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Andrew Jackson GREGORY

Andrew Jackson GREGORY1,2,3,9,10,11,12,4,5,8,6,7

7th Sep 18502,3,9 - 10th Nov 19369,8,7

Life History

7th Sep 1850

Born in Cherokee County, Alabama.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

(most likely)

about 1851

Born in Tennessee.2,3,9

(less likely)

27th May 1877

Married Letha FEW in Cocke County, Tennessee.19

29th Mar 1879

Birth of daughter Mary Etta GREGORY in Jefferson County, Tennessee.13,8

29th Jun 1881

Birth of son James Henry GREGORY in Dandridge Jefferson, Tennessee.14,4,7,6

11th Apr 1884

Birth of son Arthur M GREGORY in Jefferson County, Tennessee.15,4,9,16

10th Aug 1885

Birth of daughter Harriet Rachel GREGORY in Dandridge, Jefferson, Tennessee.4,11,17,18

Sep 1888

Birth of daughter Mattie Katherine GREGORY in Jefferson County, Tennessee.4,19

May 1891

Birth of daughter Ethel Viola GREGORY in Jefferson County, Tennessee.5,4,16

17th Oct 1892

Birth of son George Francis GREGORY in Jefferson County, Tennessee.4,15,20,7,6

1st Jun 1897

Birth of daughter Martha Jane GREGORY in Dandridge, Jefferson, Tennessee.5,4,17,6,16

19th May 1898

Birth of son Lester Lee GREGORY in Dandridge, Jefferson, Tennessee.4,21,15,22,18,7,23

31st Mar 1930

Death of Letha FEW in Dandridge, Jefferson, Tennessee.6

10th Nov 1936

Died in Chestnut Hill, Dandridge, Jefferson, Tennessee.9,8,7

12th Nov 1936

Buried in Taft Cemetery, Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee.8,7


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    Gregorys and Fews in Migration Patterns from the 1700s
    By Orville Boyd Jenkins
    Posted on Ancestry.com 16 October 2017

    One factor in reconstructing a family lineage are patterns of movement and migration.  These migration paths are helpful in finding and evaluating records in our Gregory and related Few line.  We see Gregory records in a generational pattern along the migration streams along the tidewater area or valleys southwards and westward.

    Records are being discovered in the westward line from Philadelphia through Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland, through what is now West Virginia, still part of Virginia in the era we are looking at, and on to Ohio and Indiana.  Brothers John, Richard and Benjamin Gregory, thought to be sons of Isaac Gregory of Pennsylvania, are mentioned several times in lists of residents of old Frederick County, Virginia, a large area at the northern end of the Shenandoah Valley, also on a common east-west migration route.

    Records for a younger Richard Gregory are found in Culpeper County and Fauquier County, Virginia, on this westward path south of the Pennsylvania border.  These two counties were established in 1749, cut out of Orange County, the original huge area from which Frederick County was originally established in 1743.  These counties bordered Frederick County on the east.

    Dates and locations of various records match a line of movement from the residence of Richard's likely grandfather Benjamin Gregory of Pennsylvania, into Frederick County, and later back to eastern Virginia in Prince William County, across the Potomac from Washington, DC.  This westward line of migration connects with the great Shenandoah Valley running southwestward along the eastern edge of the Appalachian Mountains in what is now West Virginia.

    Records for a Lewis Gregory, who appears to be a son of Benjamin, son of Isaac, are found along this Shenadoah Valley route then across into the part of Virginia that later became Kentucky, one of the areas where Fews and Gregorys come into contact.  This matches the pattern of residence and Gregory-Few marriages in some of these areas along this southward line of migration.  Details are found in individual notes for the Fews and Gregorys.  Gregorys from this lineage moved westward a bit to the part of Virginia that is now northern Kentucky.

    Gregorys are found along the Shenandoah Valley which runs southwestward from Hagerstown to Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee, on the border, on through Jefferson and Cocke County, which were all one area of North Carolina, then East Tennessee (current I-81 to I-40 to Knoxville) in the 1700s and early 1800s and on toward Cherokee and contiguous counties in Alabama.

    We find Gregorys that appear to be from two different lineages who followed the Shenandoah or similar route from Philadelphia-Baltimore through Virginia into Tennessee, our line through the easterly route of the named east Tennessee counties, the other a bit more westerly, with members of both lines in Kentucky.

