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Alexander STRANGE

Alexander STRANGE4,1,1,2

also known as Alexander Strange STRANGE3

16651,2 - 2nd Sep 17251,2

Life History


Born in Bideford, Devon, England.1,2


Married Prima UXOR in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, Virginia.2

about 1685

Birth of son Henry S STRANGE in New Kent County, Virginia.11,5,2


Birth of son Thomas STRANGE in New Kent County, Virginia.1

about 1690

Death of Prima UXOR.2


Married Anne SAMMIS in New Kent County, Virginia.10

18th Oct 1691

Birth of son Alexander STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.5

before 6th Dec 1696

Birth of daughter Judith STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.6,1,2

between 1698 and 1699

Birth of son Mitchell STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.1

5th Apr 1702

Birth of daughter Elizabeth STRANGE in St Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia, USA

before 11th Jun 1704

Birth of daughter Anne STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.7,8

before 5th Jan 1706

Birth of son Robert STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.1,8

14th Jan 1709

Birth of daughter Elinor STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia

about 1712

Birth of daughter Agnes STRANGE


Birth of son Michael STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.2

29th Jan 1717

Death of Anne SAMMIS in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.9,1,2

20th Apr 1717

Death of son Michael STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.2

27th Jan 1718

Death of son Robert STRANGE in Hanover County, Virginia

2nd Sep 1725

Died in Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.1,2

after 2nd Sep 1725

Buried in Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Putneys Mill, New Kent County, Virginia.2


  • Alexander and the Virginia Stranges

    Millennium Files,
    Alexander Sr. Strange
    Birth 1665 Bideford, Devonshire County, England
    Death 2 Sep 1725 New Kent County, Virginia, USA
    Parents John Strange, Phebe Mitchell
    Spouse Anne
    Son Thomas Strange

    The address here reported for Alexander Strange Sr differs from theaddress reported by Christ Church, New Kent County, Virginia, whichappears to be the same Alexander Strange.

    Christ Church Parish, Virginia Records, 1653-1812
    Alex. Strange
    Death Date 2 Nov 1725

    Some genealogies have confused Alexander's children with the childrenof his son Alexander, Jr.  I have tried to sort this out.  Basicallyall the children with birth dates later than 1712 are the sons ofAlexander Jr and his wife Sarah.

    Alexander and his family are associated with St Peter's Parish (Churchof England/Episcopalian) for about 150 years.  My cousin, Elisa JStrange-von Rice of Phoenix, Arizona, has some extensive interestinghistory from her investigation of the church's vestry informationcited here (edited):

    The Strange Family in Virginia -- Alexander and Descendants

    I have been curious since reading that the Strange Family -- AlexanderStrange and descendants -- stayed in Virginia so long ( about acentury and a half) and each of them seemed to be Christened or buriedat New Kent County (formerly Bisland), St. Peters Parish(Episcopalian).  I found the index to the Vestry records via a Googlesearch and located Alexander Strange and family; more than thirtyentries; mostly christenings & births & deaths.  The deaths ofAlexander and wife Anne are included.

    I found that the monetary system was all in pounds of tobacco; I saw ashilling mentioned only once.  It seems that the congregation startedin the late 1600's and they built the church 1701-1703.  The ministerwas very proud it was a brick church; it is mentioned many times.  Ittells how many pounds of tobacco were bartered for its construction.They later added a steeple and accessed the members again for poundsof tobacco.  Apparently the Episcopalians tell you how much your titheis going to be; in this case so many pounds of tobacco.  If it was notpaid they reminded you it was due, and how delinquent.

    I then went back and pulled up all the vestry records and read them;what a history lesson in the Colonies!  Martha Dandridge was a memberof St. Peters Parish.  She and George Washington were married in thisvery church in 1757.  The Stranges were here 50 years before Marthaand George.

    They sometimes refer to the church as the "Church of the First Lady."Another interesting fact:  the De La Warr (became "Delaware") familycame to Virginia from England.  The oldest son of De La Warr becamethe first governor of Virginia and one of their other son's became thesecond governor of Virginia.  Their Youngest son, Nathaniel, is in thevestry records as Colonel DeLaWarr.  The DelaWarr wife & Mother wasELIZABETH STRANGE.

    The Stanley, DelaWarr, and a couple of other families of the VirginiaCompany were directly related to the Stranges.  These were notfarmers; it is evidenced by the excavations of the colony.  There wasno farm equipment whatsoever, and there were things like gold jewelryand other items ordinary working class people would not have possessedback in those days. In one place it even refers to one as "LordStrange."

    In the Amos Strange writings it said he left his very large estate andthe church of his forefathers in Virginia to move to South Carolina tomarry the Irish lass Frances Bailey.  Also in St Peter's vestryrecords it mentions a L'Estrange.  Amos was supposed to beinstrumental in the establishment of a church in Spartanburg, SouthCarolina.

    He is supposed to be buried in the Camp Meeting Grounds -- what wasthis church?  I will be trying to find these records.  Since Amos wasin the Revolutionary War was he acquainted with the de la Warr (Strange ) and the Colonel Nathaniel De La Warr and George Washington?

