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Dock Patrick GREGORY

Dock Patrick GREGORY11,3,12,4,13,2,5,10,6,14

8th Sep 18523,4,5,6 - 12th May 19473,6

Life History

8th Sep 1852

Born in Cherokee County, Alabama.3,4,5,6


Resident in District 3, Cherokee, Alabama.10

11th Aug 1879

Licence obtained for marriage to Julia Ann Clementine STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.15

13th Aug 1879

Married Julia Ann Clementine STRANGE in Jefferson County, Tennessee.3,15,6,6

13th Aug 1879

Married in Jefferson County, Tennessee.3

11th May 1880

Birth of son William Henry Harrison GREGORY in Tennessee.17,16,12,6,18

25th Dec 1881

Birth of son Charles Bluford GREGORY in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.19,17,3,20,6,13,21

27th Jan 1884

Birth of son George Thomas GREGORY in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.9,22,23,24,2,25,26,18,6

18th Nov 1885

Birth of son Edd GREGORY in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.24,3,17,13,2,6,21


Death of daughter Minnie GREGORY in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.3

17th May 1888

Birth of daughter Minnie GREGORY in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.3

22nd Jun 1890

Birth of son John GREGORY in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.22,6,27,28

29th May 1892

Birth of son Andy GREGORY in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.18,3,20,29,23,6,27,30,31,14,32

16th Aug 1893

Birth of daughter Lucy GREGORY in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.33,2,3,34,20,6,35,14,36

about 1894

Resident Moved family from eastern Tennessee to north Texas 1894-1895 in Collin County, Texas.1


Death of son Dock GREGORY in McKinney, Collin, Texas.3

2nd Oct 1895

Birth of son Dock GREGORY in McKinney, Collin, Texas.3

17th Sep 1897

Birth of son Wiley G GREGORY in McKinney, Collin, Texas.3,37,20,19,14


Residence2 in Township 4, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.2


Death of son Mack GREGORY in Earl, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3


Residence3 in Earl, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.7

24th Jun 1901

Birth of son Mack GREGORY in Earl, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3


Residence4 in Richland, Stephens, Oklahoma.8

between 1920 and 1940

Residence5 in Elmore, Garvin, Oklahoma.4,9

18th Nov 1931

Death of son William Henry Harrison GREGORY in Antioch, Garvin, Oklahoma.16,6

28th May 1935

Death of Julia Ann Clementine STRANGE in Antioch, Garvin, Oklahoma.3,6

12th May 1947

Died in Lindsay, Garvin, Oklahoma.3,6

14th May 1947

Buried in Antioch Cemetery, Antioch, Garvin County, Oklahoma.3,6


  • Family Tradition reports that Dock Patrick had Black Dutch (American Indian) ancestry.  No one has definite information on what Indian tribe, but the areas of residence in the east indicate Cherokee.

    The Cherokees settled at various places along the same westerly migration route of the Gregory families, from North Carolina through Tennessee and into Oklahoma, where two Cherokee Nations settled and merged, and a third was later established.

    I have not yet found any independent evidence of either parent or ancestor with a Cherokee (or other Indian) spouse.  This type of information is often undocumented in that era.  Loretta Gregory Gay has done extensive research on the Gregorys among the Cherokee, as well as the Choctaw, but has found no definite connection.

    Dock was born in Cherokee County, Alabama.

    "Cherokee County was created by the Alabama legislature on 1836 Jan. 9. It was named for the Cherokee Indians, who ceded the land that now comprises the county to the Federal government by the treaty of New Echota, 1835 Dec. 29. Cherokee County is located in the northeastern portion of the state, in the Appalachian Mountains. Cherokee County encompasses 553 square miles. It is bordered on the north by DeKalb County, on the west by Etowah County, on the south by Calhoun and Cleburne, and the east by Chattooga and Floyd Counties, GA."
    --  "Cherokee County," Alabama Department of Archives and History, http://www.archives.state.al.us/counties/cherokee.html

    Dock's grandchildren remembered the names of their aunts and uncles as follows:
    William Henry Harrison
    Charlie Bluford
    George Thomas
    Ed or Eddie
    Dock (who died as an infant in 1895)
    and Mack (also died as an infant in 1901)
    --  Oral information from Loretta Gregory Gay and Lou Ila Gregory Jenkins, and email from great-grandson Alfred Gregory on Gregory Discussion List, RootsWeb, 30 April 2000

    I include in this genealogy documentation of these children of Dock and Julia from public records.  Names from census to census are inconsistent.  Ages are inconsistently reported in the Censuses.  Dock is listed under various names.

