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Dora Tennessee CHAPEL

Dora Tennessee CHAPEL7,8,2,3,4,5,6

20th Feb 18761,2,3,4,5,6 - 2nd Mar 19735

Life History

20th Feb 1876

Born in Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6

2nd Nov 1892

Married James Jonathan CHAPEL in Sebastian County, Arkansas.8

13th Apr 1894

Birth of son Thomas Roy CHAPEL in Jenny Lind, Sebastian, Arkansas.1,2,9,10

14th Jul 1896

Birth of son John Edgar CHAPEL in Jenny Lind, Sebastian, Arkansas.1,2,3,10

Jul 1898

Birth of daughter Roxie Gertrude CHAPEL in Sebastian County, Arkansas.1,2

24th Aug 1901

Birth of daughter Nell Agnes CHAPEL in Sebastian County, Arkansas.7,2,3,4

about 1906

Birth of daughter Hester Hazel CHAPEL in Sebastian County, Arkansas.3,3,4

about 1910

Birth of daughter Dorothy E CHAPEL in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.3,4

15th Apr 1919

Birth of son James Paul CHAPEL in Cleburne, Johnson, Texas.3,11,12,13,14

1st Jan 1922

Death of James Jonathan CHAPEL in Johnson County, Texas.7,15

30th Aug 1930

Death of daughter Nell Agnes CHAPEL in Tyler, Smith, Texas.7

25th Jul 1971

Death of son Thomas Roy CHAPEL in Dallas, Dallas, Texas.9

2nd Mar 1973

Died in Tyler, Smith, Texas.5

Terminal Pneumonia, with ASHD

3rd Mar 1973

Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, Smith, County Texas.5

Other facts


Married William H BILLINGSLEY


  • 1880 Federal Census, Sebastian County, Arkansas, 9 June, MarionTownship, District 179, page 17, Hse/Fam #158
    Chappel, James L  W M 47 Head Doctor GA GA GA [b abt 1833]
    - page 18 -
    Chappel, Nancy J  W F 30 Wife Keeping House TN TN TN [abt 1825]
    Chappel, Goroge [George] D  W M 11 Son Laborer TN TN TN [b abt 1869]
    Chappel, James W  W M 6 MO Geo Tenn [b abt 1874]
    Chappel, Dora T  W F 2 Dau Single Tex Geo Tenn [b abt 1878]
    Chappel, Viola  W F 1mo b May Dau Single Tex Geo Tenn [b May 1880]
    Chappel, Adda W F 72 Mother Single Geo Geo Geo [b May 1808]

    The place of birth of the children's parents indicates that George'sfather is different from the father of James, Dora and Viola.George's father was reported born in Tennessee, but the others' fatherwas born in Georgia.  But the last name of all of them is Chappel.  Ifthat is correct, it would mean that Nancy was married to two men namedChapel.

    Various genealoiges reprot her simply as Dora Chapel (under variousspellings) as though this was her maiden name.  There is no comment,however, about her marrying someone of the same surname.  I have noinformation on her parentage.  Her marriage record reports her name asDora T Chapel.

    Arkansas Marriages, 1779-1992
    James J. Chappell
    Spouse Dora T. Chappell
    Marriage 2 Nov 1892
    Sebastian County, Arkansas

    1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 5 May, Marlow,District 239, Page 19B, Hse #366, Fam #376
    Chapel, James J Head M W 39 Marriage 2 Married 18 years TX UnknownUnknown Carpenter [Own/Rent not rptd]
    Chapel, Dora N Wife F W 36 Marriage 1 Married 18 years TX MS TN
    Chapel, Thomas R Son M W 15 Single AR TX TX
    Chapel, John E Son M W 13 Single AR TX TX
    Chapel, Roxie G Dau F W 11 Single AR TX TX
    Chapel, Nellie A Dau F W 8 Single AR TX TX [Her grave has Nell Agnes]
    Chapel, Hester H Dau F W 4 Single AR TX TX

    This census report has one helpful bit of new data, reporting thatthis marriage to Dora in 1892 was the second marriage.  This may be anindication that this is the same James Jonathan Chapel who marriedRebecca Mauldin (Madeline) Davis in 1880, and that they divorced sometime before 1892, even though Rebecca is reported as a widow in the1900 census.

    1920 Federal Census, Johnson County, Texas, 6 January, Cleburne Ward3, District 40, Page 2A, 404 Wilhite St, Hse #27, Fam #7 [sic, ?]
    Chappel, J J Head Rents M W 60 Marriage 2 Married TX TX TX Carpenter
    Chappel, Dora Wife F W 44 Married TX TN TN No Occupation
    Chappel, John Edgar Son 23 M W 3yrs6mos Single AR TX TXPainter
    Chappel, Nellie Dau F W 18 Single AR TX TX
    Chappel, Hazel Dau F W 12 Single AR TX TX
    Chappel, Dorothy Dau F W 9 Single OK TX TX [living in Marlow OK in1910]
    Chappel, J P Son M W 10mos Single TX TX TX

    In 1930, we find that Dora has remarried since the death of herhusband in 1922.  She and her children are now living in Tyler, SmithCounty, Texas.

    1930 Federal Census, Smith County, Texas, 9 April, Tyler Ward 1,District 212-3, page 7B, 391 E Bow St, Hse #132, Fam #174
    Billingsley, William H Head Rents $25 No Radio M W 56 TX AR ARMachinist, Steam Railroad
    Chapel, Dora T Owns $4000 Head F W 54 Widow TX GA TN
    Chapel, Granvile H Son F W 21 Single TX TX TX
    Chapel, Nellie A Stepdau F W 27 Single TX TX TX
    Chapel, Hazel H Stepdau F W 23 Single AR TX TX
    Chapel, Dorothy E Stepdau F W 19 Single AR TX TX Stenographer, PublicSchools
    - page 4A -
    Chapel, James P Son M W 10 Single TX TX TX

    Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-1982
    Dora Tennessee Billingsley [Dora Tennessee Chappell]
    Birth 20 Feb 1876 Texas
    Residence 930 S Baxter, Tyler, Smith, Texas
    Father James L Chappell
    Mother Nannie Potts
    Widowed, Age at Death 97
    Death 2 Mar 1973 colonial Manor, Tyler, Smith, Texas
    Cause of death Terminal Pneumonia, with ASHD
    Informant Mrs Hazel Fagan [daughter]
    Burial 3 March 1973 Rose Hill Cemetery by Lloyd James Funeral Home
    Certificate #23590
    Filed 8 March 1973, Filed State 12 April 1973


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