    These two lines seem to be connected to the same line from Pennsylvania and northern Virginia.  But there are indication of one or two separate migration streams in the same areas.  Early sources are not clear on these lines, and similar names in what may be different lineages seem to have been confused in some genealogies.

    I have been through all these areas and explored these lines of migration so have these in mind as I read through records and watch for connections and clues.

    Westward Ho
    Gregorys in the line of James Henry Gregory and Rachel Lewis are found in those counties of Tennessee from Jefferson-Cocke on to Knox, McMinn (where we find both these Gregorys, with apparently no crossover), Franklin, etc, in the westward migration route.  Gregorys of our lineage also seem to have moved northwestward through the mountain passes toward Louisville.

    Fews and Gregorys are connected in the states of Virginia, Kentucky (which was originally part of Virginia colony), North Carolina and Tennessee (which was originally part of North Carolina Colony) in several generations.  The Fews in North Carolina apparently followed the westerly route over the Smokies into Tennessee into Jefferson County, Tennessee, and surrounding counties where they connected again with the Gregory lineage.  We find them in the family of Francis Marion Few from North Carolina Jefferson County, Tennessee, where his daughter Letha married Andrew Jackson Gregory, my great great grandfather's brother.

    Traffic went both ways along those Midwestern routes over a period of two centuries.  Fews moved into the Louisville, Kentucky, area from Indiana (across the Ohio River.  Gregorys and Fews also moved from eastern Tennessee into Kentucky.

    Great migrations northward occurred in the 1920s and later because of extensive floods along the Mississippi, destroying much of the Delta South.  The depression added to this exodus northward.  Midwestern droughts accelerated movement to California.  Further industrialization in the next two decades and after WWII accelerated this migration northward and westward.

    The geographical indicators are not only contiguous counties, but similarly in the counties along these common natural migration routes, which also reveal patterns of the same family decade to decade and generation to generation.  These patterns match the same kinds of patterns we find in ethnic investigations all over the world.

    The nickname Jack is reported from Gregory family tradition by Alfred Leroy Gregory in a RootsWeb.com forum message 30 Apr 2000.  The information originally was collected from family members by Loretta Gregory Gay (my aunt).

    Note that in the 1860 Cherokee County, Alabama, census, Andrew Jackson's middle initial is given as G.  Would this indicate that the family themselves had given this as the middle initial, or had indicated that the middle name was spelled with a G?  The enumerator has a very skilled and educated hand, so it does not seem he would have mis-spelled Jackson with a G if he knew this was the middle name, unless otherwise instructed.

    The 1860 census reports Andrew G as age 10, which would lead to an estimated birth year of 1850.  Also the birth state of Andrew is reported as Tennessee, like his parents.  Howver, we know his parents were living in Cherokee County, Alabama, when he was born.

    1860 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 11 June, District 3, PO Ringgold, page 7, Hse/Fam #37
    Gregory  Henry   35 M Farmer born Tenn
    Gregory  Reachael 30 M Domestic born Tenn
    Gregory  Andrew G 10 M born Tenn [b abt 1850]

    1870 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 16 August, District 5, PO Trion, page 10, Hse/Fam #71
    Henry Gregory 50 M W Wagon Maker $767 Personal Estate b Tennessee Cannot read or write
    Rachel Gregory 43 F W  Keeps House  b Tennessee [b abt 1827] [No literacy report]
    Jackson Gregory 19 M W b Alabama [b abt 1851] Cannot read or write

    Reported in 1880 Jefferson County Census as Jackson Gregory (Ancestry.com transcribes it as Gregary).  They transcribe the name of Jackson and his father Henry as Gregary, while the name of brother (Dock) Patrick and his household was transcribed as Gregory.

    The 1880 census reports Jack as age 27.  This would place his birth approximately 1852.  However, exact date of birth of younger brother Dock Patrick in September of 1852 leads to an estimate of 1851 as latest possible birth year for Jack.  His wife is named Letha.  In 1900 her name is reported as Lethy (Letha), and in 1910 Leathy.

