David William BAILEY Daniel BAILEY Amos Alexander STRANGE William Bradford STRANGE Mary E STRANGE Marshal STRANGE Rebecah STRANGE Rachel STRANGE Little Berry STRANGE Amos Bradford STRANGE Elizabeth Ann STRANGE Permela STRANGE John BAILEY Mary UNKNOWN Mini tree diagram

Frances BAILEY6,1,2,4

Oct 17741,2 - 3rd Feb 18535,1

Life History

Oct 1774

Born in District 96, South Carolina.1,2

15th Jul 1789

Married Amos Alexander STRANGE in Laurens County, South Carolina.1,1,2

8th Dec 1791

Birth of son William Bradford STRANGE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.2,8,7,1,9

14th Feb 1795

Birth of daughter Mary E STRANGE in Spartanburg, Laurens, South Carolina.1,10

2nd Oct 1799

Birth of son Marshal STRANGE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.2,1

26th Aug 1801

Birth of daughter Rebecah STRANGE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.1,2

21st Dec 1803

Birth of daughter Rachel STRANGE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.1,2

2nd Jul 1807

Birth of son Little Berry STRANGE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.8,1,2

1st Nov 1809

Birth of son Amos Bradford STRANGE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.11,2,4,12,1,13


Death of daughter Mary E STRANGE in South Carolina.10


Death of son Marshal STRANGE in South Carolina

27th Aug 1812

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Ann STRANGE in Greenville District, South Carolina.2

26th Dec 1814

Birth of daughter Permela STRANGE in South Carolina.2,1


Death of daughter Permela STRANGE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.14

1st Jun 1842

Death of Amos Alexander STRANGE in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.2,15

22nd Mar 1848

Death of son William Bradford STRANGE in Brownstown, Chattooga, Georgia.7

27th Feb 1850

Died in Martling, Marshall, Alabama.5,1

(less likely)

3rd Feb 1853

Died in Chattooga County, Georgia.3,4

(most likely)


  • Bailey is a Norman name, deriving from the Norman-French word baillis, meaning "official."  It is related to the word bailiff.  In 1991 Alexander Taylor Strange published a book about the Strange lineage.  He does not include details about the Baileys, even where they came form.  But the Bailey/Bayley lineage is associated with Ireland.  And family tradition in the Strange line reports that Frances' father David had immigrated from Ireland.

    Alexander Taylor Strange does give a basic statement about Amos Strange and his marriage to Frances Bayley.

    Amos [Strange], son of Edmond, a Revolutionary veteran, captain of a company and known to have been in several engagements, and to have enlisted three times. He was contemporanious [sic] with Col. Gideon Alloway Strange. [Ch 2 / p 26]

    As has been stated, Amos Strange was the son of Edmond Strange, and probably a half brother of William Henry Strange. He was born and raised in Virginia, and from that state entered the war of the Revolution, rising to the position of commanding a company having been Captain of Militia prior to the war. After the close of the war, he located in South Carolina, where others of the name, and most probably relatives were then living. Here he met and married Miss Francis Bayley, and to this union there were four children born .... [Ch 3 / p 27].
    --  Strange: Biographical and Historical Sketches of the Stranges of America and Across the Sea By Alexander Taylor Strange (Salem, Mass:  Higginson Book Co, 1911)
    Electronic Book accessed 24 March 2010 at http://books.google.com/books?pg=PA26&lpg=PR3&dq=Alexander+Taylor+Strange&sig=r9riG8R0DgZtTQMZJ88y_my7N38&ei=PiuqS7a-OY2PtgeljPi-BQ&ct=result&id=ohtWAAAAMAAJ&ots=6krWuiiQlN#v=onepage&q=&f=false

    "Amos and Francis [sic] were married July 15, 1789 in Spartanburg South Carolina."

    U.S. Pensioners, 1818-1872
    South Carolina, Frances Strange  widow of Amos, Captain Amt 13.63.5  Commencement 14 Mar 1843 Transferred to Georgia Mar 1847
    --  Ancestry, http://search.ancestry.com/iexec/?htx=View&r=an&dbid=1116&iid=T718_18-0151&fn=Amos&ln=Strange&st=r&ssrc=pt_t1493480_p-1702003127_g32768&pid=108182&ftm=1

    Frances received a government military pension in South Carolina until he moved to Georgia in 1846.  The Georgia record reports the transfer noted in the above South Carolina record.

    U.S. Pensioners, 1818-1872
    Georgia, Frances Strange  widow of Amos, Captain Amt 13.63.5  From South Carolina for 4 Set 1846, records through March 1848
    --  Ancestry, http://search.ancestry.com/iexec/?htx=View&r=an&dbid=1116&iid=T718_19-0067&fn=Amos&ln=Strange&st=r&ssrc=&pid=110969&ftm=1

    Some sources report that Frances died May 1950, but she is recorded in the 1850 census in September.  In the 1950 census, widowed Frances Bailey Strange is living with her son Amos Bradford Strange and family.

    1850 Federal Census, Chattooga County, Georgia, 9 September, Summerville District, page 738 (scan p 267), Hse/Fam #1
    A B Strange 41 M Farmer SC [born abt 1809]
    Mary Strange 40 F SC [born abt 1810]
    Francis Strange 78 F SC [born abt 1772]

    Her death is reported in the Military Pension records.  The tally sheet of pensions reports that she continued to receive the pension Amos had originally received, first in South Caroilna, then after she moved to Georgia in 1846, until she died in February 1853

    U.S. Pensioners, 1818-1872
    Georgia, Frances Strange  widow of Amos, Captain Amt twice-yearly 13.63.5  Records from March 1848 through September 1852 -- Died 3 Feb 1853
    --  Ancestry, http://search.ancestry.com/iexec/?htx=View&r=an&dbid=1116&iid=T718_18-0164&fn=Amos&ln=Strange&st=r&ssrc=pt_t1493480_p-1702003127_g32768&pid=108343&ftm=1


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