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about 1809 - UNKNOWN

Life History

about 1809

Born in Spartanburg County, South Carolina



Other facts


Married Nofirstname CORDER


  • The name transcribed as Gency in her father's will appears to be theJenny referred to in some genealogies.  Gency may have been amisreading of the handwritten Genny for Jenny.  I have not seen a copyof the original handwritten will.

    "8th All the remaining part of my estate real and personal to beequally divided between my beloved children Jessey Barnett, ElijahBarnett, Joseph Barnett, and Mikajah Barnett and Gency Corder and I dohereby nominate constitute and appoint my beloved sons Jessy Barnettand Javan Barnett Executors of this my Last Will and testament"
    --  Will of Micajah Barnett Sr,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/8180737/story/c4359186-7de9-43b4-934a-77a9c2cbae2d?ftm=1


  • 1. Will of Micajah Barnett Sr
    • Location:http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/8180737/story/c4359186-7de9-43b4-934a-77a9c2cbae2d?ftm=1;

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