William MULLINAX James MULLINAX Mary Sarah MULLINAX Elizabeth MULLINAX John G MULLINAX Isaac C MULLINAX Susannah MULLINAX Margaret MULLINAX Joseph H MULLINAX Frances Ann MULLINAX Martha MULLINAX Mini tree diagram

Sarah Martha TRIPLETT1

2nd Jul 17621 - 11th Aug 18201

Life History

2nd Jul 1762

Born in Wilkes County, North Carolina.1

about 1780

Married William MULLINAX in Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina.16,8


Birth of son James MULLINAX in South Carolina.2,1

22nd Mar 1784

Birth of daughter Mary Sarah MULLINAX in New River, Ashe, North Carolina.1


Birth of daughter Elizabeth MULLINAX in South Carolina.1


Birth of son John G MULLINAX in York District, South Carolina.2,3

16th Jun 1791

Birth of son Isaac C MULLINAX in Camden, York District, South Carolina.4,5,6


Birth of daughter Susannah MULLINAX in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.7,8


Birth of daughter Margaret MULLINAX in Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina.8,9


Birth of son Joseph H MULLINAX in Kings Creek, York, South Carolina.10


Birth of daughter Frances Ann MULLINAX in York, York, South Carolina.11,12,13,14


Birth of daughter Martha MULLINAX in South Carolina.15

11th Aug 1820

Death of William MULLINAX in York District, South Carolina.2

11th Aug 1820

Died in South Carolina.1


  • One source has William's wife's name as Martha with non last name, andanother has Sarah Triplett.  There is no birth date for Martha.  Thebirth date for Sarah fits well with Williams, being 5 years later on 2Jul 1762 (in Wilkes County, North Carolina).  There is only one childlisted for Sarah Triplett, but it is one of the children also listedas a child of Martha ?.  The info for daughter Mary Sarah is exactlythe same in both genealogies: "Mary Sarah Mullins  F 22 Mar 1784 inNew River, Ashe, North Carolina, USA."

    Thus I think these names are referring to the same wife.  I have thuslisted Martha as Sarah Martha Triplett, with the birth informationgiven in the source for Sarah Triplett.  It is possible her name wasMatha Sarah.

    The death date in the source for Martha (?) Mullinax is a bitsuspicious since it is the same as that of her husband.  This ispossible, especially in these days of automobile accidents.  But itseems odd in the 1820s.  Perhaps they were in the same buggy accidentsor similar.  few sources have any information on Martha.


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