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Martha Wiley WALL

Martha Wiley WALL2,2,12,10,13,3,5,6

also known as Mattie TERRY7,1,10,8

21st Nov 18611 - 30th May 19321,4,11,2,3

Life History


Born in Unknown.1

(less likely)

21st Nov 1861

Born in Anson County, North Carolina.4,2,3,5,6,7,8

(most likely)


Resident in McLennan County, Texas.5

1st Jan 1880

Married Thomas Duncan TERRY in McLennan County, Texas.47,13,6,7

8th Dec 1880

Birth of daughter Julia Virginia TERRY in McLennan County, Texas.14,15,16,4,2,17,18,19,20,21,22,12,22,12

27th Aug 1882

Birth of son Thomas Everett TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.4,2

12th Mar 1884

Birth of daughter Nannie Jane TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.6,24,12,2,25,4,26

13th Dec 1885

Birth of daughter Carrie Lee TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.2,4

3rd Nov 1887

Birth of son William Ernest TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.28,4

13th Aug 1888

Death of son Thomas Everett TERRY in Eton, Murray, Georgia.23,2

23rd Aug 1888

Death of daughter Carrie Lee TERRY in Eton, Murray, Georgia.2,27

27th Aug 1888

Death of son William Ernest TERRY in Eton, Murray, Georgia.2,28

6th Aug 1889

Birth of son Arthur Wiley TERRY in Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia.29,7,4,1,30,6,30,31,32,33

27th Apr 1892

Birth of daughter Jeffie Mae TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.34,35,1,36,7,2

16th Apr 1895

Birth of daughter Clarice Mabel TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.7,4,37,2,38,1,39

17th Jul 1899

Birth of daughter Ouida Mayfield TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.2,40,6,41,42,4


Residence2 in McDonald, Murray, Georgia.6

10th Jun 1904

Birth of son Rama Wall TERRY in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.43,44,7,4,8,26,45,46

between 1910 and 1932

Residence3 in Richland Township, Stephens, Oklahoma.8,9,10,8

30th May 1932

Died in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.1,4,11,2,3

31st May 1932

Buried in Marlow Cemetery, Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma.1,2,3


  • The name Wall appears in some sources as Walls.

    Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins, in a personal interview by Lou Ila Jenkins, about 1955, reports the date of marriage for her parents.  No place of marriage was reported in the information from Jennie.

    Originally Mattie was thought to have married Thomas Duncan in Georgia.  They are recorded in the 1900 census in McDonald, Murray County, Georgia.  Julia Virginia (called Jennie in the 1900 census) married Joseph Asa Jenkins In Marlow, Chickasaw Nation, in March 1901.  But then I discovered that they were recorded in the 1880 census in McLennan County, Texas, where Jennie was born in December.

    Finding these Texas records finally resolved an uncertainty within the family information, where Jennie was reported to have been born in Texas, but the only details anyone could remember was that she came from Georgia, and continued to speak with a light Georgia accent.  (Latter reported to me by my father, telling me about his mother when I was a child.)

    Other Terry family members were in McLennan and surrounding Texas counties and remained there.  Thomas Duncan and Mattie moved back to Georgia, where the rest of their children were born  before they moved to Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.

    All the children recorded in the 1910 census in Oklahoma are reported to have been born in Georgia. The Terry Family History information with Thomas Duncan Terry's name and family tree did not have his wife or children.  Other details match closely with the information in Jenkins family history for the father of Julia Virginia Terry, concerning her mother Mattie Wall and the place of birth of Julia Virginia as Georgia.

    His father's name on the Terry family History website was William.  Julia Virginia reported that her grandfather Terry's name was William Barney Terry.  Her reported name of her grandmother as Julia Ann Roberts also matches the Terry Family History.  The Terry Family website, while presenting very much historical and family information, had many gaps.  One was that they report no wife for Thomas D (and also lack his middle name, having only the initial).

    The information provided by Jenkins-Terry information and the notes from Jennie on four generations of her family, leave no doubt that this is the same family lineage.  This fills in the whole piece missing from the Terry Family History on the branch of Mattie and Thomas Duncan's descendants.  The extensive family information recorded by Lou Ila Jenkins in the 1950s also provided the name of Mattie's parents and some of her brothers, which confirmed and extended some tentative information already put together in the 1970s by Harold Christian in the Jenkins Family History.

    Some census data reported Jennie born in Texas, but this was questioned by the overall picture from family tradition till I finally found the Texas records  The census reports all the children born in Georgia.  This would mean they moved to Marlow, Indian Territory, after the birth of Rama in 1905.  But the marriage date of Julia Virginia is March 1901.  See more discussion on this in the Notes for Thomas Duncan and Julia Virginia Terry.

