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Ebby Elijah JENKINS

Ebby Elijah JENKINS3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,11

13th Oct 18853,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,10,2,11 - 27th May 19554,7,1,2

Life History

13th Oct 1885

Born in Cass County, Texas.3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,10,2,11

about 1904

Married Lula Ewildi HARRAMAN in Cass County, Texas.7

9th Oct 1906

Birth of daughter Emma Faye JENKINS in Cass County, Texas.3,7,2,8,15,17

30th Jan 1909

Birth of daughter Ethel Ewildi JENKINS in Naples, Morris, Texas.8,7,3,18,19,11

12th May 1911

Birth of son Ira Curtis JENKINS in Cass County, Texas.20,17,21,6,3,15

14th Sep 1914

Birth of son Elba Bryson JENKINS in Cass County, Texas.15,22,23,7,17,3

30th Nov 1917

Birth of daughter Louella Lucille JENKINS in Cass County, Texas.3,2,12,13,14,15

27th Jan 1918

Death of Lula Ewildi HARRAMAN in Naples, Morris, Texas.24,1,7,2

about 1919

Married Harriett Matilda CHARLTON in Cass County, Texas

21st Sep 1920

Birth of daughter Lillie B JENKINS in Cass County, Texas.2,10

8th Apr 1929

Death of daughter Lillie B JENKINS in Marietta, Cass, Texas.2,16,10

27th May 1955

Died in Cass County, Texas.4,7,1,2

after 27th May 1955

Buried in Dalton Cemetery, Dalton, Cass County, Texas.1,2


  • I first found information on Ebby Jenkins in July 2008.  The first public record I find of him is the 1900 census for Cass County, Texas.  He is living with his widowed mother and siblings.

    1900 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 20 June, Justice Precinct 3, District 22, page 17A, Hse/Fam #285
    Jenkins, Julia Head W F Sept 1856  43 Widow  7 children/6 living GA GA SC Farmer Owns Farm
    Jenkins, Elby Son W M Oct 1886  13 TX GA TX

    Ebby's name here is spelled Elby, but a family genealogy I found in August 2008 gives his name as the more common Ebby.  However, the genealogy records that one of his sons  is called Elba.

    Ebby's date of birth is reported in the 1900 census as October 1886.  But a family genealogy, compiled by my cousin Dorothy Wommack Neely, reports an exact birth date of 13 October 1885.  This genealogy gives information about Ebby and his family.  No documentation or explanation is given for the dates.

    Ebby Elijah Jenkins, Born 13 OCT 1885. Died 27 MAY 1955

    Wife 1  Lula Ewildi Harraman 1886-1918
    Lucille Jenkins 1905-
    Emma Fay Jenkins 1907-1995
    Ethel Ewildi Jenkins 1909-1993

    Wife 2 Harriett Tefteller
    Elba Bryson Jenkins  [error, Harriet has Tefteller children of the same age and younger]
    Ira Curtis Jenkins  [error, Harriet has Tefteller children of the same age and younger]
    --  Cass County Texas -- America's Melting Pot, /pt/family.aspx?tid=5720081&pid=-1408889298&pg=0

    This source was the first to give me the names of the children, but this genealogy has an error in the children Elba Bryson and Ira Curtis.  In the 1920 census, Harriet has Tefteller children of the same ages of Ira and Bryson as Jenkins children, and younger.  Further, that genealogy itself gives the date of death for Lula as 27 January 1918.  Bryson was about 4 years old at that time.

    1910 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 28 April, Justice Precinct 2, Enumeration District 31, page 7B, Hse/Fam #127
    Jenkins, Ebb Head M W 24 Married 4 yrs TX AL GA Laborer Rents [b abt 1886]
    Jenkins, Lula Wife F W 23 Married 4 yrs IL IL IL [b abt 1887]
    Jenkins, Emmer Dau F W 3 TX TX IL [b abt 1907]
    Jenkins, Ethel Dau F W 1 TX TX IL [b abt 1909]

    Note that the genealogy reports another child, named Lucille, born in 1905.  This child is not in the 1910 census.  So we can say she died before the 1910 census, even though the genealogy reports no death date.

    By 1920, Ebb's wife has died, and he has remarried.  We find him and his new wife Harriet Charlton Tefteller, in a blended home with her children from her first marriage.  I have not discovered Harriet's maiden name.  In 1920, Ebb and Harriet are living next door to Ebb's brother Cullen, reported as Curley in the 1900 census.

    1920 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 20 January, Justice Precinct 3, Enumeration District 3, page 7B, Naples and Dalton Rd, Hse/Fam #124
    Jenkins, Ebb Head Rents  M W 34 TX TN GA Farming [b abt 1886]
    Jenkins, Harriet Wife F W 27 TX US TX [b abt 1893]
    Jenkins, Emma Fay Dau F W 12 TX TX TX  [b abt 1908]
    Jenkins, Ethel Dau F W 10 TX TX TX [b abt 1910]
    Jenkins, Ira Son M W 8 TX TX TX [b abt 1912]
    Jenkins, Bryson Son M W 16 TX TX TX [b abt 1914]
    Tefteller, Ellie StepDau F W 10 TX US TX [b abt 1910]
    Tefteller, Ola StepDau F W 8 TX US TX [b abt 1912]
    Tefteller, Clyde StepSon M W 6 TX US TX [b abt 1914]
    Tefteller, Dovie StepDau F W 4 TX US TX [b abt 1916]
    Tefteller, Charlie StepSon M W 2yrs 1mo TX US TX [b abt Mar 1918]
    Jenkins, Louella Dau F W 2 months TX TX TX [b Mar 1920]

    Note that now Ebb's father is reported as born in Tennessee.  Note that in 1910, it was Alabama.  His brother Ira also reported Alabama in 1910, but Tennessee in 1930.  But in 1930, Ebb reports his father born in Georgia!