    Loretta Gregory Gay and sisters knew their grandfather's name as Dock Patrick Gregory.
    The 1860 Cherokee County, Alabama, Federal Census gives his name as "Patrick."
    The 1870 Jefferson County, Tennessee, Federal Census lists him as "Patrick E."
    In 1880 still in Jefferson County, Tennessee, we find him listed again as "Patrick."
    In 1900 now in Chickasaw Nation, and recorded as "Doctor Gregory."
    In the 1910 Stephens County, Oklahoma, census he is listed as "Dock"
    The 1920 Garvin County, Oklahoma, census reports him as "Dock G."
    Descendants have not figured out what the initial G or E might stand for.  These are probably enumerator errors.

    1860 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 11 June, District 3, PO Ringgold, page 7, Hse/Fam #37
    Gregory, Henry   35 M Farmer born Tenn
    Gregory, Reachael 30 M Domestic born Tenn
    Gregory, Patrick 4 M  born Ala

    1870 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 16 August, District 5, PO Trion, page 10, Hse/Fam #71
    Henry Gregory M 50 M W Wagon Maker $767 Personal Estate b Tennessee Cannot read or write
    Rachel Gregory 43 F W  Keeps House  b Tennessee [b abt 1827]
    Julia A Gregory 21 F W b Alabama [b abt 1849] Cannot read or write
    Jackson Gregory 19 M W b Alabama [b abt 1851] Cannot read or write
    Henrietta Gregory 17 F W b Alabama [b abt 1853] Cannot read or write
    Patrick E Gregory 15 M W b Alabama [b abt 1853] Cannot read or write

    The 1870 census record also has a discrepancy in the ages for father Henry and child Patrick, with a change of 15 years for Henry and 8 years for Patrick.  Census records from this era exhibit a high number of discrepancies, likely partly due to the lack of literacy or focus on detail of both the enumerators and the populace being enumerated.

    The actual birth date is known from family sources as 8 September 1852.  Here are the census reports and the birth year they yield.  Census ages could vary up to two years due to difference of birth month and census month.  Note that the 1880 census yields a difference of 6 years!

    1860 (Tenn), p. 7: 37/37 -- Patrick, age 4, yields birth year of abt 1856;
    1870 (Tenn), p. 10: 71/71 -- Patrick E., age 15,  yields birth year of abt 1855;
    1880 (Tenn), p. 516: 290/294 -- Patrick Gregory, age 22 yields birth year of abt 1858;
    1900 (Chickasaw Nation), p. 27A: 404/404 -- Doctor Gregory, age 44 yields birth year of abt 1856;
    1910 (Okla), p 6B No Hse/Fam # -- Dolf Gegery, age 56,  yields birth year of abt 1854;
    1920 (Okla), (no p): 188/200 -- Dock G. Gregory, age 67,  yields birth year of abt 1853
    1930 (Okla), (p 10B): 183/192 -- Doc G. Gregory, age 78,  yields birth year of abt 1852

    1880 Jefferson Co, Tennessee, Federal Census lists Dock separately as Patrick Gregory, with wife Julia A. C.; an age discrepancy occurs here also, with age as 22, only 8 years again from the last census.

    1880 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 17 June, Civil District 5, Enumeration District 177, p 35, Hse #290, Fam #284
    Gregory, Patrick  W M  22  Farmer TN TN TN
    Gregory, Julia A C  W F   24  Wife  Keeping Hse  TN TN TN
    Gregory, William H H  W M 1M born May Son TN TN TN

    Most of Doc and Julia's children were born in Tennessee.  They moved to north Texas with all their living children in about 1894-5.  Son Dock was born near McKinney, Collin County, Texas, in 1895.  Wiley was born on the same farm near McKinney in 1897.

    Some time before July 1900, when the US census was taken, they moved to Oklahoma Territory.  When he moved his family north of the Red River, Dock first established residence near the border of Oklahoma Territory and Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, near Earl, Oklahoma Territory.

    From the 1900 census, it appears they lived in Chickasaw Nation.  But in June 1901, Dock and Julia's last child, Mack, was born in Earl, in J County, Oklahoma Territory, which became Johnston County after the state was established in 1907.  This is close to the boundary of Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory.  These two territories were later merged into the new state of Oklahoma.  Mack died before the end of 1901.

