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Daniel David GREEN

Daniel David GREEN9,6,12,7,13,8,11,14,2,3,15,4

8th Jul 184412 - 11th Oct 18781,12

Life History

4th Jul 1844

Born in Georgia.12

(less likely)

8th Jul 1844

Born in Gilmer County, Georgia.1,2,3,4,4

(most likely)


Resident in Gilmer County, Georgia.6

between 1860 and 1866

Residence2 in Gainesville, Cooke, Texas.7,8

between 1868 and 1875

Residence3: Marriage Pickens Co, Chickasaw Nation; court documents for Van Buren, Arkansas, name Daniel & brothers Jackson & Jacob & brother-in-law Abraham Jackson in several cases 1870 to 1875. Court docs mention no specific residences or event locations. in Pickens County, Indian Territory.9,10,11

7th Feb 1869

Birth of son Reddick Jackson GREEN in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.16,17,18,14,9

7th Feb 1870

Birth of daughter Tory Elizabeth GREEN in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.19,20,14

8th Oct 1871

Married Francis COLBERT in Berwyn, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.10,35,9

1st Apr 1872

Birth of son Daniel G GREEN in Indian Territory.21,22,23,24

12th Jun 1874

Birth of daughter Minnie Lee GREEN in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.12,9,25,3,26,27,28,14,29,30

25th Sep 1876

Birth of son Rosebud GREEN in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.31,14

27th Sep 1876

Death of son Rosebud GREEN in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.31,14

2nd Oct 1877

Birth of son Robert Lewis GREEN in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.32,14

3rd Oct 1877

Death of son Robert Lewis GREEN in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.32,14

26th Feb 1878

Birth of daughter Emma Augusta GREEN in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.33,34,14

11th Oct 1878

Died in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,12

after 11th Oct 1878

Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,5


  • Sources available to Linda Hanks indicate that Daniel was also called David or Dave.  It appears his full name was Daniel David.  The 1850 census in Gilmer County, Georgia has an entry that can be read both ways, due to the uncertain handwriting. transcribes his name in 1850 as David.  One of his brothers, Jackson Green, named a son Daniel David also.

    1850 Federal Census, Gilmer County, Georgia, page 397B (scan #100), Hse/Fam #691
    Toliver Green 33 M Farmer born SC
    Winney Green 28 F born GA
    Daniel Green 6 M born GA

    1860 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 21 July, Gainesville, page 58, Hse #481, Fam #496
    Taiferro [Toliver] Green  48 M Farmer [No real estate value] $250 Personal Estate  born SC
    Winna [Winney] Green  38 F Georgia
    Daniel Green  16 M born Georgia

    "Toliver Green b.1812 SC. Married Winnie Ann Bearden in Gilmer Co. GA. Had the following children all born in GA, Delitha b.1842, Daniel (David) b1844, Mary b.1846, Jacob b.1849, Jackson b.1850, Winna b.1852, Elizabeth b.1854 and Cynthia b.1857"
    --  Linda Hanks, RootsWeb Discussion Lists, 14 Aug 2004 (

    Millennium File
    Daniel Green
    Birth Date 1844
    Spouse Francis Colbert
    Children Minnie Lee Green

    Fellow Green-Jackson researcher and cousin Kati Jackson Cain discovered a tax-roll records collection for Cooke County,  Texas in which we find records for Daniel and his father Toliver in several years.  Toliver is listed on tax rolls for several years in the 1860s up to 1866.

    Daniel and his father are both listed in 1862.

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    Cooke County, 1862
    Green, Daniel  2 horses & 17 cattle 40 sheep $455
    Poll Tax $1.00  State Tax $2.16 County Tax $.50

    Daniel's father Toliver Green was in the Texas State Troops during part of the Civil War, being mustered out in June 1864.  Daniel, his father and his uncle Abraham Jackson served in the Texas State Troops and Confederate States army.  Daniel was in the TST initially, then was mustered out so he could reenlist in the regular CSA, still in an assignment for defense of the frontier, according to his muster roll card.

    Military Record Card
    Daniel Green, Pvt, age 18 [b abt 1845]
    Commanding Officer Capt James Hill
    Mounted Company, Minute Men,. 21st Brigade, Brigadier General Wm Hudson Commanding
    Mustered in Mar 28, 1863 for 11 days
    Discharge:  Mustered out Apr 8, 1863 and reenlisted in CSA Apr 24, 1863 at Gainesville [Cooke County, Texas] for 3 years service or till end of war

    In the Texas tax rolls of 1865, Daniel is the only Green I find listed for Cooke County, though his father was listed in 1864, and again in 1866..

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    Cooke County, 1865
    Green, Daniel  1 horse & 2 cattle $35  Poll Tax $1.00
    State Tax $.04 County Tax $.02 [?]

    In 1866 Daniel is listed next to his father's entry in Cooke County, Texas.