    All the previous information we have had on his father, John C Jenkins, is that he was born in Mississippi.  This is likely the correct location for John's birth.  We have no information in the admittedly minimal family tradition or censuses about his grandparents every living in Tennessee.  Joseph Sanford Jenkins and Lucinda Amanda Taylor apparently married in Mississippi, where Lucinda was born.  We find other Jenkins and Taylor families there in the 1800s, although we have been unable to determine any connection yet.  Lucinda was born in Mississippi and J S was born in South Carolina.

    Another problem here indicates that the information the enumerator entered may not be too reliable is that he has reported the mother of the girls as born in Texas.  But their mother, Lula Harraman was born in Illinois, according to the 1910 census.  Her 1900 census record when she was still living at home with her parents also reports her born in Illinois.

    In the 1930 census, all the children are reported with the last name of Jenkins.  I assume this means that Ebby has legally adopted the Tefteller children.  This is also supported by their now being reported as sons and daughter of Ebb.

    1930 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 9 April, Justice Precinct 3, District 14, page 4A, Naples Bryans Mill Rd, Hse/Fam #77
    Jenkins, E E Head Rents  M W 44 First married at age 21 TX GA GA Farmer [b abt 1886]
    --  page 4B --
    Jenkins, Harret [sic] Wife F W 38 First married at age 21 TX TX AL [b abt 1892]
    Jenkins, Emma Dau F W 23 Single TX TX TX  [b abt 1907]
    Jenkins, Ira Son M W 18 Single TX TX TX [b abt 1912]
    Jenkins, Bryson Son M W 16 Single TX TX TX [b abt 1914]
    Jenkins, Clyde Son M W 17 Single TX US TX [b abt 1913]
    Jenkins, Charlie Son M W 13 Single TX US TX [b abt 1917]
    Jenkins, Lucile Dau F W 12 TX TX TX [b abt 1918]
    Jenkins, Julia Mother F W 58 Widow GA GA GA [b abt 1872]

    Note that now Ebb's father is reported born in Georgia, as well as his mother.  Harriet's parents are also now reported as Texas and Alabama instead of US and Texas.  All the children of both fathers are now reported with the same birth information for self and parents:  Texas Texas Texas.

    And we now find Ebb's mother living with them.  She is reported as only 58 years old, which would mean she was born in 1872.  But in the 1900 census her birth date was reported as Sept 1856, when she was 43.  So in 1930 she is reported as only 15 years older than in 1900!  Lucile (matching Louella in the previous census) has gained 12 years in the last 10.

    1940 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 13 April, Justice Precinct 3, District 34-15, page 1B, Wommack Road, Hse #163, Rents $3
    Jenkins, Ebb E Head M W 54 Widowed Grade 5 b Texas same place Common Laborer, Sawmill
    Jenkins, Harriett Wife F W 49 Single Grade 5 b Texas same place in 1935 both parents born Alabama
    Jenkins, Ira C Son M W 29 Single Grade 4 b Texas same place Common Laborer, Sawmill
    Jenkins, Bryson Son M W 26 Grade 4 b Texas same place in 1935 Common Laborer, Sawmill
    Jenkins, Charlie T Son M W 23 Grade 4 b Texas same place in 1935 Common Laborer, Sawmill

    Ebb's middle nmae was spelled weirdly on his Social Security records.

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Ebb Eliga Jenkins
    Birth 13 Oct 1885 Cass County, Texas
    Father John Jenkins
    Mother Julia Ward
    SSN 463033134
    Feb 1938 Name listed as EBB ELIGA JENKINS

    No record is found for Ebb on the Social Security Death Index.  He died in 1955 and was buried in the Dalton Cemetery near relatives.

    Jenkins, Ebb Elija 13 Oct 1885  27 May 1955 h/o Lula E. Harmon Jenkins
    --  Dalton Cemetery Regiter, Volume 6, p 88, entry 249

    Ebb shares a grave plot with his first wife Lula Ewildi Harraman.

    Jenkins Ebb E and Lula E (Harraman) Gravestone
    Ebb E Oct 13, 1885  May 27, 1955
    Lula E Apr 22, 1886  Jan 27, 1918
    Photo by Orville Boyd Jenkins
    Dalton Cemetery, Dalton, Cass, Texas

    His second wife Harriett Charlton is also buried in Dalton Cemetery.

    Jenkins Harriett  26 Jun 1891  3 Jun 1980
    --  Dalton Cemetery Register, Volume 6, p 87, entry 231

    Ebb Elijah Jenkins
    Birth Oct 13, 1885
    Death May 27, 1955
    Lula E Jenkins (1886 - 1918)
    Harriet Matilda Charlton Jenkins (1891 - 1980)
    Emma Fay Jenkins Martin (1906 - 1995)
    Ethel E Jenkins Wommack (1909 - 1993)
    Lillie B Jenkins (1920 - 1929)
    Burial Dalton Cemetery, Dalton, Cass County, Texas, USA
    Created by Gena Forsyth Jun 10, 2007
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #19812645,


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