    In 1900 the family were enumerated in Chickasaw Nation of Indian Territory, not Oklahoma Territory.  They are reported resident in Township 4 of Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.  Dock is listed as Doctor Gregory, age 44.  This census gives actual month and year of birth.  The birth date for Dock is September 1855.  This differs from the information from the family, which report an exact birth date of 8 September 1852.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 4 July, Township 4 South Range 4E, District 145, page 27A, Hse/Fam #402
    Doctor Gregory  Head  W M  Sep 1855  44 Married 21 yrs AL Unknown TN Farmer
    Julia Gregory Wife  W F  Jan 1855  45  Married 21 yrs TN TN TN
    William H Gregory  Son W M  May 1880  20  TN TN TN Farm Laborer
    Charles Gregory  Son W M  Dec 1881  18  TN TN TN Farm Laborer
    Thomas Gregory  Son W M  Jan 1884  16  TN TN TN Farm Laborer
    Edward Gregory  Son W M  Nov 1885  14  TN TN TN Farm Laborer
    John Gregory  Son W M  Jun 1890  9  TN TN TN
    Andrew Gregory  Son W M  May 1892  8  TN TN TN
    Lucy Gregory  Dau W F  Aug 1893  6  TN TN TN
    Wiley Gregory  Son W M  Aug 1897 2  TX TN TN

    This is the first time and last time I have seen the name Andrew for Andy.  The children were not even sure his real name was Andrew, since he never went by anything else but Andy.  And Andy could be what was actually reported, but the enumerator decided to formalize it to Andrew.

    Note that in this census the place of birth of Dock's father is reported as Unknown.  Either Dock forgot (but later tried to remember, reporting Tennessee one time and Virginia another time), or the enumerator forgot what he said, or just interpolated.

    In 1910, we discover Dock and family in Richland Township of Stephens County (near Marlow) Oklahoma.  He is recorded under the spelling of Dolf Gegery.  The writing of this enumerator is fairly legible, but spelling is awful, and he seems not to have heard correctly the forms of some names.

    1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 25 April, Richland Township, District 243, page 6B,  No Hse or Fam #s on this page
    Gegery, Dolf Head  M W  56  married 31 years  AL TN TN Farmer
    Gegery, July (Julie?) wife F W 55 married 31 yrs TN TN TN
    Gegery, Harison Son M W 29  TN TN TN [Note spelling with one r]
    Gegery, Charley Son M W 28  TN TN TN
    Gegery, John Son M W 19  TN TN TN
    Gegery, Anda Son M W 18  TN TN TN
    Gegery, Lucy Dau M W 16  TN TN TN
    Gegery, Wyley  Son M W 12 TN TN TN

    This 1910 census shows Dock and his family living next door to Joe Green.  This Joe Green is Toliver Jorile Green.  His daughter Rettie (Alpharetta Mae, listed somewhat illegibly as Retta here) later married Dock's son Andy.  It was a exciting piece of family history for me to learn that my grandparents had lived next door to each other as children.  The enumerator reports Wylie as born in Tennessee, but in fact he was born in Collin County, Texas, after the family moved.

    Notice a strange fact about this census.  The birthplace reported for Dock is Alabama, but the birthplace for the father of all his children is Tennessee!  The reports have previously reported father's birthplace as Alabama, consistent with the reports for Dock himself.

    There is an interesting change in one fact in the 1920 census.  The birthplace of Dock's father is reported as Virginia, instead of Tennessee.

    1920 Garvin County, Oklahoma, Federal Census lists him as Dock G Gregory, with wife Julia A.  The only other records which include the initial G in Dock's name are the 1930 census and his son Edd's WWII registration, in which Edd's father is named as contact, with the name D G Gregory, at his same residence address.  Children's names in 1920 have some discrepancies, like reversed names and initials, or second name instead of first, but generally match known names in family history.