    --  Elisa J Strange-von Rice, "STRANGE" AND DERIVATIVES, USA,, 26 April2007 (a cited link in this source is no longer available)

    Alexander's Father
    There seems to be some uncertainty whether the father of AlexanderStrange was a John Strange from Devon, reported by some as John HenryStrange of Devon, whose name is reflected in Alexander's son HenryStrnage.  Others have reported a London connection, from Hunstanton,but this also is disputed.

    The late John Mayer, cited by several sources, wrote a huge compendiumof several volumes on the various Strange and related lines in allcountries.  He has said there is no primary source informationsupporting the commonly reported parentage of Alexander Strange (bornBideford, Devon, and Died New Kent County, Virginia) as John Strangeand Phoebe Chandler Mitchell.

    John Mayer suggests that the Devon Stranges (Le Stranges) descendedfrom an Irish line that had earlier developed from the Hunstantonline.  Such a connection has not been established.  Even if this isthe case, the longer-term connection is still there.  The IrishStranges came from the Hunstanton-Shropshire line.

    The Family Data Collection had a middle name for Alexander and hisfather, but it was the same as their last name:  John Strange Strange,Alexander Strange Strange.  It is not clear if this was intentional,but it appears to be.  This makes me wonder if the S in son Henry'sname is also for Strange.  I have known families where this was thecase.

    Alexander's Wives
    Most genealogies indicate that Alexander was married twice, but giveno name.  In September 2007, I found three genealogies showing a wifenamed Sarah (no last name) married in 1712.  This appears to be thewife of Alexander Strange, Jr.  I still have seen no firm evidencethat Alexander had two wives.  I will show only one wife, until I havefound additional information indicating otherwise.

    One genealogy by Dixie Oakley has only one wife. Since I have seen noinformation, explanation or documentation,  I am reporting Alexanderas having only one wife until I can find documentation justifyinganother marriage.

    I find it frustrating that most people are not careful to tell howthey find their data.  You don't know where they get their material,or how they know what they report.  Thus there is little by which tojudge the validity or credibility of the data in many cases.  Further, originally collected submitted trees into an anonymouscollection of the One World Tree, which many have used uncritically.These usually have/had no sourcing information

    Dates vary on the marriages, but several genealogies that report twowives date the first marriage to the nameless wife about 1684.  Theydate the marriage to the second wife, Ann (Sammis), about 1690.  Oneof the first sources I was analyzing early had two wives, with 4children of the second wife.

    However, the fourth child, Elizabeth, under the first wife was bornafter the date of the marriage to the second wife.   Likewise, twoother children under the second wife, Anne (whose maiden name Sammiswas provided by another source) were born at dates earlier than thefourth child under the first wife, though after the date of marriageto Anne.

    Then Elizabeth is repeated under Anne, though with the same date asthe first listing.  This mess is comparatively is quite neat.  I sawseveral on Ancestry's One World Tree that were a great mish mash.  Itseems most likely that Alexander had one wife, married at the originaldate, which is one year before the date of the fist child Henry S.

    Another source has a more ordered statement of the birth of thechildren with two wives.  The unknown wife in this scenario was themother of Henry and Thomas.  The second wife, Anne (no last name) isthe mother of Alexander, born in 1691, and the rest of the children.

    A comment from another Strange descendant points out that the Strangeestate in the colonies was named Hunstaton, after the estate thealternative history claims cannot be reliably tied to the Deven lineof Alexander.  Intersting, then, if the alternative claim is true,that their traditoinal American estate is so named.  Lee Forbes postedthe folloiwng comment on another posting of Alexander's profile inthis genealogy.

    Hunstanton home in Winnsboro, South Carolina
    Lee H Forbes

    My grandmother's father was Charles Edward Strange. Their home isdepicted in a 1909 photo that was found in her papers. I visited thehome in 2010 and have a recent photo on my site and also one I took in2011.

    My grandmother once told me her family had been titled  and her homewas named for the family home in England.

    She was not pretentious and I never further questioned her. How I wishI could now!

    I have a mahogany console table she told me was made on theplantation. The plantation was once 80 acres and has been reduced tofive. The Fairfield County Museum has a published book with a sketchof the home with the name of Hunstanton.

    I traced it back to Norfolk, England and the Le Strange name.  It isnow the home and office of a veterinarian.

    Sir Alexander Strange
    Birth 1665 Devon, England
    Death Sep 2, 1725 Putneys Mill, New Kent County, Virginia, USA

    Son of John Strange, IV and Phebe Chandler Mitchell, wife Prima Uxortheir children: Henry Strange and Thomas Strange. His second wife Anne? their children: Alexander Strange, Jr., Judith Strange, MitchellStrange, Elizabeth Strange, Anne Strange, Robert Strange, ElinorStrange, Michael Strange and Agnes Strange.

    Prima Uxor merely means "first wife" in Latin. My brother, John R.Mayer, often used latin terms in his genealogy research.

    <Prima Uxor> Strange (1670 - ____)
    Anne Sammis Strange (1670 - 1717)*

    Henry Strange (1685 - 1745)
    Alexander Strange (1691 - 1745)
    Judith Strange Weaver (1696 - 1760)
    Michael Strange (1716 - 1717)

    Burial Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Putneys Mill, New Kent County,Virginia, USA

    Created by Judy Richards Jun 17, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #53806542,


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