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Lydia Lovenia GREEN3,1,2

about 18671,2 - UNKNOWN

Life History

about 1867

Born in Hall County, Georgia.1,2




  • John Thomas Green
    Birth Feb. 11, 1844
    Death May 15, 1915
    Son of Andrew J. Green
    Married to Mary R. and had 9 children:
    Frances V. Green
    Lydia L. Green
    Sylvania Green
    Isaac Green
    James A. Green
    J.B. Green
    John A. Green
    Milton J. Green and
    Mary Emmaline Green
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #24276858,

    One or more genealogies report that the middle initial L in Lydia'sname is Lovenia.  They provide no documentation and none has beenfound in public records.  Her name appears in various forms, includingLydia, Liddie, Lydda.

    1870 Federal Census, Blount County, Alabama, 26 August, Township 12,PO Blountsville, page 1, Hse/Fam #1
    Green, John 26 M W Farmer $100 Real Estate $300 Personal GA
    Green, Mary 28 F W Keeps House born GA Cannot read or write
    Green, Frances 4 F W born Georgia
    Green, Lyda 3 F W born Georgia
    Green, Elizabeth 3mos F W born Alabama

    Going by the birth place and ages of these children, the famliy movedto Alabama between abotu 1867 and 1870.  If the age of Elisabeth iscorrect and they figured correctly from the census date of 1 June,then Elizabeth was born in January 1870.

    Elizabeth does not appear in the 1880 census.  It is likely Elizabethdied before the 1870 census.  The 1900 census reports that Mary had 10children and only 9 are living.

    I note that the 1880 census reports that Liddie L was born in Georgia,which matches the similar record for Lyda in 1870.  A discrepancy isthe age occurs here.  Ages are often wrong.  We have learned thorughlong experience with these old records an cultural study that peoplein this era were not focused on numbers and ages and dates as absolutematters of truth in the modern analytical database sense.  It islikely that this Liddie L is more than 10 years old in 1880, and theround figure 10 was used.

    I have found several genealogies that appear to copy each other withno documentation except the 1880 census, that report Elizabeth LiddieL Green as a child of John Thomas and Mary Rebecca.  They appear tohave conflated these 1870 and 1880 census reports due to the agediscrepancy and have overlooked the birth state.

    Interestingly, these genealogies also report Elizabeth Liddie LGreen's birth date as 11 Mar 1868, in Blount County, Alabama.  This isbetween the 1870 ages for Lyda and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is reportedin 1870 as only 3 months old.  It does not seem likely that herparents would have reported a 2-year-old as 3 months old.  And Lyda isreported as 3 years old, which would make her born in 1867 or evenpossibly 1866.  We have ofund also that birth dates get transpose dinfamily memory, or even incorrectly engraved on gravestones, which arenotoriously difficult to correct, and often peple do not notice.

    1880 Federal Census, Blount County, Alabama, 15 June, Township 12,District 8, page 24, Hse #224, Fam #231
    Green, John  W M 36 Head Farming GA SC GA [b abt 1844]
    Green, Mary R  W F 35 Wife Housekeeping Cannot read or write GA GA GA[abt 1845]
    Green, Francis V  R W F 13 Dau At Home Cannot write GA GA GA [abt1867]
    Green, Liddie L  W F 10 Dau At Home Cannot read or write GA GA GA [abt1870, but cf age 4 in 1870]
    Green, Sylvania  W F 8 Dau At Home AL GA GA [abt 1872]
    Green, Isaac W M 7 Son AL GA GA [b abt 1873]
    Green, James A  W M 5 Son AL GA GA [b abt 1875]
    Green, John A  W M 4 Son AL GA GA [b abt 1876]
    Green, Milton J  W M 1 Son AL GA GA [b abt 1879]


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