    Likely cause:
    The census official erred in reporting Georgia as the birth of Rama, based on the fact that all the other children were born in Georgia.  This would be a minor error in census reporting compared to many I commonly find in previous censuses.

    The gravestone of Mattie W Terry gives a different year of birth than that reported by the family members and other sources.  The grave has only the year 1859, two years earlier than the exact date given by her daughter Jennie (Julia Virginia) and by Betty Gregston in her family's genealogy.  The 1900 census agrees with the family in the month and year it reports.

    The 1900 census records that Duncan and Mattie had been married 20 years.  This means it was later than June 4 1879, and before June 1880, in order to say they had already been married 20 years at the June 1900 census.  Based on the birth of the first child Jennie (Julia Virginia), I had determined they were married no later than 8 April 1880.

    In May 2007, I learned an exact date from notes discovered by my mother Lou Ila Gregory Jenkins.  Thomas and Mattie were married 1 January 1880.

    Texas, Select County Marriage Index, 1837-1965
    Mattie W Wall
    Marriage 1 Jan 1880 McLennan County, Texas
    Spouse T D Terry

    They were living in Texas at the time, near Tom's relatives who had moved earlier from Georgia.  In June 1880, Mattie was enumerated in McLennan County, Texas, with her husband and no children yet.  But her first child Julia Virginia (Jennie) was born at Lorena, McLennan County, in December of 1880.

    1880 Federal Census, McLennan County, Texas, No date, June 1880, District 117, page 16, Hse/Fam #159
    Terry, T D  W M 23 Farmer  b Georgia, no birth place given for parents
    Terry, M M [M W?]  [No relationship stated, Wife]  W F 20 NC NC NC

    Next door to them is a family named Wall.  These would be kinfolks of Mattie Wall Terry, but I cannot figure out exactly how they are kin.  We think Mattie's father was born about 1840, while she was born in 1861.  So this cannot be her brother.  Perhaps it is an uncle, a younger brother of her father.  Having initials only in these entries makes it harder to discover their identities.  What were the census people thinking!?

    1880 Federal Census, McLennan County, Texas, No date, June 1880, District 117, page 16, Hse/Fam #160
    Wall, E P    W M 30 Farmer  NC NC NC
    Wall, A E  W F 5 Wife AR AR --
    Wall, M P  W F 5 Dau  TX -- --
    Wall, S W  W F 4 Son  TX -- --
    Wall, M E  W F 2 Dau  TX -- --

    Tom and Mattie Terry were in Georgia in June 1900.  They appear in the 1900 census in McDonald District, Murray County, Georgia.  This census confirms Thomas D's middle name as Duncan. This name is otherwise attested, but in most sources he is listed as Thomas D Terry.  The birth states reported for the children indicates that Tom and Mattie moved from McLennan County, Texas, where Jennie was born, before 1884, when Nannie was born.  I have no other details concerning their presence or the move from Texas back to Tom's home area in Georgia.  The last child's name, which should be Ouida, looks like Orda.

    1900 Census, Murray County, Georgia, 8 June, McDonald District, District 71, Page 5B, House #86, Family #89
    Terry, Thomas D Head M W  Jun  1857  42  m-20-yrs  GA SC NC  Farmer
    Terry, Mattie        Wife  F W  Nov 1861  38  m-20-yrs  10 children/6 living NC NC NC
    Terry, Jennie       Dau   F W  Dec 1880  19   Single TX GA NC
    Terry, Nannie      Dau   F W  Mar 1884  16  Single GA GA NC At School
    Terry, Arthur        Son  M W  Aug 1889  10  Single GA GA NC At School
    Terry, Jeffie         Dau   F W  Apr 1892    8   Single GA GA NC At School
    Terry, Clarice       Dau   F W  Apr 1895    5   Single GA GA NC
    Terry, Orda (Oeda?) [Ouida] Dau F W  July 1899  11mo Single GA GA NC

    A William W Wall matching the age of Mattie's father is found in the 1880 census in Wake County, North Caroilna, and one or more genealogies report this as Martha's father William Wiley Wall.  Wake County is two or three counties northeast of Anson County, North Carolina, where Martha Wiley Wall was born.  Genealogies that have reported this William W Wall and his family do not include any son named anything like E P.

    In December 2017, we received a copy of Mattie's obituary from the Marlow newspaper (see transcription at the end of Notes).  This gave us tow important dates.  The obituary reported that they moved from Murray County, Georgia, to Marlow, on 1 January 1900.  The specific date of the move to Marlow is puzzling, since they obviously could not have moved in one day, probably even if they had taken the train.  But the year of the move seems incorrect, since they were still at their home in Murray County for the June 1900 census.

