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Nova Bernice GRUBBS

Nova Bernice GRUBBS2,10,4,1,6,7,11,8

also known as Nova B DAVIS5

also known as Nova JENKINS2

24th Sep 19082,3,4,5,1,6,7,8 - 16th Jan 20019,5,1,8

Life History

24th Sep 1908

Born in Roff, Pontotoc, Oklahoma.2,3,4,5,1,6,7,8

24th Nov 1929

Married Thomas Asa JENKINS in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.3,16


Resident in Fort Cobb, Caddo, Oklahoma.2

8th Nov 1935

Birth of son Jimmie Ray JENKINS in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma.3

8th Nov 1935

Death of son Jimmie Ray JENKINS in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma.3

24th Jul 1938

Birth of son Ronald Wayne JENKINS in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma.5,6,13,12

9th May 1969

Death of Thomas Asa JENKINS in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma.1,14,15

about Nov 1976

Married Someone DAVIS.8

4th Mar 1986

Death of son Ronald Wayne JENKINS in Durant, Bryan, Oklahoma.5,12

16th Jan 2001

Died in Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Oklahoma.9,5,1,8

after 16th Jan 2001

Buried in Memory Lane Cemetery, Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma.1

Other facts


Social Security number 442-52-6299.5


SSN issued in Oklahoma.5


Birth of son Living JENKINS


  • Some genealogies appearing in searches in 2013 report that Nova is thedaughter of James Warning Grubb (no S) and Mable C Christensen.  Mosthave incomplete of missing  parents' names, but one provides thesefull names.  They are reported in censuses in Brown County, Kansas.The daughter of the Kansas family is reported in censuses as Bernie EGrubb born in Kansas.  But this is a different person.
    --  Newlin, McKinley,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/104828/person/170269389?ssrc=&ftm=1

    These genealogies still report Nova born in Oklahoma, as other recordsindicate, even though they attach these Kansas censuses reportingBernice Grubb as born in Kansas.  Her father's name was given to me byNova's son Asa Lee (my first cousin) as James Grubbs.  Nova's motherwas named Martha Bell Barefoot.  The head of the Kansas household isalso James.

    With the 1930 and 1940 census reports of her birth in Oklahoma, Ipressed to find a Grubbs family in the Grady-Caddo area.  I did find aJim and Mattie Grubbs with a matching daughter, reported in 1920 asNobla, 11 years old, matching her birth date in 1908.  This familyfits the picture of all the other facts we know.

    1920 Federal Census, Grady County, Oklahoma, 10 January, Tuttle,District 191, page 6A-B,  Oak St, Hse/Fam #110
    Grubbs, Jim Head  Rents M W 30 Texas Georgia Texas Produce Salesmen[abt 1890]
    - page 6B -
    Grubbs, Mattie B Wife F W 29 TX TX TX [abt 1891]
    Grubbs, Nobla B Dau F W 11 OK TX TX [abt 1908]
    Grubbs, Juanita G Dau F W 9 OK TX TX [abt 1910]
    Grubbs, Ellen Dau F W 6 OK TX TX [abt 1913]

    This is confirmed when in 1940 we find J R Grubbs and his wife Mattieas expected in Anadarko, with a Maytag dealership.  Nova BerniceGrubbs married Thomas Asa Jenkins.  Asa went into business with hisfather-in-law in this Maytag dealership, then later opened his ownstore.  The 1930 census reports they had just married that year.

    1930 Federal Census, Caddo County, Oklahoma, 1 April, Fort Cobb,District 26, page 7B, Hse #146, Fam #178
    Jenkins, Asa Head M W 26  married at age 26  OK TX TX Maytag Salesman
    Jenkins, Nova Wife F W 21  married at age 21  OK TX OK [b 1908]

    Asa and Nova met and married in Fort Cobb, Caddo County, Oklahoma.  Byat least 1936, Asa and Nova moved to Anadarko, where they lived therest of their life.

    1940 Federal Census, Grady County, Oklahoma, 9 April, Anadarko,District 8-6, page 7B, 408 W Louisiana St, Hse #157, Owns $2500
    Jenkins, Asa Head M W 36 Grade HS-4 b Oklahoma same place in 1935Maytag Dealer
    Jenkins, Nova B Wife F W 31 Grade Col-2 b Oklahoma same place in 1935
    Jenkins, Asa Lee Son M W 9 Single Grade 3 b Oklahoma
    Jenkins, Ronald W Son M W 1 Single b Oklahoma

    Death information for Nova Bernice Grubbs Jenkins was not discovereduntil August 2007.  and finally her burial information, which hadincluded her name Jenkins:  Her second marriage information came tolight, only on 29 June 2014, when Loretta Gregory Gay, genealogist ofthe Gregory-Green family (and my aunt), gave me a copy of the obit shehad found.  Nova G Jenkins Davis.  At that time an entry for JackJames Davis wsa added to this genealogy.

    U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2
    Nova B Davis
    Birth Date 24 Sep 1908
    17 Sw 66 St, Oklahoma City, OK, 73139

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Nova Bernice Jenkins [Nova B Davis] [Nova Bernice Grubbs]
    Birth 24 Sep 1908 Roff, Pontotoc, Oklahoma
    Father Name James R Grubbs
    Mother Name Mattie Dennis
    Death Date 16 Jan 2001
    SSN 442526299
    Jan 1965 Name listed as NOVA BERNICE JENKINS; 08 Nov 1976 Name listedas NOVA B DAVIS

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current
    Nova B. Davis
    Born 24 Sep 1908
    Died 16 Jan 2001
    Last Residence Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Oklahoma 73139
    SSN 442-52-6299 issued Oklahoma (1965)

    Nova Bernice Grubbs Jenkins
    Birth Sep 24, 1908 Oklahoma
    Death Jan 16, 2001 Oklahoma City, Cleveland County, Oklahoma
    James Richard Grubbs (1889 - 1941)
    Mattie Belle Grubbs (1898 - 1990)
    Juanita Grubbs Buckner (1910 - 1999)
    J R Grubbs (1922 - 1926)
    Spouse Thomas Asa Jenkins (1903 - 1969)
    Burial Memory Lane Cemetery, Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma
    Created by Lillian Mar 24, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #67390614,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Jenkins&GSiman=1&GScid=98944&GRid=67390614&


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