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Monterville Marvin ISRAEL

Monterville Marvin ISRAEL4,7,8,5,3,6,9,9

about 18264,2,5,6 - 9th Apr 1864

Life History

about 1826

Born in North Carolina.4,2,5,6

24th Aug 1847

Married Matilda GREEN in Buncombe County, North Carolina.7,9

19th Dec 1849

Birth of son William Thomas ISRAEL in Alabama.4,6,5,10,11,12,13,14,15

7th Sep 1850

Birth of son James Monroe ISRAEL in Cherokee County, Alabama.6,16,17,18,19,11,9

12th Oct 1852

Birth of son John Wesley ISRAEL in Cherokee County, Alabama.6,20,21,11,9

about 1854

Birth of son George W ISRAEL in Cherokee County, Alabama.6,20,9

16th Jul 1856

Birth of daughter Martha Elvira ISRAEL in Cherokee County, Alabama.20,11,6,9

9th Apr 1864

Died in Kingston, Batow, Georgia

Wounds in Civil War Battle; his last battle of record was Chattanooga Nov 1863

about 9th Apr 1864

Buried in Kingston, Bartow, Georgia.1,2,3


  • 1840 Alabama State Census, Cherokee County, page 50
    M M Israel head of household
    Males 1 Under age 21; 1 Over age 21; 1 18-45
    Females 1 Over 21
    No Slaves

    Two houses down is Ambroes (Ambrose) Green, the brother of Monterville's wife Matilda.  (Between them is a George Taylor.)

    1840 Alabama State Census, Cherokee County, page 50
    Ambroes [sic] Green head of household
    Males 1 Over age 21; 1 18-45
    Females 1 Over 21
    No Slaves

    1850 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 11 January, District 27, page 29, Hse/Fam #849
    Monterville Israel 24 M Agriculture b NC  (b abt 1826)
    Matilda Israel 24 F b SC  (b abt 1826)
    William Israel 2 F b Alabama (b abt 1848)

    In 1850, there is another enumeration of Monterville and Matilda, in the household of her brother Ambrose in neighboring DeKalb County.  This enumeration was not made until the end of the year.  The census date for 1850 was 1 January, and this family was enumerated in Cherokee County on 11 January.  Apparently it took 11 months for the authorities to get to DeKalb across the county line to the north.

    I suspect the farm they are working in DeKalb County is very near their farm home in Cherokee County, since they are all enumerated in Cherokee County in 1840 and 1860.

    1850 Federal Census, DeKalb County, Alabama, 17 December, Division 25, p 737 (scan 368), Hse/Fam #581
    A Greene 31 M Farmer $no value stated for Real Estate b South Carolina [born abt 1819]
    Lavina Greene 23 F Georgia Cannot read or write [born abt 1827]
    Mary Greene 10 F Alabama [born abt 1840]
    Ally Greene 8 F Alabama [born abt 1842]
    Montveal Israel 25 M Farmer $no value stated for Real Estate b North Carolina [born abt 1825]
    Matilda Israel 23 F South Carolina Cannot read or write [born abt 1827]
    Taylor Israel 2 M B Alabama [born abt 1848]

    1860 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 7 June, District 2, PO Centre, page (scan #54), Hse/Fam #388
    M M Israel 33 M Farmer $505 Personal Estate born North Carolina [b abt 1827]
    Matilda Israel 33 F born South Carolina [b abt 1827]
    William M Israel 12 M born Alabama [b abt 1848]
    James Israel 10 M born Alabama [b abt 1850]
    John Israel 8 M born Alabama [b abt 1852]
    George Israel 6 M born Alabama [b abt 1854]
    Martha Israel 4 F born Alabama [b abt 1856]

    Monterville entered service for the State of Alabama in the military forces of the Confederate States of America, and was killed in action in December 1863.

    Alabama Civil War Muster Rolls, 1861-1865
    Roll #209
    M M Israel
    Military unit: 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company E
    Muster Roll Date: 04 Sep 1861 Alabama
    Promoted from First Lieutenant to Captain Pensacola Feb 1862
    Died December 1863 Kingston [Bartow County, Georgia]

    [Military records report death in Kingston was Dec 1863.  Some researchers propose he actually died in April 1864, but was wounded in Dec 1863.  Jess Headly suggests he was wounded at Chickamauga.  But according to the dates provided below by Nancy Coward, Chickamauga was in September 1863, and Monterville fought in the Battle of Chattanooga in November 1863, so this would be the obvious time when his ultimately mortal wounds occurred.]

