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Anny SCOTT1,2,7,3,3,4,5

about Feb 18221,2,3,4,5 - 19th Dec 18662,3,6,4

Life History

about Feb 1822

Born in Choctaw Nation, Mississippi.1,2,3,4,5


Married William P MERRYMAN in Parson, Texas.7,3

14th Jan 1844

Birth of son James Monroe MERRYMAN.8

2nd Dec 1846

Birth of daughter Frances Jane MERRYMAN.8

12th Jan 1847

Birth of daughter Julia Ann MERRYMAN in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.2,8,9

7th Jan 1849

Birth of daughter Mary Caroline MERRYMAN in Skullyville, Skullyville County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.10,8

7th Mar 1851

Birth of daughter Martha S MERRYMAN.8

15th Feb 1853

Birth of son David Colbert MERRYMAN in Skullyville, Skullyville County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.11,12,1,13,14,8,10

14th Jun 1855

Birth of son John Scott MERRYMAN in Skullyville County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.2,8,4,9,15

29th Jul 1856

Birth of daughter Lethi Ann Amanda MERRYMAN.2,8

17th Jan 1863

Death of daughter Martha S MERRYMAN.6

19th Dec 1866

Died in Skullyville, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.2,3,6,4

after 19th Dec 1866

Buried in Skullyville Cemetery, Skullyville, Le Flore County, Oklahoma.2,3


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    Leo Earl Merryman and Oda N. Reynolds

    My Great-Grandfather Leo Merryman, born in Kully Chaha (Kulli Cha ha),Sugar Loaf Co., Moshulatubbee Dist., Choctaw Nation, Ind.Ter., (nearpresent Poteau, LeFlore Co., Oklahoma) and later married Oda N.Reynolds.  I have put numerous postings on the Internet in my searchfor some long lost elder who may know a bit of family tree informationabout relatives to my great-grandfather or descendants of his siblingsor those of his aunts and uncles with not much success with contacts.

    My Great-Grandfather (Leo) was born in 1891 and his father before himwas David C. Merryman born also in the Choctaw Nation in 1853; whilehis grandmother Anny Scott-Merryman (and David's mother) was born inMississippi before the 'Trail of Tears' removal to the new ChoctawNation there in what of course became Oklahoma (aka land of the "redpeople").  Other spellings in past generations on Merryman - Merriman.
    --  Russ Merryman, Oklahoma Chahta Clan ofCalifornia, accessed 19 January 2015,

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Annie Scott
    Birth Place MS
    Spouse Name William P Merryman born TN
    Marriage 1843

    William P. Merryman
    He was born in 1820, in Tennessee. His ancestry is not known, but heis thought to have been mostly French. He lived in Kentucky andGeorgia for a time, came to Indian Territory in 1844. Following thedeath of his first wife, Anny Scott, William Merryman married CarolineKrebs, a daughter of Stephen (Etienne) Krebs, brother of PlacideKrebs. He died at Skullyville, Choctaw Nation, January 27, 1881, andwas buried in Skullyville Cemetery

    Anny Scott Merryman
    She was born in the Choctaw lands in Mississippi in 1821. She was thedaughter of John Scott, a white man, and a Choctaw woman, whose nameis not known. Family tradition has it that Anny's Choctaw mother diedduring the trek to Indian territory, in 1832, when Anny was but 10.Anny Scott Merryman died Dec. 19, 1866, and was buried in SkullyvilleCemetery.

    Anny Scott and William Merryman were married in Parson, Texas, andmoved to Indian territory in 1844.

    Their children were:
    1. James Monroe
    2. Francis Jane
    3. Julia Ann
    4. Mary Caroline
    5. Martha S. (she died young)
    6. David C.
    7. John S. Merryman (Buried in Skullyville Cemetery, #117)
    8. Leathiann Amanda
    --  Skullyville,

    There is a slight discrepancy in the time and date of Anny's birth, inregard to the death of her mother.  The above Skullyville story saysshe was born in 1821, but then comments that her mother died in 1832when Anny was 10 years old, on the trek to Indian Territory.  Also,her parents' marriage record says they married in May 1821.  So herbirth was probably in about February 1822.  I guess there is a slightpossiblity that her mother was already pregnant nad they married closeto the time she was born.  Anny's Birth and death entries in her Bibledo not inlcude her birth date.  Also it would be interesting to hearthe story of how her family was involved in the trek to IndianTerritory and yet Anny married her husband in Texas and they did notmove to India Territory until 1844.