    Tennessee, Marriage Records, 1780-2002
    Lethee Few
    (This document has her nickname as both Lethee and Lethey, and the JP performing the ceremony wrote it as the full form of the name Talitha.  A third short form appears here as adidtional testimony to the illiteracy or carelessness of the clerk who filled out this marriage form.  Here name often That form appears to be either Letheee or Lethere.  Her name more commonoly is known as Letha.)
    Groom Jackson Gregory
    License issued 25 May 1877
    Marriage 27 May 1877 Cocke County, Tennessee, USA
    Ceremony performed by William Phillips, Justice of the Peace

    1880 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 16 June, Civil District 5, Enumeration District 177, p 34B, Hse #281, Fam #285
    Gregory, Jackson  W M  27  Head  Farmer TN TN TN [b abt 1852]
    Gregory, Letha W F  25 Wife  Keeping Hse  TN TN TN Cannot read or write [b abt 1854]
    Gregory, Mary A  W F  1  Dau  TN TN TN Cannot read or write

    The ages vary from census to census:
    1860, Andrew,G age 10, birth year 1850
    1870, Jackson, age 19, birth year 1851
    1880, Jackson, age 27, birth year 1853
    1900, Andrew J, age 50, b Nov 1849
    1910, Jackson, age 55. birth year 1855
    1930, Andrew J, age 78, birth year 1852
    1860, 1870, 1900 and 1930 are close enough to make a set, with birth between 1850 and 1852.

    By 1900, the family has grown considerably.

    1900 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 16 June, Civil District 17, Enumeration District 55, page 10A, Hse/Fam #171
    Gregory, Andrew J  Head W M Nov 1849  50 Married 22 yrs TN Unknown TN Farmer Owns
    Gregory, Leathy  Wife W F May 1854  46 Married 22 yrs 9 children, 9 living SC SC SC
    Gregory, Mary E  Dau W F Mar 1880  20 Single TN TN SC
    Gregory, James H Son W M Sept 1881  18 Single TN TN SC Farm Laborer
    Gregory, Author M Son W M Apr 1884  16 Single TN TN SC Farm Laborer
    Gregory, Harret B  Dau W F Aug 1885  14 Single TN TN SC
    Gregory, George F Son W M Nov 1887  12 Single TN TN SC Farm Laborer
    Gregory, Mattie B  Dau W F Sept 1888  11 Single TN TN SC
    Gregory, Marthy (?) J  Dau W F May 1890  10 Single TN TN SC
    Gregory, Ethel V  Dau W F May 1892  8 Single TN TN SC
    Gregory, Lester L Son W M May 1896  4 Single TN TN SC

    Mary's middle initial here has changed from A to E.  Two of the girls have similar names.  Mattie is the nickname for Martha, but the child after her appears to be called Marthy Martha) J(ane?).  This is confirmed in the 1910 census.

    In 1910, Leathy's 9 children are all still well an in the home with them.
    1910 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 4 May, District 8, Enumeration District 77, page 10A, Hse/Fam #150
    Gregory, Jackson  Head M W 55 Married 28 years TN TN TN Farm Laborer Owns
    Gregory, Leathy  Wife F W 51 Married 28 years 9 children/9 living TN TN TN
    Gregory, Mary Dau F W 26 Single TN TN TN
    Gregory, James Son F W 24 Single TN TN TN Farm Laborer
    Gregory, Arthur M Son F W 22 Single TN TN TN Farm Laborer
    Gregory, Minnie Dau F W 20 Single TN TN TN
    Gregory, George Son M W 18 Single TN TN TN  Farm Laborer
    Gregory, Mattie Dau F W 16 Single TN TN TN
    Gregory, Martha J Dau F W 14 Single TN TN TN
    Gregory, Ola Dau F W 12 Single TN TN TN
    Gregory, Lester Son M W 10 Single TX TN TX

    In 1900, Martha (Marthy) was reported as only 10, and born in May 1890.  Thus she gained 14 years by the 1910 census.  Mattie also gained 14 years between 1900 and 1910.  In 1900, there was a daughter named Ethel V, which would match the name of Viola we find later in 1930.  Minnie in 1910 matches Harriett in 1900.  And notice that the age of everyone is increased only 4-6 years since 1900.

    The name Ola in 1910 could be a nickname for Viola.  We see Ethel also gained 14 years between 1900 and 1910.  The name Viola in 1930 matches the middle initial of Ethel, but her age is about 8 years too young.  If she was 12 in 1910, we would expect her to be 32 in 1930, but she is reported as 24!

