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Alice Miney WILSON2,3,4,5,7,1,8,6

2nd Jun 18822,3,4,5,1,6 - 9th Sep 19782,1,6

Life History

2nd Jun 1882

Born in Cooke County, Texas.2,3,4,5,1,6

about 1898

Birth of daughter Florence HASTY in Missouri


Married James Christopher Columbus BARNETT in Indian Territory.6

before 1900

Married Thomas MIDDLETON.5

before 1900

Divorced from Thomas MIDDLETON in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.5

18th Nov 1904

Birth of son Ervin James Columbus BARNETT in Antlers, Jack's Fork County, Pushmataha District, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.9,10,2,11,12,13,14

before 1907

Death of James Christopher Columbus BARNETT in Oklahoma.6,3

about 1907

Married William L HASTY in Choctaw County, Oklahoma.3

29th Oct 1909

Birth of son Elmer L HASTY in Choctaw County, Oklahoma.18,8

9th May 1912

Birth of daughter Lora HASTY.19

28th Apr 1928

Death of daughter Lora HASTY.19

before 1930

Death of William L HASTY in Hughes County, Oklahoma.4

after 1943

Married James Walter HANCOCK.17

29th Aug 1953

Death of James Walter HANCOCK in Holdenville, Hughes, Oklahoma.15,16

9th Sep 1978

Died in Claremore, Rogers, Oklahoma.2,1,6

12th Sep 1978

Buried in Holdenville Cemetery, Holdenville, Hughes County, Oklahoma.1


  • Alice is well-documented on several genealogies, with photos anddocuments, and testimonies from descendants.

    Alice's father and mother's name is documented in her burial orderthat names her parents Leif Wilson (called Lafe in a couple ofgenealogies) and Lora Young.  The informant for this document was herson J C Barnett, son of James Christopher Columbus (Chris) Barnett.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 3 August,Township 2, District 133, page 41A, Hse #548, Fam #573
    Russell, Franklin M Head W M  Jan 1861 39 Married 15 yrs IN IN INFarmer Rents
    Russell, Florence A Wife W F Aug 1871  28 Married 15 yrs 1 children/0living KY KY KY
    Middleton, Alice Niece W F Jun 1883  16 Divorced No children TX TX IL

    I know of no children from Alice's first marriage.  Family sourcestell us that Alice married Christopher Columbus Barnett in 1900.

    "My great grandmother Alice Wilson Hancock Hasty:  ... She marriedChristopher Columbus Barnett and they had a son, my grandfather, JamesColumbus Barnett."
    --  Kitty Byers, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 21 February 2013

    Alice's son Ervin James Columbus Barnett was born 18 Nov 1904.  Thischild does not appear with Alice in her new husband's household in the1910 census.  In the 1910 census, Alice has been married to WilliamLevi Hasty for three years.  So Chris Barnett had died by 1907.

    1910 Federal Census, Choctaw County, Oklahoma, 2 May, Hunter Township,District 60, Sheet 5B, Hse/Fam #83
    Hasty, William L Head M W 39 2nd Marriage Married 3 years MO MO TN TinMaking Rents
    Hasty, Allis M Wife F W 25 2nd Marriage Married 3 years 4 children/2living TX IL IL
    Hasty, Florence M Dau F W 12 Single MO MO MO
    Hasty, Elmer L Son 6mos Single OK MO TX
    Reed, George L Partner M W 29 Married 6 years TX AL AL Laborer, TinMaking
    Reed, Francis Sister-in-law Married 3 years 2 children/1 living TX ILIL
    Reed, George L Nephew M W 1yr11mos OK TX TX

    1930 Federal Census, Hughes County, Oklahoma, 14 April, HoldenvilleWard 2, District 15, page 12B, 440 No Cherry St, Hse #238, Fam #266
    Hasty, Kate Head F W 41 Widow TX IL IL No Occup
    Hasty, Elmer Son M W 19 Single OK MO TX Laborer, Odd Jobs
    Potts, James Step-Son-in-law M W 48 Married at 33 OK US US Laborer,Highway
    Potts, Florence Step-Dau F W 32 Married at 16 Iowa IL IL [This isFlorence Hasty, dau of William L Hasty and a previous wife]
    Potts, Lorene Step-GrandDau F W 6 OK OK TX
    Potts, Lenora Step-GrandDau F W 3yrs5mos OK OK TX

    Some genealogies have names for all Alice's husbands and some errorsof various kinds, with incorrect husbands, and mixed families ofsimilar names in different states for the same person.  Several havethe name of her last husband as James Walter Hancock.  This iscorroborated by other documents locating James Walter in Holdenville,Oklahoma.  The same church is mentioned for both their funerals,linking them.