    In a roll of the Cherokee Guards, Monterville is listed along with a William Green and his neighbor George Taylor, recorded adjacent to him in the 1840 census.  William is probably the nephew of Monterville's wife Matilda, the son of her brother Jephtha, born in 1838.

    Roll of the Cherokee Guards
    M M Israel 1st Lieut
    William Green 1st Corpl
    George Taylor Drummer

    (Alabama Infantry) 19th Company E
    M M Israel
    (Written in above in different hand and ink: "Marvel"]
    1st Lieut Promoted Pensacola Feb/62
    Israel; Capt Promoted Pensacola Feb/62
    Died Dec'r/63 Kingston

    A couple of genealogies report a different date of death for Monterville.  With some uncertainty, Nancy Lee Coward reports it as "Kingston Hospital in Bartow Co, GA I think."  This information from Nancy is included in the fairly complete genealogy of Linda Newbrough "Our Newbrough Family Tree" on Ancestry.com (http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7037895/person/-1177607896).

    The family connections and George Taylor, as well as other names that appear on the same page in the 1840 census are conclusive that the record I am reporting here is for the right Monterville Marvin Israel.  Nancy refers to further family and military records indicating that the Dec 1863 date may be the date he was wounded, but death occurred only in April 1864.  I think it makes more sense that the military record is correct, and the family used a later date based on when they got the information.  See further discusssion below.

    Nancy discusses this discrepancy and provides other family information to clarify the date of death, in comments on Linda Newbrough's tree on Ancestry.

    Nancy Lee Coward added this on 24 Nov 2010

    According to "The Children of Israel" by Kenneth Israel and Military records. Enlisted as a 1st Lt. in the Roll of the Cherokee Guards (Cherokee, AL). Promoted to Captain at Pensacola on Feb. 1862, he was listed as deceased on Dec. 1863, but that is probably when he was wounded....death date is on headstone at Crossville, Al. as 1864.

    Family records say he returned home in 1862 to get clothing, and that is probably when the photo of him in uniform was taken. According to his military record, he died at the Kingston Georgia Hospital and is actually buried there in a common grave along with his fallen comrades. (Military records list him as M. M. "Marvel" and "Marvil") He has a VA headstone beside Leonidas and John W. Israel who died in 1863 in the Civil War, and are believed to be his brothers. His headstone reads "In Memory Of".

    The headstones are at Crossville Alabama Cemetery. He was married to Matilda Green daughter of Henry and Alley (Saxon) Green. He and Matilda had 5 children before he died. They were: William Taylor, James Monroe, John W., George W. and Martha Elvira Israel. Martha is my line. She married Newton R. Goggans. Monterville is in two censuses in 1850. They moved from DeKalb (January census date) Al. to Cherokee Al (Dec. census date). In Dekalb they were living with a possible brother of Matilda Green (A. Green) with one child, Taylor (William) Israel age 2. In 1860 they were in Cherokee Co., Al. with his wife and 5 children.
    --  http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7037895/person/-1177607896/comments?pg=32768&pgpl=pid

    I question whether the two census reports indicates that Monterville and Matilda actually changed residence during the year 1850.  MM Israel was already in Cherokee Alabama in 1840, where they are enumerated two houses down from her Matilda's brother Ambrose.  But I wonder why Ambrose would be over in DeKalb when he is living in Cherokee County in 1840 and 1960.  I rather suspect they lived close to the county line, Ambrose is working another farm, and Monterville is there with his family temporarily working with him

    Nancy references one of the notes I found on military records.  I had found the name "Marvel" that she refers to.  In notes on the back of the official record card of Monterville is listed as on the other records, only by his initials, M M Israel.  But above this entry, in another pen and another hand, is written "Marvel."  It appears this represents the phonetic contraction of Monterville in the southern drawl we would hear in that part of the country.

