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Sarah M HAGA

Sarah M HAGA3,1,2

about 18371,2 - about 1864

Life History

about 1837

Born in Tennessee.1,2

8th May 1859

Married Caliste DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3


Resident 1860 census Arknasas County, Arkansas, Old River Township, P O Swan Lake in Swan Lake, Old River, Arknsas County, Arkansas

10th Jan 1860

Birth of son Edward Caliste DUMOND in Arkansas.4,5,6,1,7,8

2nd Oct 1861

Birth of son Solomon D Lewis DUMOND in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.9,10,11,7,2,12,3,8,13

29th Apr 1863

Death of Caliste DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,7

about 1864

Birth of daughter Isabella DUMOND in Arkansas.3

about 1864

Died in Arkansas Post, Arkansas, Arkansas

about 1868

Birth of daughter Mary A DEBALT in Arkansas.2

Other facts


Married William DEBALT


  • 1860 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 3-4 September, Old River Township, PO Swan Lake, page 96, Hse #757, Fam #701
    Dumond, Calist M 35 Farmer  No real Estate $1000 Personal Estate born Arkansas
    Dumond, Sarah M  F 24 born Tennessee

    Sarah's husband Caliste Dumond died in April 1863, according to Brian Demoe, a Dumont family researcher.  In the 1870 census, we find her married to William DeBalt, age 32, from Missouri.  Three of her Dumond children are with her:  Sarah, Edward Caliste and Solomon Lewis.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 9 July, Cypress Bayou Township, PO Arkansas Post, page 7, Hse/Fam #59
    DeBalt [DeBolt?] William 32 M W Farmer $400 Real Estate  $400  Personal  born Missouri cannot read or write
    DeBalt [DeBolt?] Sarah M 31 F W Keeping House born Tennessee cannot read or write
    Dumond Sarah 17 F W  Arkansas
    Calista Edward [sic]  11 M W  Arkansas
    Lewis Solomon [sic]  9 M W  Arkansas
    DeBalt [DeBolt?] Mary A 2 M [sic] W  Arkansas

    The names are written as I have given them here, with no comma separating last name from the first.  The middle name of Caliste and Solomon is written as though it was their last name.  It looks like he did not understand that all three of these children were surnamed Dumond, and being told "Sarah Dumond," he wrote Dumond as the last name, but hearing both given names of the boys, he wrote the second name as though that was the surname.

    I can envision the conversation;
    Enumerator:  And what is the oldest child's name?
    Sarah:  She is Sarah Dumond.  Her father died.
    E: and the next oldest?
    S:  Edward Caliste
    E: Age (etc)
    E: and the next?
    S:  Solomon Lewis
    E: Age (etc)
    E: And next?
    S: Mary A DeBalt.  She is our first since I married William.

    Note that Mary is listed as Male!  I have seen this error in some other cases.

    This listing of Caliste here (though as Calista, which is actually close to the way the French pronounced it) also indicates his parents had continued to use the French spelling.  But his children likely changed it, or it was remembered and spelled Collise in retrospect from their English pronunciation.  I have found no public records spelling it that way.

    The family name also changed, as we see from the census entries and genealogies, from Dumont (or Du Mont) to Dumond (or Du Mond) in the generation of Caliste's and Sarah's children.  We find it on occasion as Dumonde, in an attempt to make it fit a French word/name form.


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