Abigail TETER Isaac TETER Solomon TETER Maria KITTLE Mini tree diagram

Abraham TETER3,2,4

Jan 17681,2 - 3rd May 18152

Life History

Jan 1768

Born in Pendleton County, Virginia (later West Virginia).1,2

28th Nov 1793

Married Maria KITTLE in Randolph County, Virginia (later West Virginia).2

5th Dec 1794

Birth of daughter Abigail TETER in Pendleton County, Virginia.5

16th Apr 1801

Birth of son Isaac TETER in Cahokia, St Clair, Illinois Territory.1,6

19th Feb 1809

Birth of son Solomon TETER in Cahokia, St Clair County, Illinois Territory.7,8

3rd May 1815

Died in St Clair County, Illinois.2


  • The Teter name was originally Dieter, which is also found in North America among German-origin families.  Several genealogies report on the generations of this lineage back to Quirinius Dieter, int he 1500s.  I have found no record of his wife or any dates of other details.  From Quirinius genealogies provide fairly good information about the whole lineage.  For many generations Quirinius' descendants stayed in Schwaigern, W├╝rttemburg State, Germany.  The chief city of W├╝rttemburg is Stuttgart.

    Quirinius Dieter, Sr b abt 1560 (probably) Schwaigern, Wurttemburg, d Unknown
    married Unknown
    son Michael Dieter

    Michael Dieter, Sr b 1580 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg, d 26 April 1636 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg
    married Catherina Nortte, b abt 1585 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg, d unknown
    son Michael Dieter, Jr

    Michael Dieter, Jr b 22 September 1613 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg, d 8 June 1693 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg
    married Magdalena Schmidt, b 1608 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg, d 25 September 1668 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg
    son Hans Wolfgang Dieter

    Hans Wolfgang Dieter b 25 December 1646 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg, d 10 January 1697/97 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg
    married Anna Catherina Zimmerman, b 9 January 1641/42 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg, d 10 January 1697/97 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg [note date of death for both husband and wife are reported to be the same]
    son Hans Michael Dieter

    Hans Michael Dieter b 26 Mar 1671 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg (Germany), d 2 May 1734 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg
    married Maria Katherina Frey, b 2 Apr 1672 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg, d 13 February 1721/22 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg
    son Hans Georg Dieter

    Hans Georg Dieter b 7 Jun 1699 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg (Germany), d 23 Mar 1744 (or 1742/43) Orange County, Virginia
    married Maria Margaretha Luttman, b 1701 Schwaigern, Wurttemburg (Germany), d 1759
    son Paul Teter

    Paul Teter b 1730 or 1732 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (or in Virginia), d 22 Nov 1784 Pendleton or Rockingham County, Virginia
    married Rebecca Henckel, b 5 Oct 1736 Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, d 1797 Saint Clair County, Illinois
    son Abraham Teter

    There are various discrepancies between different family genealogies that report on Abraham Teter and his family.  It seems likely that some genealogists have confused different Teter families.  I have found many in Pennsylvania and Virginia and surrounding states and in the locations where many moved further west.  Differences occur on the places of birth and death of several members of this family.  Sources often have the same date, but report different places.

    Abraham's father Paul is variously reported as born in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and simply Virginia.  His place of death is variously Rockingham County, Virginia, or Pendleton County, Virginia.  The latter is found in the same genealogy that also reports Abraham born in Pendleton County, Virginia, instead of Pendleton County, West Virginia.  Abraham's place of marriage to Maria Kittle is also reported as either Rowan County, West Virginia, or simply Virginia.  The latter two are due to the glossing over of historical fact.

    The whole area now known as West Virginia was a part of Virginia until 1861, when the western part of Virginia, non slave-holding, seceded from the Confederate state of Virginia.  West Virginia was admitted to the Union as a new state in 1863.  At the time of the Teters' arrival there, the area was new territory added to the British North American domains in the 1750s and 1760s, after wars with the French over this and other territory.

    The area became part of Virginia Colony, and thereby part of the constituent state (Commonwealth) of Virginia, after Virginia became one of the United States, which was formed following the Revolutionary War.  I have presented alternatives, or have decided on the basis of the most consistent and complete sources, and comparing places of birth, marriage and death between the generations.  Abraham moved his family west about 1800.

    Genealogies tell us that his son Levi was born in Pendleton, Virginia, on 1 August 1799, and the next child, Isaac, was born in Cahokia, on the Mississippi River in St Clair County, Illinois.  This area was French territory as recently as 1763, when the British the territory from the French.  The US in turn took the land in 1783.

    Illinois Territory was proclaimed only on 1 March 1809, according to history sources.  A portion of this land became the State of Illinois on 3 December 1818.  So the Teters moved to new US land in the Illinois territory before there was an official US Territory of Illinois.

    So for historical accuracy, drawing upon several family genealogies, four children of Abraham and Maria Kittle were born in Pendleton County of the US State (Commonwealth) of Virginia:
    Susannah (no birth information, most sources lack this child)
    Abigail 5 December 1794
    Joshua 1 September 1796
    Levi 1 August 1799

    The remaining children were born in Illinois Territory of the US, the first five in Illinois before the official Territory was proclaimed:
    Isaac 16 April 1801
    Christina 23 January 1803
    Rebecca 16 January 1805
    Priscilla 25 February 1807
    Solomon 19 February 1809 (only 2 weeks before the accession of the State of Illinois in to the Union on 1 March)
    Abraham 11 January 1811
    Phillip 26 March 1813
    Mary 18 April 1815
    --  Compiled in One World Tree by Ancestry.com, representing 51 user-submitted trees, http://trees.ancestry.com/owt/person.aspx?pid=2463232&st=1

    The Teters settled in the area of Cahokia, sharing its name with one of the Algonquian tribes who lived in the area when the Europeans came.  The area had been occupied for about 10000 years, at one time constituting "the largest pre-Columbian (around AD 1300) community north of Mexico," according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Cahokia had in olden times been the religious center of the Mississippian peoples.
    --  Encyclopedia Britannica, Electronic, 1997, "Illinois"


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