    I finally found this family in the 1920 census.  They are living not far away from Jim and Mollie Strange.

    1920 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 7 January, Civil District 8, Enumeration District 78, page 3A, Chesnut Hill Path, Hse/Fam #46
    Gregory, Jack Head Owns M W  64 AL TN TN Farmer
    Gregory, Leath Wife F W  62 SC SC SC
    Gregory, Jannie [Janie] Dau F W  23 TN AL SC
    Gregory, Viola  Dau F W  21 TN AL SC
    Gregory, Lester  Son M W  20 TN AL SC Farm Laborer
    Gregory, Tuller [Thula?] Wife [of Lester] F W  20 TN TN TN School Teacher
    Gregory, George Son M W  27 TN AL SC

    Ages continue to be a frustration with this family.  The child here named Jannie [Janie], age 23, matches closely with Martha J in 1910, age 14.  But Marthy J in 1900 is reported as only 10 years old, with a birth date of May 1890!

    Andrew's wife Leathy died in March 1930 Andrew.  Though he is now a widower, in the 1930 census 2 weeks after he burial on 1 April 1930 he is reported as married.  He is maintaining his household with three single adult children.  Her death certificate, which was found five years after entering the 1930 census, reports that she died 31 March 1930.

    1930 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 18 April, Civil District 8, Enumeration District 14, page 5A, Hse/Fam #90
    Gregory, Andrew J Head Owns M W 78 Married  Married at age 27 cannot read or write AL TN TN Farmer
    Gregory, Jamie Dau F W 26 Single can read and write TN AL TN
    Gregory, Viola Dau F W 24 Single can read and write TN AL TN
    Gregory, Arthur Son M W 44 Single can read and write TN AL TN Laborer

    Next door is Andrew's son George with his wife and children.

    1930 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 18 April, Civil District 8, Enumeration District 14, page 5A, Hse/Fam #91
    Gregory, George Head Rents M W 78 Married at age 27 can read or write TN AL SC Farmer
    Gregory, Clarsie Wife F W 24 Married at age 20 can read and write TN TN TN
    Gregory, Truk M Dau F W 3 TN TN TN
    Gregory, George Jr Son M W 1 TN TN TN

    After years of unsuccessful searching, I finally found in May 2013 the maiden name of Andrew's mother.  His death certificate reports his mother as Rachael Lewis.

    His death record reports he died in Dandridge, but was to be buried in Taft.  The county is not reported, but I find Taft is an unincorporated place in Lincoln County.  Perhaps one of his children lived in Taft.  Or maybe there was another place called Taft in Cocke or Jefferson County.  His wife Leathy was buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Dandridge.

    Lincoln County is in south central Tennessee on the border with Alabama, north of Huntsville.  This death certificate reports his birth date as 7 Sep 1850, while the 1900 had said Nov 1849.

    Tennessee, Death Records, 1908-1958
    A J Gregory
    Birth 7 Sep 1850 Tennessee
    Age 86, Death 10 Nov 1936 at home, Chestnut Hill, Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee
    Burial 12 Nov 1936 Taft [Dandridge, Jefferson County] By John C Holder & Co, Newport, Cocke, Tennessee
    Widowed White Male
    Occupation Farmer
    Father Henry Gregory born Alabama
    Mother Rachael Lewis born Tennessee
    Informant Charlie Gregory, Dandridge
    Certificate #27446 filed 10 December 1936

    Several sources and lists of cemeteries have the name of the cemetery as Taff, rather than Taft as on the death certificate and on Find a Grave.

    Andrew Gregory
    Birth 1850 Tennessee
    Death Nov. 10, 1936 Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee
    Children James Henry Gregory (1881 - 1944)
    Burial Taft Cemetery,  Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee, Plot: Row 11 Plot 15
    Created by Jamie Mathis Ottinger Jul 01, 2013
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #113186055, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=113186055

    The burial place of Andrew's wife Letha Few Gregory has not been found.  Her death certificate reports that she was to be buried in the Chestnut Hill Cemetery near Dandridge, but her name does not appear on any Chestnut Hill records, and there is no memorial in the apparently complete list on Find a Grave.  She does not appear in any of three separate lists of burials in Taft/Taff Cemetery.


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