    In the common format of that speech "Monter" of Monterville would be softened (slurred) into "Mar."  Seeing the VA headstone (below) on his memorial grave made me wonder if they pronounced Marvin as Marvel.

    Nancy mentions military records that report his death as in Kingston Hospital, but I have not found that record.  I suspect that the discrepancy of dates of death Dec 1863 and the year 1864 is because the death occurred so near the end of the year and the family got the news in January 1864, so that by the time they got the memorial monument and plot worked out, 1864 was in focus in the family's mind and that was the year that got recorded as the year of death.  The VA headstone would have likely followed the family info.

    Monterville Marvin (Capt.) Israel
    B:1826 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina
    D:9 April, 1864 in Kingston General Hospital, Bartow Co., Georgia
    Parents James Israel 1802-1880, Mary Emma Burton 1793-1862
    Marriage 1848 to Matilda Green Buncombe, North Carolina
    --  Newbrough Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7037895/person/-1177607896

    The current memorial headstone, as Nancy explained above, was placed by the Veteran's Admininstration.  His name there is Marvin M.

    Gravestone of M M Israel, Crossville Methodist Cemtery, Crossville, DeKalb, Alabama
    In Memory
    Marvin M Israel
    Capt Co E 19 Ala Inf

    A memorial tribute has been polaced on Find A Grave online to to recognize this memorial for Monterville in Crossville, Alabama.

    Capt Marvin M Israel
    Birth:  1826
    Death:  1864
    Capt. Marvin M. Israel
    Co. E, 19th Ala. Infantry, CSA
    VA Stone marker inscribed "In Memory of". Next to this marker are Pvt. Leonidas Israel and Pvt. John W. Israel. All three died during the war years.
    William Taylor Israel (1848 - 1920)
    Burial [Memorial marker only] Crossville Methodist Church Cemetery, Crossville, DeKalb County, Alabama
    Created by: Garry Smith Jun 01, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #53139772, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=53139772

    Nancy Hough provides a wonderful tribute of information on Monterville on another Find A Grave memorial.  She includes information from the genealogy by Jeff Headly.

    Monterville Marvin "Captain" Israel
    Birth 1826
    Death Apr. 9, 1864
    Moved 1836 to Cherokee, AL
    Civil War, Company E, 19th AL Infantry, Captain CSA
    Enlisted 12 Aug 1861
    Rank of Captain Aug 28, 1862
    Went home to get clothing in Nov. 1862
    Fought in Battles of Stone River (Murfresboro, Tn.) Dec. 1862;  Chicamauga, Sep. 1863;  Chattanooga, Nov. 1863
    Died in Kingston Hospital, Kingston, Ga. on Apr 9, 1864 [Military records say he died in Kingston Dec 1863, as trranscribed and discussed above]

    The Children of Israel, Kenneth Israel
    Bible records of General White; memory of and records of: Votra White Vowell, Nora Olive White Brickey

    From the Records of Jess Headley.........
    Jess Headley - Jul 30, 2002

    My grandmother (Mary Ethel Goggans) was the daughter of Martha Israel and Newton Goggans. I am sure many of you have researched the Israel family, but I want to share a personal "trip" I took back to my/our roots. The Israels came from Buncombe County, North Carolina. They owned part of the original estate where the Biltmore mansion was built...they have a long history there, with a lot of sites preserved...

    Montraville Marvin Israel left NC and moved to Alabama. It was here that he married Matilda Green and they had 5 children... I only knew originally that Montraville was injured at Chickamauga and taken to a hospital in Kingston, Ga, where he died of his injuries...So I began to "dig" for info about Kingston..and the cemetery...and the hospital...for some reason, I had this compelling desire to go there, find the cemetery, and see for myself...this spring, I made this part of our vacation...we went to Kingston...found some wonderful people who still celebrate "Memorial Day" there..each spring, they honor the Confederate soldiers (249 unidentified, one identified) who are buried at their Confederate cemetery.

    They have a history center there and some papers terlling the history of some of the known soldiers buried there..There are only about 50 that have been identified...They had no records of Montraville Marvin Israel and were delighted to have someone from his family share his story..I plan to sent them a written history of him, along with a picture I have (got from an Israel researcher) to add to their files. I also plan to add a brick with both his name and my wife's GG Gfather, George Franklin Walker to their honor roll there.

