Richard Andrew PHILPOT Mary PHILPOT William Allen PHILPOT James PHILPOT Annie PHILPOT Reuben Jasper PHILPOT Micajah PHILPOT James Marion PHILPOT Nancy Ann PHILPOT Seaborn Jesse PHILPOT Reuben Jasper PHILPOT Sarah Elizabeth PHILPOT Thomas Henry PHILPOT Jemima Penina PHILPOT William Wilshire PHILPOT Lucinda PHILPOT Jemima DEASON Martin PHILPOT Cynthia PHILPOT Anna B PHILPOT Jane PHILPOT Nancy Ann HOLIDAY Mini tree diagram

Jesse Robert PHILPOT1,5,2,3

22nd Dec 18091,2,3 - 1st Apr 18851,2,4

Life History

22nd Dec 1809

Born in Carroll County, Georgia.1,2,3

31st Oct 1831

Birth of son Micajah PHILPOT in Carroll County, Georgia.6,7,3

20th Oct 1833

Married Jemima DEASON in Carroll County, Georgia.13

about 1834

Birth of son James Marion PHILPOT in Georgia


Birth of daughter Nancy Ann PHILPOT in Carrollton, Carroll, Georgia.7,3

about 1838

Birth of son Seaborn Jesse PHILPOT in Alabama

7th Jul 1840

Birth of son Reuben Jasper PHILPOT in Lafayette County, Alabama.3,7,8,9

about 1844

Birth of daughter Sarah Elizabeth PHILPOT in Mississippi.3

between 1845 and 1847

Birth of son Thomas Henry PHILPOT in Mississippi.8,3

Oct 1849

Birth of daughter Jemima Penina PHILPOT in Mississippi.10,11,12,8,3

about 1854

Birth of son William Wilshire PHILPOT in Mississippi.12,8

about 1855

Birth of daughter Lucinda PHILPOT in Mississippi.12

after 1870

Death of daughter Lucinda PHILPOT in Mississippi

3rd Sep 1876

Death of Jemima DEASON in Cherry Hill, Polk, Arkansas.1,7


Death of daughter Nancy Ann PHILPOT in Cherry Hill, Polk, Arkansas.7

1st Apr 1885

Died in Cherry Hill, Polk, Arkansas.1,2,4

after 1st Apr 1885

Buried in Cherry Hill Cemetery, Cherry Hill, Polk County, Arkansas.2


  • Georgia Marriages, 1699-1944
    Jesse Philpot
    Spouse Jemima Deason
    Marriage 20 Oct 1833 Carroll County, Georgia

    1850 Federal Census, Pontotoc County, Mississippi, 17 September, page83B, Hse/Fam #405
    Jesse R Philpot 39 M Farmer b Tenn
    Jemima Philpot 38 F b Georgia
    Micajah Philpot 18 M Farmer b Georgia
    James Philpot 16 M b Farmer Georgia
    Nancy Philpot 13 F b Georgia
    Seaborn Philpot 12 M b Alabama
    Reuben Philpot 9 M b Alabama
    Sarah Philpot 6 F b Miss
    Thomas Philpot 5 M b Miss
    Penina Philpot 8mos F b Miss

    The child Lucinda in the list below never appears in any census.  Fromthe order of lisitng, Wiliam must be the last child, and does show upin the 1860 census.  Thus it looked like Lucinda was born and diedbetween the 1850 and 1860 censuses.  The right portion of the censusscan on is cut off, obscuring most of the birth statefield.  But then Lucinda is reported in the 1970 census at age 15,meaning she should have been in the 1860 census.  So where was she?