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    Cooke County, 1866
    Green, D  1 horse & 5 cattle $75
    Ad Valorem Tax $.15 Poll Tax $1.00  State Tax $.59

    Green family tradition in Oklahoma reports that Dan (Daniel) married an Indian woman.  But no one had any further details on place or tribe.  In October 2007 I found a genealogy with information on what appeared to be our Daniel David Green, married to Frances Colbert.

    Dave (also went by Daniel or Dan) lived in Love County, Oklahoma, where other members of the Green-Jackson families lived, and Daniel Green is listed in the burial information for Lakeview Cemetery, Love County, Oklahoma.  The genealogy gives no commentary of information about Frances' family ethnicity.  Her parents are not listed.  I later found some further information from what appeared to be a later version of the Sherman genealogy, though anonymous.
    --  L Sherman,

    Dan had a nephew also named Daniel David Green, the son of his brother Jackson and Clarinda Barnett, who went by Dave.  Dan and his Chickasaw wife Fannie, and their family, were known to current (2015-2017) members of the Green-Gresogry-Jenkins famliy in Oklahoma and Texas.

    We learned details of their contacts and permanent residence in Chickaasaw Nation through the reseaarch of Kati Jackson Cain, researching Chickasaw Nation records in October 2015.

    "I have found permits for "T. Green" and his license is issued under Francis (Colbert) Cochran, now we also know how Daniel Green and Francis Colbert met. There's also a permit for a William Jackson. He ended up married to a Chickasaw woman named Annie Donovan."
    --  Kati Jackson Cain, email to cousins Orville Boyd Jenkins and Marion Mixon, 24 October 2015

    Permits  No 9  Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation Jan 13th 1870
    "This is to certify that T Green is duly employed by Mrs Frances Chockrain [Cochran] for one year from date.   As farmer.  Given under my hand, this day and date above written.
    Wm P Worthington District Clerk"

    A few months later, Frances Cichran married Toliver Green';s son Daniel Green.  This establishes the proximity of the Green family.  They actually lived just over the ed River from the area of Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, where Frances lived.  This T Green could be Daniel and Jackson's father Toliver Green.  It could also be Tom Green, now known as another name for Jackson Green.

    The name Tom Green also appears with Dan Green and Abraham Jackson, husband of their sister Talitha Green, and is otherwise unidentified in family information.  The trio is referred toether in several illegal exploits, so must have been regular cronies.

    One such legal document from that era clarifies who this Tom Green was.  Another court record found in the Ft Smith/Van Buren records of the Westeren District of Arkansas identified charges against Dan Green and Jackson Green, aka Tom Green,  The warrant noted that charges were originally filed against them as Dan Green and Tom Green.

    US Western District of Arkansas Court Records
    Dan Green and Tom Green
    Bond letter to appear for reset trial dated 6 April 1875
    Assaslt with intent to kill, $1000 joint bond
    Posted by "Daniel Green and Jackson Green a.k.a. 'Tom Green'"
    To appear in court 10 May 1875
    Alleged victim R Dunn did not appear in court to testify "due to illness"
    Summons to give testimony and be tried in the US Court at Ft Smith, Arkansas
    --  Document image courtesy of Cynthia Ann Mixon Beam and Marion Mixon;  from records of US Federal Court, Arkansas Western District

    So Tom Green was the same person as Jackson Green!  This would iinform us that Dan and Talitha's brother Jackson was named either Thomas Jackson Green or Jackson Thomas Green.  Both these names are found in the family lineage.  There is a pattern in this line of using the middle name as the common name, so it seems likley Jackson was his middle name.  We are lisitng him in this genealogy as Thomas Jackson Green.

    During the 1870s, Dan is documented in legal documents of the Western District of Arkansas, the US jurisdiction for US citizens living in Indian Territory, administrered form Ft Smith and Van Buren, Arkansas.  The court records are found with names of Abraham Jackson and related Greens, Jacob, Daniel and Jack, in the Ft Smith, Arkansas area.  In one of these Dan and his brother Jack (Jackson) are charged with assault with intent to kill; in the U S Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas, which handled judicial matters for U S citizens in the Indian Territory.  There are a couple of other trespasses, included cattle rustling, but disposition of these case is not there.

    Writ for Bond to Appear
    date moved due to non-arrival of defense witness and illness of prosecution witness.  Bond of $1000 set to ensure
    appearance at next court session 10 May 1875

    United States of America
    Western District of Arkansas

    United States vs
    Daniel Green and Jackson Green
    charged as "Dan Green and Jack Green"
    Assault with intent to kill
    6 April 1875
    "Came the defendants in custody of the marshal and the witnesses for the government not having arrived, the prosecuting witness being sick, the defendants waive an examination of the charge, to which the District Attorney assents."  Wherefore the defts. [defendants] were required to give a joint bond in the amount of one thousand dollars for their appearance on the 1st day of the next May term to wit May 10th 1875"

    No documentation of the final trial has been found.

