  Gregory
    Signature of Registrant:  Andy Gregory
    Gender: Male
    Birth 29 May 1892 Jefferson, Newport, Tennessee
    Father: Patrick Gregory
    Mother: Julia Strange
    Present address:  Lindsay, Oklahoma
    Sworn 2 May 1942
    Supporting Evidence:
    Family Bible of Andy Gregory 1892
    Family Bible record of Patrick Gregory, father 1892
    Affidavit of father 5-24-42
    Abstracts Certified by Court for submission: Pauls Valley, Oklahoma 4May, 1942
    Approved by State of Tennessee 12 May 1942

    Back Side:  Affidavit of Father of Andy Gregory for DelayedCertificate of Birth
    Oklahoma, Garvin County.
    "I hereby certify, on oath, that I am at present 89 years of age; thatI am related to the person represented by this certificate as father,and that I had actual knowledge of the facts as stated in thiscertificate at the time this birth occurred, and that I know them tobe true becaue I am father of Andy Gregory, applicant herein fordelayed birth certificate."
    Signature: Patrick Gregory Address: Lindsay, Oklahoma

    In the 1900 census he is listed as Andrew.  And his brother Edd islisted as Edward.  The family know for certain that these "full" namesare not correct.  The over-correction error of the census enumeratoris confirmed when we see that he listed the father of these childrenas Doctor instead of "Dock."

    In 1910 Andy is in his parents home in Richland Township of StephensCounty (just outside Marlow town).  The 1910 census enumerator wasapparently barely literate.  Most of the names are horribly misspelledand the handwriting is scrawling and almost illegible.  The familyname appears to be written Grgery, or maybe Gegery.  Andy is listed asAnda.  His father Dock is listed as Dolf, and his mother Julia asJuly!

    In 1910, we discover Dock and family in Richland Township of StephensCounty (near Marlow) Oklahoma.  He is recorded under the spelling ofDolf Gegery.  The writing of this enumerator is fairly legible, butspelling is awful, and he seems not to have heard correctly the formsof some names.

    1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 25 April, RichlandTownship, District 243, page 6B,  No Hse or Fam #s on this page
    Gegery, Dolf Head  M W  56  married 31 years  AL TN TN Farmer
    Gegery, July (Julie?) wife F W 55 married 31 yrs TN TN TN
    Gegery, Anda Son M W 18  TN TN TN

    Andy married Alpharetta Mae Green, whom he had known for several yearsas their families lived close together in Richland Township, StephensCounty, Oklahoma.  They married in October 1913.  I have not been ableto locate any record of this family in the 1920 census.  I did findAndy's WWI Draft Registration from 1917.  He was still in Marlow atthat time.

    U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Andy Gregory
    Residence Marlow, Oklahoma
    Born May 29, 1892, Newport, Tennessee
    Self-employed Farmer
    Blues Eyes, Light Hair
    Registration 15 June 1917

    In 1913 Andy married Alpharetta Mae Green, whose family lived on afarm near Marlow.  In 1918 they were still in Marlow when Andyregistered fr the WWI draft.

    In the 1920 census, when Alfred was 6 months old, the family wasliving in Lindsay Township of Garvin County, Oklahoma, about 40 milesnortheast of Marlow.  Alfred's name there is recorded by theenumerator as Alford Andrew.  They were living in Marlow in 1917 whenJosie was born and 1918 when Andy registered for the draft. AfterAlfred's death, family members say they lived near Cox City, thenlater near Purdy, just south of Erin Springs.

    1920 Federal Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, 5 February, LindsayTownship, District 28, page 7B, Hse #129, Fam #128
    Gregory, Andy Head Rents M W  28 TN TN TN Farming
    Gregory, Retta A Wife F W 24 OK TX GA
    Gregory, Dessie L  Dau F W  4yrs10mos  OK US US
    Gregory, Alpha J  Dau F W  2 OK US US
    Gregory, Alford A  Son M W  6mos OK US US
    Gregory, John  Brother M W 30 OK US US

    It is a puzzle why the enumerator put US as the birth place of bothparents of all the chidlren, since their states of birth are givenright in the record.  Next door is Walter Trout, one household in thefamily whom Andy's daughter Wanda June would later marry.

    1920 Federal Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, 5 February, LindsayTownship, District 28, page 7B, Hse #128, Fam #127
    Trout, Walter L  Head Rents M W  36 TX GA AL
    Trout, Ina L Wife F W 28 OK US US
    Trout, Elmer L Son M W 11 OK US US

    1930 Federal Census, Garvin, Oklahoma, 12 April, Lindsay, District 10,page 7B, Hse #92, Fam #109
    Gregory, Andy Head M W 37 TN TN AL General Farming
    Gregory, Retta  Wife  F W 34 OK TX GA General Farming Labor
    Gregory, Dessie  Dau  F W 15 OK TN GA
    Gregory, Josephine Dau M W 12 OK TN GA
    Gregory, Louila  Dau  F W  9 OK TN GA
    Gregory, Everett  Son  F W 6 OK TN GA
    Gregory, Wanda  Dau  F W 3 OK TN GA

    Andy was a Farmer all his life, from his childhood.  I remember he wasstill living on his farm in 1973-4, though I do not remember howactively he himself was actually working the farm at that time.  Hemoved into a house in town for about the last year of his life.