    1920 Federal Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, 25 January, Elmore Township, District 25, page 11B,  Hse #188, Fam #200
    Gregory Dock G  Head  Owns Farm (Mortgaged) M W 67 AL VA TN Farmer
    Gregory Julia A  Wife F W 65 Single TN TN TN No Occupation
    Gregory Harris W Son M W 39 Single TN AL TN Farmer, Working Out
    Gregory Charles B Son M W 38 Single TN AL TN Farmer, Working Out
    Gregory Thomas G Son M W 36 Single TN AL TN Farmer, Working Out
    Gregory Edy Son M W 33 Single TN AL TN Farmer, Working Out
    Gregory Wiley Son M W 22 Single TN AL TN Farmer, Working Out

    In the 1930 census, Dock and family are still in Elmore Township, Garvin County.  The birthplace of his father is again reported as Virginia.  I would suggest that as years went by, Dock remembered the original family tie to Virginia, where it appears Henry's father came from, and this came to mind when by this stage in his life he was asked for the birthplace of his father.

    In previous reports his father's birthplace has been Tennessee or Unknown.  Also in the reports on Henry himself, the birthplace has been reported as Tennessee.  It appears from various indicators that Henry's parents came from Virginia, but I have not yet been able to specify details of his parents to definitely confirm this.  But indications are also that Henry Gregory was born in Tennessee, not Virginia.

    Note that in 1930, grandson Dave Tugman is living with Dock's family.  There are still 5 sons living with Dock and Julia in 1930.

    1930 Federal Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, 18 April, Elmore Township, District 25-8, page 10B, Hse #183, Fam #192
    Gregory, Doc G   Head  M W  78  AL VA TN Farmer
    Gregory, Julia A  Wife   F  W  74  TN TN TN
    Gregory, Harrison W Son M W 49 TN AL TN Labor
    Gregory, Ed  Son M W 39 TN AL TN  Labor
    Gregory, John  Son M W 35 TN AL TN  Labor
    Tugman, David M Grandson M W 15 OK OK TN

    Dock and Julia's son Charley is four houses away on the same census page with his wife Annie Cauble and three children.

    1930 Federal Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, 18 April, Elmore Township, District 25-8, page 10B, Hse #187, Fam #196
    Gregory Charles B  Head  M W 46  first married at 36  TN AL TN Farmer
    Gregory Annie M  Wife  F W 28  first married at 18  OK TX OK
    Gregory Vivian M   Dau  F W 9  OK TN OK
    Gregory Eva M  Dau  F W 7yrs 10mos  OK TN OK
    Gregory Virgil C  Son  F W 2yrs 10mos  OK TN OK

    Dock's wife Julia Ann died in 1935.  In 1940, two of his sons are living with him on his farm.  Charley has been divorced from his wife and Edd is still at home and working as a farm laborer.  Edd never married.

    1940 Federal Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma, no date, Elmore, District 25-6, page 3A, Hse #42, Owns farm $200
    Gregory, D Patric Head M W 84 Widow Grade 2 b Alabama same house in 1935
    Gregory, Charley Son M W 58 Divorced Grade 8 b Tenn same house in 1935
    Gregory, Edd Son M W 53 Single Grade 8 b Tenn same house in 1935 Farm Laborer

    Family sources say that Dock and his wife Julia Ann are both buried in the Antioch Cemetery, in the Antioch community, near Elmore City, Garvin County, Oklahoma.  But their names did not appear on any of three different lists of burials in Antioch Cemetery, including the memorials on Find a Grave.  They are not listed in the short list for Elmore City either.

    I created memorials on Find a Grave for Dock and Julia in Antioch Cemetery based on family knowledge of their burial there.  The manager of the Oklahoma Cemeteries page also added them to that list, with my obits for Dock Patrick, Julia and their William Henry Harrison Gregory.

    Dock Patrick Gregory
    Birth Sep 8, 1852 Cherokee County, Alabama
    Death May 12, 1947 Antioch, Garvin County, Oklahoma

    Dock was born to James Henry Gregory and Rachel Lewis in Cherokee County, Alabama. He married Julia Ann Clementine Strange in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 13 Aug 1879.

    They moved to Collin County, Texas, about 1895, and moved on to Chickasaw Nation about 1899.

    Family information reports that both Dock and his wife Julia Ann, as well as their oldest son William, were buried in the Antioch, Oklahoma, Cemetery. But their names do not appear on burial lists there.  His granddaughter, Loretta Gregory Gay, who later became the family genealogist, says she attended Dock's graveside funeral at Antioch Cemetery.

