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George A MADDOX5,1,2,3,4

8th Mar 18601,2,3,4 - 2nd Jul 19285,4

Life History

8th Mar 1860

Born in Illinois.1,2,3,4

Sep 1879

Birth of son Oscar MADDOX in Illinois.2

Apr 1881

Birth of son Orley MADDOX in Illinois.17

after 1885

Death of Primer Uxor GEORGIAE in Ilinois

Jul 1885

Birth of son Okley MADDOX in llinois.2

Sep 1890

Birth of daughter Lula MADDOX in Arkansas.3,2

Mar 1892

Birth of daughter Gertrude MADDOX in Missouri.2

Nov 1893

Birth of daughter Bertha MADDOX in Missouri.3,2

Oct 1896

Birth of daughter Iva MADDOX in Missouri.3,2

before 1902

Death of Fannie NOMAIDENNAME

about 1902

Married Mary CROW in Missouri.3

about 1906

Birth of daughter Georgia A MADDOX in Missouri.6,1,3,7,8


Birth of son John H MADDOX in Arkansas.9,1,3,10

17th Oct 1909

Birth of daughter Ollye Gean MADDOX in Arkansas.11,12,1,3,13

about 1912

Birth of daughter Beatrice MADDOX in Arkansas.1

about 1914

Birth of son Charles A MADDOX in Arkansas.1

27th Nov 1915

Birth of son Roy J MADDOX in Arkansas.14,15,16,1,7

28th May 1919

Birth of son Harold A MADDOX in Arkansas.1,7,9,15

7th Mar 1928

Death of Mary CROW.4

2nd Jul 1928

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5,4

Other facts


Married Primer Uxor GEORGIAE




  • 1900 Federal Census, Stoddard County, Missouri, 8 June, Elk Township,District 124, page 4B, Hse/Fam #66
    Maddox, George A Head W M  Mar 1860  40 Married 11 years IL TN TNFarmer Owns
    Maddox, Fannie Wife W F Feb 1868  32 Married 11 years 8 children/5living IL IL IL
    Maddox, Oscer Son W M  Sept 1899  20 Single IL IL IL Farm Laborer
    Maddox, Orley Son W M  April 1881  19 Single IL IL IL Farm Laborer
    Maddox, Okley Son W M  July 1885  14 Single IL IL IL Farm Laborer
    Maddox, Lula Dau W F  Sept 1890  9 Single AR IL IL
    Maddox, Girty Dau W F  Mar 1892  8 Single MO IL IL
    Maddox, Bertha Dau W F  Nov 1893  6 Single MO IL IL
    Maddox, Iva Dau W F  Oct 1896  3 Single MO IL IL

    Note that the oldest child is 20 and the wife is only 32.  Thsi meansthat Fannie is not the mother of "Oscer" (Oscar) or James, andpossibly not Oria.  If the age 11 is correct for Oria, George probablymarried Fannie right after Oria was born and her mother may have diedin childbirth.  Note that Fannie was born in Illinois, but thechildren's mother was born in Alabama.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 May, North PrairieTownship, District 12, page 9, Hse/Fam #161
    Maddox, G A Head M W 50 [Number 4 only, so 4 marriages?] Married 8years IL TN TN Farmer Rents
    Maddox, Mary Wife F W 34 2nd Marriage (Yrs Married not stated) 7children/5 living Indiana Indiana Indiana
    Maddox, Lula Dau F W 19 Single AR IL IL Home Laborer
    Maddox, Bertha Dau F W 16 Single MO IL IL Home Laborer
    Maddox, Iva Dau F W 13 Single MO IL IL Farm Laborer
    Maddox, Georgia Dau F W 6 Single MO IL IN
    Maddox, John Son M W 3 Single AR IL IN
    Maddox, Ollie Dau F W 1 Single AR IL IN
    McClain, Carry StepDau F W 15 Single MO IL IN Home Laborer
    McClain, Francis StepDau F W 9 Single MO IL IN Home Laborer

    The entry of only a number 4 on the number of this marriage must meanthis is George's 4th marriage.  With the info in the 1900 census andMary as the wife in 1910, we can account for three wives.

    The details here indicate the Mary's first married name was McClain,and her first husband was born in Illinois, like G A Maddox.  State ofbirth data, as well as their age, tells us that Georgia, John andOllie are Bertha's children.

    We can also tell that both George and Mary were in Missouri when theirspouses died and when they married.  George's two daughters Bertha andIva were born in Missouri, as were Mary's two daughters and their nextchild together, Gerogia.  Between 1904 and 1907 they moved toArkansas, where John and later Ollie was born.  George and hisprevious wife had been living in Arkansas for the birth of theirdaughter Lula in 1891, then moved to Missouri before the birth ofBertha in 1894.

    With this information I found Mary and her previous husband, JamesMcClain, with their first daughter Cara (Carey in 1910), in Missouri,where they were enumerated in Richland Township of Stoddard County.

    1900 Federal Census, Stoddard County, Missouri, 25 June, RichlandTownship, District 132, page 19B, Hse #362, Fam #365
    McClain, James  Head  W M Feb 1873 27 Married 8 years IL IL IL SawmillLaborer Rents
    McClain, Mary Wife W F  Nov 1875 24 Married 8 years 2 children/1living IN IN IN
    McClain, Cara B Dau W F Oct 1895 5 MO IL IN

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 February, PrairieTownship, District 16, page 8B, Hse #149, Fam #156
    Maddox, George A  Head Owns M W 59 IL TN TN Farmer [b abt 1860]
    Maddox, Mary Wife F W 44 IN IN IN [b abt 1875]
    Maddox, Georgia Dau F W 16 MO IL IN [b abt 1903] Farm Laborer
    Maddox, John H Son M W 13 AR IL IN [b abt 1906] Farm Laborer
    Maddox, Ollie A Dau F W 11 AR IL IN [b abt 1909] Farm Laborer
    Maddox, Beatrice Dau F W 8 AR IL IN [b abt 1911]
    Maddox, Charles A Son M W 5 AR IL IN [b abt 1914]
    Maddox, Roy J Son M W 4 AR IL IN [b abt 1915]
    Maddox, Harold Son M W 7mos AR IL IN [b abt May 1919]

    Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950
    George A Maddox
    Death 2 Jul 1928 Arkansas County

    Gravestone of George and Mary Maddox
    Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas
    George A  March 8, 1860  July 2, 1928
    Mary  Nov 7, 1876  March 7, 1928


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