Abraham TETER Abigail TETER Isaac TETER Solomon TETER Mini tree diagram

Maria KITTLE3,2

25th Nov 17761,2 - 5th Sep 18411,2

Life History

25th Nov 1776

Born in Sussex County, New Jersey.1,2

28th Nov 1793

Married Abraham TETER in Randolph County, Virginia (later West Virginia).3

5th Dec 1794

Birth of daughter Abigail TETER in Pendleton County, Virginia.4

16th Apr 1801

Birth of son Isaac TETER in Cahokia, St Clair, Illinois Territory.5,6

19th Feb 1809

Birth of son Solomon TETER in Cahokia, St Clair County, Illinois Territory.7,8

3rd May 1815

Death of Abraham TETER in St Clair County, Illinois.3

1st Jan 1841

Death of son Solomon TETER in St Clair County, Illinois.7

5th Sep 1841

Died in St Clair County, Illinois.1,2


  • Some genealogies have this person as Mary.  Since she was born in Germany, it seems more likely the form of her name would be the German Maria.  Some sources do list her under the name Maria Kittle.  There is a careless tendency in genealogies to Anglicize the names, such as Georg becoming George in earlier generations of this same German Teter/Dieter family.

    There are various discrepancies between sources on the places of birth and death of several members of this family.  I have presented alternatives, or have decided on the basis of the most consistent and complete sources, and comparing places of birth, marriage and death between the generations.


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