    They probably moved to Indian Territory soon after the June 1900 census, since they had been there long enough that their oldest daughter Jennie married in Marlow, Chickasaw Nation, in March 1901.  Otherwise the January date reported for the move in Mattie's obituary may have been in 1901.  But the move would have taken some time.  They did not move in one day as reported.

    The date of the move as January 1901 was, in fact, reported in an article about Jennie and Joe's 50th wedding anniversary in 1951, reporting that her family moved to Indian Territory in January 1901.  So Jennie married only 2 1/2 months ater her parents moved the family to Marlow, Chickkasaw Nation.

    Mattie's obituary also reports that the family moved to a farm seven miles west of Marlow in January 1903.

    1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, lists Thomas D Terry, with wife Mattie W, matching the known full name Martha Wiley Wall, mother of Julia Virgina Terry Jenkins, first daughter of Thomas Duncan Terry.

    1910 Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 27 April, Richland Township, District 243, page 9A, No Hse/ Fam # on page
    Terry, Thomas D Head M W 52  marriage 1 Married 29?-yrs  GA SC NC  Farmer
    Terry, Mattie W  Wife  F W 50? marriage 2? Married 29?-yrs 7 children/7 living NC NC NC
    Terry, Nannie Dau   F W 22  s    GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Arthur   Son   M W 20  s   GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Jeffie    Dau   F  W 17  s   GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Claris    Dau   F  W 15  s   GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Oeda    Dau   F  W 10  s   GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Rama   Son   M  W   5  s   GA GA NC

    1920 Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 20 January, Richland Township, District 262, page 6A, Farm #75
    Tery, Thomas D Head M W 63  GA SC SC  Farmer
    Tery,  Mattie   Wife  F W  62  NC NC NC
    Tery, Rama  Son   M  W  15 OK US US
    Tery, Louise Daughter F W 23 GA US US
    Tery, Burt  Son-in-Law M  W  32 TX AL AL
    Tery, Tery S Granddaughter F W 2yrs 1mo OK US US

    In 1930, Tom and Mattie are still living in Richland Township, without any children.

    1930 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 18 April, Richland, District 22, page 10A, Hse #181, Fam #182
    Terry, Tom D  Head M W 73 GA SC NC Retired;
    Terry, Mattie W  Wife F W 70 NC NC NC

    Mattie died in 1932.

    Martha Wiley "Mattie" Wall Terry
    Birth 1859 North Carolina
    Death May 30, 1932 Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma
    Spouse Thomas Duncan Terry (1857 - 1935)
    Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins (1880 - 1966)
    Thomas Everett Terry (1882 - 1888)
    Carrie Lee Terry (1885 - 1888)
    William Ernest Terry (1887 - 1888)
    Arthur Wiley Terry (1889 - 1968)
    Jeffie M Wagnon (1892 - 1967)
    Clarice M Terry Lewis (1895 - 1982)
    Ouida M Terry Hill (1899 - 1986)
    Rama Wall Terry (1904 - 1965)
    Burial Marlow Cemetery, Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma
    Created by Jean Jan 22, 2008
    --  Find a Grave Memorial #24104589, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=24104589

    Mrs T D Terry Obituary
    Born 21 November 1859 in Anson County, North Carolina
    Moved to Marlow from Murray County, Georgia, 1 January 1900 [1901 - ref Jennie and Joe's 50th wedding newspaper anniversary story.  Moved?  Left Georgia then?  Arrived in Chickasaw Nation on that date?]
    In January 1903, they moved to a farm seven miles west of Marlow and lived there till their deaths.
    Died Monday [30 May 1932, date of death or clipping not in the clipped article] at the home of her daughter Mrs Bert Lewis [Clarice Terry Lewis]
    Funeral Tuesday [30 May 1932] at First Baptist Church tabernacle, Marlow, conducted by Rev Albert L Gregg, pastor
    Surviving Children:
    Mrs Jennie Jenkins, Fort Cobb
    Mrs Nannie Fain, Lawton
    Mrs Jeffie Wagnon, Duncan
    Mrs Clarice Lewis, Marlow
    Mrs Owida Hill, Marlow
    Arthur W Terry, Marlow
    Rama W Terry, Marlow
    Burial in the Marlow Cemetery, under direction of Steele Funeral Home
    --  Obituary of Mrs T D Terry, probably from the Marlow Review, Marlow, Oklahoma, aft 31 May 1932; clipping from the photos and papers of her grandson Orville Lee Jenkins, in the possession of Orville Boyd Jenkins


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