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Owen N MCSWAIN2,1,3,4,6,1,5,7

5th Jul 19102,1,3,4,5 - Jul 19726,7

Life History


Residence1: near Abilene; family lived in Precinct 3 or Taylor County in Taylor County, Texas

5th Jul 1910

Born in Texas.2,1,3,4,5

26th Jun 1943

Residence2: Residence reported as Alameda, California; enlisted in San Francisco in Alameda County, California.3


Residence3 in Midland, Midland, Texas.1

Jul 1972

Died in Oklahoma.6,7

Other facts


Married Marie Theresa WORTHY


  • Some family genealogies report Own with the initials O N.  Owen mayhave been a nickname derived from the initials O N.  I have found nodocumentation of what his two names were.

    1910 Federal Census, Taylor County, Texas, 4 May, Justice Precinct 3,District 271, page 12,  209 Hse/Fam #197
    McSwain, G F 40 Married 10 years  TN NC NC Photography Owns
    McSwain, J E  Wife F W 34 Second Marriage Married 10 yrs 8 children/5living AR MS GA
    McSwain, Owen Son M W 10mos  TX TN AR

    Here is a list of O N's brothers and sisters from his brother Eldon'sBible.

    George Franklin McSwain  Sept 29, 1869
    Julia McSwain  June 24, 1875
    Russell McSwain  Aug 11, 1904
    Ernest McSwain  April 19, 1906
    Eldon McSwain  July 30, 1907
    Ernest McSwain  April 19, 1906
    O N McSwain July 5, 1910
    Ruby McSwain  June 8, 1911
    Albertus McSwain  Dec 25, 1913
    Frank McSwain  Feb 10, 1918
    Bumon Gross  Feb 14, 1897
    Ester McSwain May 10, 1901
    [The last two lines are written in a different hand]
    Benyamen [Benjamin], Texas Time 715 AM March 11, 1952
    Marion Franklin McSwain went in service March 11, 1952
    --  Bible of Millard Eldon McSwain, courtesy of Judy McSwain Miller,daughter of McSwain Neal McSwain, 14 August 2014

    1920 Federal Census, Baylor County, Texas, 7 January, Justice Precinct1, District 10, page 2A, Throckmorton Rd, Hse #21, Fam #22
    McSwain, George F  Head Owns M W 50 TN NC NC Farmer (b abt 1869)
    McSwain, Julia E  Wife M W 48 AR TN AL (b abt 1871)
    McSwain, O N [Owen] Son M W 10 TX TN AR (b abt 1909)

    U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
    O N McSwain
    Birth 1910 Texas
    White, Citizen
    Residence Alameda County, California
    Enlistment 26 Jun 1943 San Francisco, California
    Private, No branch assignment
    Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus sixmonths, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwiseaccording to law
    Education 2 years of high school
    Civil Occupation Skilled warehousing, storekeeping, handling, loading,unloading, and related occupations

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Midland, Texas, City Directory, 1950, p 213
    McSwain Bert (Helen) carp h 201 E Kentucky av apt 5
    McSwain O N (Marie) carp h 2008 Keith

    In her brother's obituary in November 1950, Marie and O N werereported living in Seagraves, Texas, in Gaines County, a couple ofcounties away from Midland County in West Texas. I have not determinedthe month of publication of the City Directory.  The report ofSeagraves as residence may be an error by the newspaper in thecompilation of the Obit, since Marie's brother in the list ofsurvivors just before her was reported as living in Seagraves.

    A Social Security record appears to be for Owen, but the date of birthhere is 5 Jul 1910, while family genealogies report the date as 5 July1909.  It had to be 1909 because of the 1910 census report, when hewas already 10 months old in May 1910.  The Social Security recordindicates his SS number was issued in Arizona.  He probably went thereafter the war, when he was stationed in California.

    Social Security Death Index
    O McSwain
    Born 5 Jul 1910
    Died Jul 1972
    SSN 527-03-4285 issued Arizona (Before 1951)

    Oklahoma, Oklahoman Obituary Index, 1972-2012
    McSwain, O N Red
    Death Abt 1972
    Obituary published in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
    the Oklahoman, 27 Jul 1972, p 19, Column 4


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