    Dan's brother-in-law Abraham Jackson is also documented in these court records.  Abraham (Abe) had been in Indian Territory in the Civil War.  Military records seem to refer to our Abraham Jackson, in the Scanland Squadron, Texas Company A.  This was part of the Wells Regiment.  They were stationed in Ft Arbuckle, Oklahoma.  The Jacksons later lived not far south of there, in the Ardmore and Marietta areas.  This Squadron was active in CSA operations in northeastern Oklahoma and Northwestern Arkansas.

    The latter location would also link Dan, Abe and Dan's brothers Jacob and Jackson to that area, where all four are named in court records on various causes in the US Court for the Western District of Arkansas, which handled judicial matters for U S citizens in Indian Territory.

    There was no census for Indian Territory residents in 1870, so there is a gap in our knowledge of the location of homesteaads.  Daniel married Frances on 8 October 1871, according to the Sherman genealogy.  He died in 1878, so we will not have any census documentation of their marriage or family.  Frances went by Fannie.  Chickasaw History reports this date.  This entry is found under Frances' record.

    "She married Daniel Green in Berwyn, Pickens Co., Chick Nation, IT, 8 OCT 1871.(1702) (Daniel Green is #26909.) Daniel was born circa 1848.(1703) Daniel died before 1879. Marriage records show his name as "David" but Dawes records for his son give it as 'Daniel'."
    --  Chickasaw History, Francis Colbert,

    In the 7 years of their marriage, Daniel and Frances had three children that are recorded by the Sherman genealogy.  There was one girl named Minnie Lee Green, and two boys.  Another genealogy of the family records only Minnie Lee.  I later found a 1900 census record for Fannie as a widow with two of her children, reporting them all as Choctaw Indians, living in Chickasaw Nation.  Her son living next door to them is also reported as Choctaw.  This is probably due to their original registration in Choctaw Nation where they living at the time of the first Indian roll registration.  Originally, also, the Chickasaw and Choctaw shared an allotment area, which was later separated for each tribe.  (See Notes for Frances Colbert.)  There were three additional children who died as infants.

    The names of the boys are unusual, and the two sons have names that are forms of the same name:  Reddick "Redie" Green and Daniel Redric Green.  The second son's middle name Redric looks like a variation of the first name of the first son's name Reddick.  In May 2008 I found a 1900 census record for Reddick J Green, of an age matching the oldest son.  This census reported Reddick, his wife Etta and their two children as White.

    I could not find any census record confirming the existence of the child reported in the genealogy as Daniel Redric.  The name Redric looked like an error or a variation for Reddick, his older brother's name.  I have found no documentation of a middle name of Redric that some of the genealogies have.  But in 1900 he is in his widowed mother's household as Dan Green.  In September 2010, I found some census entries that appeared to match this reported child Daniel.  The 1910 and 1930 censuses report him, however, as Daniel G.

    The Chickasaw History reports the second son as simply Daniel:
    "Daniel Green (#26910) was born in IT circa 1874. Daniel enrolled in Marietta, Pickens Co., Chickasaw Nation, IT for the Dawes Chickasaw Roll on 3 OCT 1898 and appears on Dawes card number 1615.(1716)"
    --  Chickasaw History, Francis Colbert,

    Daniel was Fannie's second husband.  Her first husband, Samuel Hunter Cochran, who died at an unknown time before Fannie's marriage to Dan in 1871.  She also had a third husband, Charles Adams, who died sometime before 1888, when she married her fourth husband, Theophilus H East.  The 1900 census record for 1900 showing her as a widow named Francis East.  But this appears to be a social fiction, because thery were divorced.  Theophilus testified in his 1904 interview with the Dawes Commission in regard to his citizenship in the Chickasaw Nation that Fannie had left him and they divorced in about 1892 in Canadian County, Oklahoma Territory.  The transcript reports that he provided papers, but they were not included in the transcription.

    The Colbert family genealogy I found with all this great information reported that Theophilus and Fannie died the same year, 1910.  But death reccords report that Theoplhilus died in 1917 in Colorado, from complications during surgery.

    Daniel David Green
    Birth Jul 8, 1844 Gilmer County, Georgia
    Death Oct 11, 1878 Love County, Oklahoma
    Spouse F                                       rancis Colbert Green East (1831 - 1915)
    Tory E Thornton (1870 - 1886)
    Reddick J Green (1872 - 1906)
    Minnie Jones (1874 - 1938)
    Rosebud Green (1876 - 1876)
    Robert Louis Green (1877 - 1877)
    Emma A Green (1878 - 1892)
    Burial Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma
    Created by Phil & Donna Whitaker May 01, 2006
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #14137464,

    "I did learn an interesting fact about the Greens in the Lakeview Cemetery in Marietta. The Greens were moved there from a family cemetery located south of Marietta at some point. The Love County historian was invited to our Chickasaw family reunion & we were discussing families in Love County. The Greens came up & she told me about an article in the Marietta Monitor that told about the cemetery."
    --  Kati Jackson Cain, email to cousins Orville Boyd Jenkins and Marion Mixon, 7 July 2017


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