    Spouse Julia Ann Clementine Strange Gregory (1855 - 1935)
    William Henry Harrison Gregory (1880 - 1931)
    Charles Bluford Gregory (1881 - 1979)
    George Thomas Gregory (1884 - 1982)
    Edd Gregory (1885 - 1958)
    John Gregory (1890 - 1993)
    Andy Gregory (1892 - 1975)
    Lucy Carter (1893 - 1970)

    Burial Antioch Cemetery, Antioch, Garvin County, Oklahoma

    Created by Orville Jenkins Feb 23, 2015
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #142992655, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=142992655

    Gregorys and Fews in Migration Patterns from the 1700s
    By Orville Boyd Jenkins
    Posted on Ancestry.com 16 October 2017

    One factor in reconstructing a family lineage are patterns of movement and migration.  These migration paths are helpful in finding and evaluating records in our Gregory and related Few line.  We see Gregory records in a generational pattern along the migration streams along the tidewater area or valleys southwards and westward.

    Records are being discovered in the westward line from Philadelphia through Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland, through what is now West Virginia, still part of Virginia in the era we are looking at, and on to Ohio and Indiana.  Brothers John, Richard and Benjamin Gregory, thought to be sons of Isaac Gregory of Pennsylvania, are mentioned several times in lists of residents of old Frederick County, Virginia, a large area at the northern end of the Shenandoah Valley, also on a common east-west migration route.

    Records for a younger Richard Gregory are found in Culpeper County and Fauquier County, Virginia, on this westward path south of the Pennsylvania border.  These two counties were established in 1749, cut out of Orange County, the original huge area from which Frederick County was originally established in 1743.  These counties bordered Frederick County on the east.

    Dates and locations of various records match a line of movement from the residence of Richard's likely grandfather Benjamin Gregory of Pennsylvania, into Frederick County, and later back to eastern Virginia in Prince William County, across the Potomac from Washington, DC.  This westward line of migration connects with the great Shenandoah Valley running southwestward along the eastern edge of the Appalachian Mountains in what is now West Virginia.

    Records for a Lewis Gregory, who appears to be a son of Benjamin, son of Isaac, are found along this Shenadoah Valley route then across into the part of Virginia that later became Kentucky, one of the areas where Fews and Gregorys come into contact.  This matches the pattern of residence and Gregory-Few marriages in some of these areas along this southward line of migration.  Details are found in individual notes for the Fews and Gregorys.  Gregorys from this lineage moved westward a bit to the part of Virginia that is now northern Kentucky.

    Gregorys are found along the Shenandoah Valley which runs southwestward from Hagerstown to Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee, on the border, on through Jefferson and Cocke County, which were all one area of North Carolina, or then East Tennessee (current I-81 to I-40 to Knoxville) in the 1700s and early 1800s and on toward Cherokee and contiguous counties in Alabama.

    We find Gregorys that appear to be from two different lineages who followed the Shenandoah or similar route from Philadelphia-Baltimore through Virginia into Tennessee, our line through the easterly route of the named east Tennessee counties, the other a bit more westerly, with members of both lines in Kentucky.

    I have traveled through all these areas and explored these lines of migration so have these in mind as I read through records and watch for connections and clues.

    Also thought to belong to this line of Gregorys is one Few Hall Gregory.  Few was born in Culpeper County, Virginia, in 1781 and established himself as a physician and farmer in Monroe County, Tennessee.  It is thought by some Gregory family sources that his mother was a Few, perhaps named Susannah, but records are lacking.

    Westward Ho
    Gregorys in the line of James Henry Gregory and Rachel Lewis are found in those counties of Tennessee from Jefferson-Cocke on to Knox, McMinn (where we find both these Gregorys, with apparently no crossover), Franklin, etc, in the westward migration route.  Gregorys of our lineage also seem to have moved northwestward through the mountain passes toward Louisville.

    The Fews in NC apparently followed the westerly route over the Smokies into Tennessee into Jefferson and surrounding counties where they connected again with the Gregory lineage.  We find them in the family of Francis Marion Few from North Carolina in Jefferson County, Tennessee, where his daughter Letha married Andrew Jackson Gregory, brother of my great great grandfather Dock Patrick Gregory.

    Traffic went both ways along those midwestern routes over a period of two centuries.  Great migrations northward occurred int eh 1920s and later because of extensive floods along the Mississippi, destroying much of the Delta South.  Midwestern droughts accelerated movement to California.  Further industrialization in the next two decades and after WWII accelerated this migration northward and westward.

    The geographical indicators are not only contiguous counties, but similarly in the counties along these common natural migration routes, which also reveal patterns of the same family decade to decade and generation to generation.  These patterns match the same kinds of patterns we find in ethnic investigations all over the world.


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