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Melissa Sarah MORRISON

Melissa Sarah MORRISON2,3,7,1,5

also known as S M BRISCOE4

13th Dec 18543,1,4,5 - 12th Dec 19276,5

Life History

13th Dec 1854

Born in Alabama.3,1,4,5

26th Feb 1874

Married John Thomas BRISCOE in Hunt County, Texas.7,6,1,25

23rd Feb 1875

Birth of son Leonard Larkin BRISCOE in Hunt County, Texas.8,9,10,11,12,13

24th Sep 1876

Birth of daughter Zema Elizabeth BRISCOE in Hunt County, Texas.5

14th Jul 1879

Birth of daughter Nola Jane BRISCOE in Texas.14,5,15,8

Sep 1882

Birth of daughter Magdeline BRISCOE in Texas.1,5

28th Feb 1884

Birth of son Wilder Thomas BRISCOE in Hunt County, Texas.5,16,17

11th Mar 1886

Birth of son Arthur BRISCOE in Texas.1,3,12,4,8

5th Dec 1888

Birth of daughter Fannie E BRISCOE in Texas.18,19,20,1,21,8,22

2nd Jul 1892

Birth of son John BRISCOE in Texas.20,23

9th Sep 1897

Birth of daughter Maude BRISCOE in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3,1,8,24


Resident in Township 2, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1

between 1910 and 1920

Resident in Marlow Ward 3, Stephens, Oklahoma.3,4

12th Dec 1927

Died in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.6,5

John is a widower in the 1930 census

Other facts


Also Known As2: Melisie Sarah Morrison.2


  • The actual spelling of Melisa's name was probably Melissa.  I have found her documented only in the 1900 census so far (October 2007). I have not found death information for Melissa.  The Fain genealogy which reports her birth information has nothing on her death.  But she died between the 1920 and 1930 censuses.  John is reported as a widower in the 1930 census.

    Her marriage record has only here initials M S Morrison.

    Texas Marriages, 1814-1909
    J T Briscoe
    Spouse M S Morrison
    Marriage 26 Feb 1874 Hunt County, Texas

    Sarah Melissa Morrison
    13 December 1854 - 12 December 1927
    Spouse John Thomas Briscoe, 24 April 1853 - 5 February 1932
    James Charles Morrison 20 September 1822 - 10 December 1893
    Elizabeth Ann Williams 13 November 1833 - 2 September 1892
    Lenard Larkin Briscoe 1875-1937
    Zema Elizabeth Briscoe 1876-1957
    Nolie Briscoe 1879-Deceased
    Magdeline Briscoe 1882-1983
    Wilder Thomas Briscoe 1884-1952
    Arthur Briscoe 1888-1965
    Fannie D Briscoe 1889-1972
    Johnie Sarah Briscoe 1891-1990
    Maude Briscoe 1896-1992
    --  Family Search Trees,


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