    1860 Federal Census, Calhoun County, Mississippi, 20 July, PO Erin,page 680, Hse #1014, Fam #1029
    Jesse R Philpot 50 M Farm Laborer $0 Real Estate #100 Personal born[birth unreadable]
    Jemima Philpot 49 F born GA
    Rubin Philpot 20 M Farm Laborer born [birth unreadable]
    Elizabeth Philpot 17 F born [birth unreadable]
    Thomas Philpot 13 M born [birth unreadable]
    Penina Philpot 10 F born [birth unreadable]
    William Philpot 6 M born [birth unreadable]
    James Philpot 25 M Farm Laborer born GA

    Another family in Lafayette County, Mississippi, looks very much likethis one, and I cannot otherwise identify them.  The parents are Jesseand Mima (nickname for Jemima).  They have a son Jasper whom somematch up with Reuben (and this corresponds with a related couple,Richard Andrew Philpot and Nancy Ann Holliday,  who named their sonReuben Jasper).  Thomas here matches Reuben's brother.  Other childrenhere, also, are very close to the other famliy:  William, Elizabeth,Jemima (Penina).

    I found that Lafayette is right next to Calhoun County, and thisappears to be one of the cses where soemone was enumerated twice.  Ihave several examples for individuals.  I think this is only secondone I have seen for a whole famliy.

    The Calhoun County record was taken in July and the Lafayette Countyone in September.  They may have either moved, or they were theretemporarily and got counted with the permanent household members.  In1880, they are in DeSoto County, with two related families.  DeSoto isa little to the north of Lafayette.

    The ages of Jessee and Jemima vary a little, being reported as 50(Jesse) and 49 (Jemima) in July and 45 and 40 respectively inSeptember.  Ages vary a lot in census reports, a there is a year ortwo difference in the children's reported ages, common for that era.Otherwise they are a close match.

    1860 Federal Census, Lafayette County, Mississippi, 24 September, POParis, page 1217, Hse/Fam #948
    Jesse Philpot 45 M Farmer $0 Real Estate #250 Personal born TN
    Mima Philpot 40 F born SC
    Jasper Philpot 18 M Laborer born MS
    Thomas Philpot 14 M born MS
    William Philpot 8 M born MS
    Elizabeth Philpot 16 F born MS [listed after William for some reason,eevn though older than Thomas]
    Penina Philpot 12 F born MS [also older than William]

    In 1870, Jesse and Jemima are living with their daughter Penina(reproted as Perlina), with other children.  There is a new name,Jane, which I cannot relate to any previous reported child, butappears to be a child of Jesse and Jemima.  The name Jane does notappear in the child lists on the Find-a-Grave memorials.

    1870 Federal Census, DeSoto County, Mississippi, 21 July, Township 6,PO Arkabutta, page 18, Hse/Fam #142
    Taylor, Charles 24 M W Farmer $0 Real Estate $500 Personal born Miss
    Taylor, Perlina [matching Penina Philpot] 20 F W  K. House born MissCannot Read or Write
    Taylor, Sarah 2 F W born Miss
    Taylor, Lucinda 1 F W born Miss
    Philpot, Jesse 60 M W born Miss Cannot Read or Write
    Philpot, Jemima 59 F W  K House born Miss
    Philpot, Wm 18 M W Farm Laborer born Miss Cannot Write
    Philpot, Jane 24 F W At Home born Miss
    Philpot, Lucinda 15 F W At Home born Miss [b abt 1855, but not in 1860census]

    Jesse Robert Philpot
    Birth Dec. 22, 1809 Carroll County, Georgia
    Death Apr. 1, 1885 Polk County, Arkansas

    Jesse Robert was the 6th child of 10, born to Richard Philpot.
    He married Jemima Deason d/o Micagah & Mary Deason.

    Jesse Robert was the father of 10 children:
    Micager Jesse
    James Marion
    Nancy Ann
    Seaborn Jesse
    Reuben Jasper
    Sarah Elizabeth
    Thomas Henry
    Pernina Jemima
    William Wilshire

    Micager Philpot (1831 - 1905)
    Nancy Ann Philpot / Roby Holliday (1836 - 1879)

    Burial Cherry Hill Cemetery, Cherry Hill (Polk County), Polk County,Arkansas

    Created by Loye Philpott Roach Aug 27, 2007
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #21208541,


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