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Elizabeth GREEN1

Jan 1870 - before 1870

Life History

before 1870

Died in Blount County, Alabama

Jan 1870

Born in Blount County, Alabama


  • I have found several genealogies that appear to copy each other withno documentation except the 1880 census, that report Elizabeth LiddieL Green as a child of John Thomas and Mary Rebecca.  There is adiscrepancy between the 1870 and 1880 censuses.

    But in the 1870 census, two separate children are reported under thetwo names Lyda, age 3 and Elizabeth, age 3 months old.  The name Lydaalso appears in other variations such as Lydia and Lydda.

    Interestingly, these genealogies also report Elizabeth Liddie LGreen's birth date as  11 Mar 1868, in Blount County, Alabama.  Thisis between the ages reported for Lyda and Elizabeth in the 1870census.  Elizabeth is reported in 1870 as only 3 months old.  It doesnot seem likely that her parents would have reported a 2-year-old as 3months old.  And Lyda is reported as 3 years old, which would make herborn in 1867 or even possibly 1866.

    Additionally, Lyda is reported as born in Georgia and Elizabeth inAlabama.  So it definitely appears this is referring to two differentchildren.So the name as well as the reported birth date and the placeis all puzzling in these undocumented genealogies.

    However, another possibility does occur.  It may be that theenumerator was confused by names.  The 1880 census reports a childname Liddie L Green who is age 10.  this age would match the childreported in 1870 as Elizabeth.  This is no doubt why thesegenealogies, which reference only the 1880 census, report theconflated name Elizabeth Liddie L Green.

    But that brings up another problem.  Who was the child reported asLyda at age 3 in 1870.  Where did this age come from?  So a conundrumremains.  I note that the 1880 census reports that Liddie L was bornin Georgia, which matches the similar record for Lyda in 1870.  theonly remaining discrepancy is the age here.  Ages are often wrong, andsometimes wildly wrong after age 8-10.  It is likely that this LiddieL is more than 10 years old, and the round figure 10 was used.  We seethat people in this era were not focused on numbers and ages and datesas absolute matters of truth in the modern analytical database sense.

    It is likely Elizabeth died before the 1870 census.  The 1900 censusreports that Mary had 10 children and only 9 are living.

    1870 Federal Census, Blount County, Alabama, 26 August, Township 12,PO Blountsville, page 1, Hse/Fam #1
    Green, John 26 M W Farmer $100 Real Estate $300 Personal GA
    Green, Mary 28 F W Keeps House born GA Cannot read or write
    Green, Frances 4 F W born Georgia
    Green, Lyda 3 F W born Georgia
    Green, Elizabeth 3mos F W born Alabama


  • 1. 1870 Federal Census, Blount County, Alabama
    • 26 August, Township 12, PO Blountsville, page 1, Hse/Fam #1

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