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John Thomas BRISCOE

John Thomas BRISCOE2,3,8,4,5,6,1,7

28th Apr 18532,3,4,5,6,1,7 - 5th Feb 19326

Life History

28th Apr 1853

Born in Kaufman, Kaufman, Texas.2,3,4,5,6,1,7

26th Feb 1874

Married Melissa Sarah MORRISON in Hunt County, Texas.8,4,1,26

23rd Feb 1875

Birth of son Leonard Larkin BRISCOE in Hunt County, Texas.5,9,10,11,12,13

24th Sep 1876

Birth of daughter Zema Elizabeth BRISCOE in Hunt County, Texas.14

14th Jul 1879

Birth of daughter Nola Jane BRISCOE in Texas.15,14,16,5

Sep 1882

Birth of daughter Magdeline BRISCOE in Texas.1,14

28th Feb 1884

Birth of son Wilder Thomas BRISCOE in Hunt County, Texas.14,17,18

11th Mar 1886

Birth of son Arthur BRISCOE in Texas.1,3,12,7,5

5th Dec 1888

Birth of daughter Fannie E BRISCOE in Texas.19,20,21,1,22,5,23

2nd Jul 1892

Birth of son John BRISCOE in Texas.21,24

9th Sep 1897

Birth of daughter Maude BRISCOE in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3,1,5,25


Resident in Township 2, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1

between 1910 and 1930

Residence2 in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.3,4,7

12th Dec 1927

Death of Melissa Sarah MORRISON in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.4,14

5th Feb 1932

Died in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.4,5

after 5th Feb 1932

Buried in Marlow Cemetery, Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma.5


  • According to the enumeration in 1900, John is a Chickasaw (Half), with a white father and Chickasaw mother.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 22 July, Township 2, District 163, page 3B, Hse/Fam #13
    Briscoe, John T Head I (Chickasaw) M Apr 1853  47 Married 26 yrs TX MO TN Farmer, father White, Mother Chickasaw
    Briscoe, Melisa Wife White M Dec 1854  45 Married 26 yrs AL NC NC
    Briscoe, Maggie Dau I (Chickasaw) F Sep 1881  18 TX TX AL
    Briscoe, Arthur Son  I (Chickasaw) M March 1886  14 TX TX AL
    Briscoe, Fannie D Dau I (Chickasaw) M Dec 1888  11 TX TX AL
    Briscoe, John Son  I (Chickasaw) M Aug 1891  8 TX TX AL
    Briscoe, Maude  Dau I (Chickasaw) M Sep 1897  11 Ind Terr  TX AL

    I found Leonard is nearby in the 1900 census.

    1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 30 April, Marlow Ward 3, Stephens, Oklahoma, District 239, page 15A, Hse #283, Fam #290
    Briscoe, John T Head M W 57 Married for 37 yrs TX MO TN Farmer  Owns
    Briscoe, Malissie Wife F W 53 Married for 37 yrs  9 children/9 living AL -- AL
    Briscoe, Auther Son M W 23 TX TX MO (should be AL)
    Briscoe, Johnnie Dau F W 18 TX TX MO (should be AL)
    Briscoe, Maude Dau F W 14 OK TX MO (should be AL)

    Note that in the 1900 census, John was listed as an Indian (Chickasaw), but now he is White, as is his whole family.  This happened with many families in Indian Territory.  Johnnie matches John of 1900, but here Johnnie is a daughter and a girl, while John was a son and a boy!  For some unknown reason, the enumerator wrote that the mother of these children was born in Missouri, even though he reports Malissie was born in Alabama.

    Note also that Maude's birth state was reported in 1900 as Indian Territory (Oklahoma) but in 1910 as Texas like the other children.  Indian Territory is probably correct.  This would indicate that John and Malissa moved to Indian Territory between 1892 and 1896.

    1920 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 7 January, Marlow Ward 3, District 258, page 4B, Hse #74, Fam #95
    Briscoe, J T Head Owns M W 66 TX MO TN Farmer
    Briscoe, S M Wife F W 65 AL NC GA
    Briscoe, Arthur Son M W 34 Single TX TX AL
    Briscoe, Maudie Dau F W 21 Single OK TX AL

    In 1930, three children are in John's household.  Arthur is still Single at age 36.  His youngest daughter Maude and her husband Jack, reported here as Henry J, are next.  Then as a separate family at the same address is his daughter Nola Jane Sparks, now a widow, with her daughter Ocie Chandler.  Note that Nola is enumerated under her maiden n ame, rather than her married name.

    For some reason, the enumerator gave Nola a separate house number, even though it is the same street address.  But Henry and Maude are another family number, but the same house number.  Note that Nola is enumerated under her maiden n ame, rather than her married name.

    1930 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 4 April, Marlow Ward 3, Oklahoma, District 18, page 4A, 601 N Osage, Hse #67, Fam #75
    Briscoe, John T Head M W Own 76 Widow Age at first marriage 21 TX MO TN No Occupation
    Briscoe, Author Son M W 36 Single TX TX AL No Occupation
    Hse #67, Fam #76
    Sparks, Henry J Head Rents $20 M W 41 Age at first marriage 40 OK TN AR Barber
    Sparks, Maude  F W 31 Age at first marriage 30 OK TX AL Telephone Operator
    Hse #68, Fam #77
    Briscoe, Nola Head F W 50 Widow Age at first marriage 19 TX TX AL No Occupation
    Chandler, Ocia Dau F W 29 Widow OK OK TX No Occupation

    Note the amazing report here of Arthur's age -- only 2 years older than in the 1920 census!  I double checked these to be sure this is the correct report actually written in the census record.  Two older children not appearing in these censuses are reported by the Fain Family Genealogy, which also tells us that John Briscoe was born i n Kaufman County, Texas.

    Here are the children reported by that genealogy:
    Leonard Briscoe b 1875
    Jane Briscoe b 1878
    Maggie Briscoe b 1881
    Arthur Briscoe b 1886
    Fannie Briscoe 1888 - 1972
    John Briscoe 1892 - 1973
    Maude Briscoe 1897 - 1992
    --  Fain Family,

    The Fain Family Genealogy reports that John died in Texas, but does not report the location.  I have found no documentation of his place of death, other than that the 1930 census reports him still in Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma.  He died in 1932 and was buried in Marlow, so it appears the report of death in Texas is an error.

    A memorial on Find A Grave gives us J T's death date, but does not include a photo of his gravestone.  A photo was provided on by Kevin Jones on 02 Sep 2011.

    J T Briscoe
    Birth Apr 24, 1853
    Death Feb 5, 1932
    Age 78 yrs, 9 mos, 11 days
    Burial Marlow Cemetery, Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma
    Created by Jean Nov 08, 2007
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #22759496,


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