    Anny Scott's Bible Death Entries
    "From Anny Scott Merryman's Family Bible  Later dates kept up byFamily Members"
    Anny Merryman  Dec 19th, 1866
    Martha Merryman  Jan 17, 1863
    Floradena Iona Merryman  Dec 28, 1874
    James M Merryman   Dec 16th, 1876
    William P Merryman  January 27th, 1881
    Loyd Eric Cromwell  Aug 2nd, 1900
    LeRoy Merryman  June 27, 1957
    Leonidus E Merryman  February 5, 1952 [a line links Leonidus and SarahEllen]
    Sarah Ellen Merryman  July 9, 1951
    Vernon Merryman  Jan 9, 1952
    Amos Bert Merryman  March 2, 1941
    Theodore Roosevelt Merryman  September 6, 1962
    Veta Evlyn Sinisgalli (Merryman)  April 15, 1977
    Carl Ocy Merryman  June 21, 1983

    Anny Scott's Bible Birth Entries
    [Smeary broad-nib pen makes some entries uncertain]
    James Monroe Merryman   Dec 16th, 1876
    Francis Jane Merryman Dec 2nd, 1846
    Julia Ann Merryman Jan 12th, 1947
    Mary Caroline Merryman Jan 7, 1849
    Martha Merryman  March 7, 1851
    David Merryman  Feb 15, 1853
    John Scott Merryman  June 14, 1855
    Lathan [sic: Lethiann] Amanda Merryman  July 29, 1856
    William Logan [?] Merryman  Oct 6, 1872
    Floradena Iona Merryman  Dec 28, 1874
    Leonara A Merryman and
    Leondus [sic] Ebenezar Merryman  May 21st, 1875
    Caroline Coleatha (Carrie) Merryman  June 27th, 1872
    Daniel W Merryman 22 July 1897
    Lee Roy Merryman  6 Sept 1900
    Theodore R Merryman 4 Feb 1902 (twin died)
    Carl Ocy Merryman  6 Aug 1904
    Amos B Merryman  6 Jan 1907
    Vernon Merryman  27 Jan 1909
    Veta E Merryman  5 April 1913
    Joana Isabella [?] Pearson [?] Dec 2, 1860
    Victoria Elizabeth Pearson [?] Aug 4, 1862

    Keete Giovanni, who had created Anny's memorial on Find a Grave, addeddetails from my research to the memorial.  Note that the date of deathis reproted here as 1821.  There is no date of birth on Anny'sgravestone.  Her parents married in May 1821.  So it is not likleyAnny was born in 1821.  It would have been about February or later in1822.   Descendant Russell Merryman, cited above, reports that hermother died on the Trail of Tear in 1832, when Anny wsd 10 years old,matching birth in 1822.

    Anny Scott Merryman
    Birth 1821 [1822] Mississippi
    Death Dec. 19, 1866 Skullyville, Le Flore County, Oklahoma
    Spouse William P Merryman (1821 - 1881)
    Julia Ann Beard (1847 - 1912)
    Lethi Ann Amanda Merryman Daggs (1854 - 1886)
    John Scott Merryman (1855 - 1914)
    Note: Born before the 'Trail of Tears' removal to the new ChoctawNation in Indian Territory; Daughter of John Scott, a white man, and aChoctaw woman, whose name is not known.
    She died in Skullyville, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, which laterbecame LeFlore County, Oklahoma
    Burial Skullyville Cemetery, Skullyville, Le Flore County, Oklahoma
    Maintained by Keete (Clark) Giovanazzi, Originally Created by jeffedwards Feb 23, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #24844646,


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