    Record searches for her Hancock husband turn up many individuals withthe name Walter Hancock or James Hancock in several Texas counties,Arkansas, Arizona and Oklahoma, with overlapping dates and differentfamilies.  Several genealogies report her last husband as James WalterHancock, but attach conflicting censuses or other records.

    Social Security Death Index
    Alice Hancock
    Born 2 Jun 1882
    Died Sep 1978
    Last Residence Holdenville, Hughes, Oklahoma 74848
    SSN 447-50-1689 issued Oklahoma (1965)

    Alice's burial order names her parents Leif Wilson (called Lafe in acouple of genealogies) and Lora Young.

    Funeral Order and Invoice
    Alice M Hasty Hancock
    Date of Funeral 12 September 1978
    Death 9 September 1978 Woods Manor Nursing Home, Claremont [Rogers,Oklahoma]
    Last Residence 622 S Bolton, Holdenville [Hughes County], Oklahoma
    Birth 2 June 1882 North Texas
    Father:  Leif Wilson, Mother: Lora Young
    Informant: Ervin James Christopher Barnett, Claremore, Oklahoma

    Comments on Ancestry:

    pab431added this on 15 May 2010


    MY GRANDPA J W HANCOCK WAS MARRIED TO ALICE WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL,i only remember going there a very few time.  Alice had this big porchand there was a school near by her next door neighbor was mr. wilsonmy sister and i visited with them,  one time mr. wilson gave us somefried opossum to eat, i remember it was very greasy -- that's the onlytime i remember eating opossum.  alice had lots of pretty flowers inher yard,  Just thought someone might like to know i think of grandmaalice every time i see opossum" or hear holdenville, but I was bornthere too.

    dgresh6851added this on 19 Aug 2011

    Phyllis, thanks for sharing.  I, too, remember playing in the schoolyard across the street from Grandma Hancock's house, and going to theneighborhood store a few doors down to buy a soda or candy.  GrandmaHancock's yard was filled with flowers and completely void of grass;she kept it that way.  However, I don't remember ever being served'possum -- and that I would have remembered.

    Alice's memorial on Find a Grave provides helpful informaiton toclarify some details and add dome concerning her life and family.

    This reports another husband, R P Potts, married about 1918, betweenHasty and Hancock.  This is not clear to me form the record.  In the1930 some members of a Potts family are enumerated in her household in1930.  However the husband is reported as a step son-in-law of Alice.If the husband named Potts was a (step)son in law, he would havemarried her step daughter.  This is true, because her step daughterFlorence Potts here is Florence Hasty, daughter of Alice's deceasedhusband William Hasty and his previous wife.  Perhaps the report belowsuggests that R P Potts is Florence's husband's father, and that hermother was previously married to James Potts' father.

    Several genealogies report the marriage to R P Potts as follows.  Ihave found no reference to this marriage in records.  No genealogy Ihave seen has any documentation.

    Marriage to R P Potts
    29 Mar 1918 - Age: 35 Caddo, Caddo, Oklahoma

    A couple of genealogies have a photo attached of one John Potts and"Grandma Hasty," with a very young Christine Barnett.  This soundslike the right Alice Barnett Hasty.  But the man's (presumablyhusband's) name here is John, not R P.

    Alice Miney Wilson Hancock
    Birth Jun. 2, 1882 Texas
    Death Sep. 9, 1978 Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma

    Alice Miney Wilson was married (at least) five times. Her husbandswere:
    1. Thomas Middleton (m: c1898)
    2. Christopher Coloumbus [sic] Barnett (m: 1900)
    3. William Levi Hasty (m: 1905)
    4. R.P. Potts (m: 1918)
    5. James Walter Hancock (m: after 1943)

    There were no children born to the 1st, 4th or 5th marriages.Christopher Columbus Barnett and Alice had one son, Ervin JamesColumbus Barnett. William Levi Hasty and Alice had three children:Letha Cuma Hastey [sic], Elmer Levi Newton Hasty, and Lora B Hasty.

    Ervin James Columbus Barnett (1904 - 1986)
    Lora Hasty (1912 - 1928)
    Inscription "Mother" Alice M. Hasty

    Burial Holdenville Cemetery, Holdenville, Hughes County, Oklahoma

    Maintained by dgresh, Originally Created by Danny Chancellor May 21,2009
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #37340011,


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