    During part of the time while he had his own farm he also worked forothers in the Broom Corn fields, for which Lindsay was known inearlier years.  My mother told me about her father and many of the menof the county working in the broom corn harvest.  The slogan ofLindsay at that time was "Lindsay broom corn sweeps the world."

    In 1940, for some reason the enumerator wrote Everett's name firsteven though two children are older.  The youngest daughter Lorettadoes not appear with the famly.  She was born in1936.

    1940 Federal Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, 8 April, Lindsay,District 25-12, page: 5B, House 50, Rented
    Gregory, Andy Head M W 47 born Tenn Rural Garvin Co in 1935 Farming
    Gregory, Reta [Retta] Wife M W 44 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935
    Gregory, Everett W 16 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935
    Gregory, Desy [Dessie] Dau F W SIngle 25 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in1935
    Gregory, Josephine Dau F W SIngle 22 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935
    Gregory, Lou Ila Dau F W 19 Single born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935
    Gregory, Wanda Dau F W 13 born Okla Rural Garvin Co in 1935

    Andy was born in Newport, the county seat of Cocke County.  In his WWIdraft registration, he report Newport as his place of birth.  But in1942, he reported his birth place as Jefferson County, Tennessee.This is where the family lived, and it appears their place was nearthe county line with Cocke County.

    U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Andy (None) Gregory
    Residence Lindsay, Garvin County, Oklahoma
    Born May 29, 1892, Jefferson County, Tennessee
    Contact Mrs Andy Greogry, Lindsay, Oklahoma, Rt 3
    Self-employed, Lindsay Oklahoma, Route 3
    Blues Eyes, Light Hair
    5'4" 135 lbs Blues Eyes, Brown Hair, Dark Complexion
    Registration 27 April 1942 Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma

    Andy Gregory was honored on his 80th birthday with a dinner given byhis children.
    Mr Gregory has six children and they were all present.  They are Mrs JE Spann, Mrs Lou Jenkins, Mrs Roy trout, Mrs Joseph Gay, Mrs R J Hayesand Everett Gregory.
    The dinner was served in the Lindsay City Park.
    Also present, and special guests, were Mr Gregory's brothers, TomGregory, Lindsay, who is 88 years old; and Charlie Gregory, Lawton,who is 90 years old.

    2nd story:
    "Mrs Lou Jennkins, Vernon, Tex., spent Friday night with her father,Andy Gregory, and Saturday night wwith her brother, Mr and Mrs EverettGregory, and sons."
    --  Paul's Valley Democrat, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, Tuesday, 6 June1972;  clipping courtesy of Loretta Gregory Gay

    Andy Gregory was killed in a car crash when he had a stroke whiledriving.  His sister-in-law Dorothy Green was riding with him at thetime, and suffered a broken hip, which crippled her to a large degree.Dorothy was the wife of Homer Green, youngest brother of Andy's wife,Alpharetta Mae Green.

    Funeral services for Andy were held at the Brown-Boydston Funeral Homein Lindsay, with Bill Gentry, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church,officiating.  Burial was in the Greenhill Cemetery, near Lindsay, inMcClain County.

    Social Security Death Index
    Andy Gregory
    Born 29 May 1892
    Died Jan 1975
    Last Residence Lindsay, Garvin, Oklahoma, 73052
    SSN 448-16-4900 issued Oklahoma (Before 1951)

    Obituary of Andy Gregory, Rocky Point, south of LIndsay, Oklahoma
    Born 29 May 1982 at Newport, Tennessee
    Married to Alpharetta Mae Green 26 October 1913 in Marlow, StephensCounty, Oklahoma
    Died 25 January in the University Hospital, Oklahoma City
    Funeral 28 January 1975 in the chapel of Brown-Boydston Funeral Home,Bill Gentry, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, officiating
    Burial in the Greenhill Cemetery, Lindsay (McClain County), Oklahomaby Brown-Boydston Funeral Home
    Annotation at the top by Andy's daughter Lou Ila Gregory Jenkins:"Tues Jan 28, 1975 issue of the Lindsay News"
    --  Lindsay News, Lindsay, Oklahoma, 28 January 1975;  Published theday of his funeral

    Andy Gregory
    Birth May 29, 1892 Newport, Cocke County, Tennessee
    Death Jan 25, 1975 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
    Dock Patrick Gregory (1852 - 1947)
    Julia Ann Clementine Strange Gregory (1855 - 1935)
    Married Oct 26, 1913
    Spouse Alpharetta Mae Green Gregory (1895 - 1963)
    William Henry Harrison Gregory (1880 - 1931)
    Charles Bluford Gregory (1881 - 1979)
    George Thomas Gregory (1884 - 1982)
    Edd Gregory (1885 - 1958)
    John Gregory (1890 - 1993)
    Lucy Carter (1893 - 1970)
    Burial Green Hill Cemetery, McClain County, Oklahoma, Section 4, Row14
    Created by DLT Jul 04, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #72684537,


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