    I also went 50 miles north and visited both the Chattanooga battlefield and the Chickamauga sites..they were so fascinating, because if you knew the regiment and leader, you could actually trace their actions and where they fought...very worthwhile..At Angely...my wife and my family intersect in several ways...they both were in the Alabama regiments that were merged together..hers coming from Lauderdale County, mine from Cherokee county...they fought side by side in several brutal battles...did they perhaps know each other???..any way that is another story...

    Here are a few of my notes from Montraville Marvin Israel from my Family Tree Maker file...I have a lot of info about the battles, etc...if anyone is interested..thanks..Jess Headley

    By 1836, he was in Cherokee County, Alabama. On Aug 12, 1861, he enlisted in the Confederate Army. Company E, 19th Ala Infantry. Battles: Stone River (Murfreesboro, Tenn Dec 1862); Chickamauga, Sept 1863; Chattanooga, Nov 1863; promoted to Captain on Aug 28, 1862; went home to get clothing in Nov 1862. He died at Kingston Hospital in Kingston, Georgia. He is buried there.

    From the Burlington, North Carolina, Sun Times 11/12/2000
    Although he is a member of the American Legion and a few other organizations, retiree Edgar Israel of Graham hasn't gotten around to joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans. If he should apply, he won't have to worry about be turned down.

    My great-grandfather, who was a captain in the Confederate Army, was killed in a battle at Atlanta, Ga., on Sept. 21, 1863, said Israel, who is 93 years old and still active. His great-grandfather, William Ross Israel, is buried in the Confederate Cemetery in Atlanta.  He was shot off of his horse, Israel said, adding that when he was a youngster he was occasionally shown the bullet that took his forebear's life. The bullet went through him and lodged in his coat, where it was found. He said one of his relatives had the old bullet, but he has no idea what happened to it.

    The year 1863 wasn't a good one for the Israel family. Israel said two of his great uncles, Confederate Army captains Lee Landres Israel and Monteville Marvin Israel, were also killed in battles with Union forces.  All three of the brothers were farmers in Alabama and they joined the 19th Alabama Calvary, a part of the Confederate Army, at the same time on Aug. 14, 1861, in Huntsville, Ala., he said.  Lee Israel was the first of the three to be killed; that was on April 19, 1863.

    He was killed at Shiloh, where he served under Gen. Albert Johnson.  He is buried in an unmarked grave in Chattanooga, Tenn., he said, explaining his great-grandfather was the second of the brothers to die.  Marvin Israel, who was fatally shot later in the year in a battle in Georgia, is one of 250 Confederate soldiers buried in a military cemetery in Kingston, Ga.  Israel, a retired textile engineer and plant manager, recently told a gathering of the Burlington area Sons of Confederate Veterans.

    From Websites, Bartow County, 2002:
    The first Confederate "Wayside Home," or hospital, was here. Many followed eventually serving more than 100,000 soldiers. The Confederate Cemetery, containing gravesites of 250 unknown Confederate and two Union soliders, is the site of the oldest continuous Confederate Memorial Day.  With the outbreak of the Civil War, Kingston became a hospital and supply center because of the rail connections. The first "Wayside Home," or Confederate hospital, was established here in 1861; more than 10,000 sick and wounded troops passed through it. In 1864, after the Confederate Army retreated, Union troops were attended here.

    From the Muster Roll:
    ISRAEL, John W. Private E Born 1836; Aug 12, 1861, Kirk's Grove, Ala

    ISRAEL, Marrel M. 1st Lieut. E
    Born 1826; Died Apr 9, 1864 of wounds at Chickamauga; Aug 13, 1861, Kirk's Grove, Ala; Promoted to Captain Mar 1, 1862
    [This is a quote of a transcription from http://www.19thalabama.org/muster.html.  Everything from "Born 1826 is in Remarks, not a part of the original muster roll. I have not been able to find a military record of death in April 1864, only the one reporting death at Kingston in Dec 1863.  Nor the citation that he died of wounds from the battle of Chickamauga.  This sounds doubtful, since he was apparently well enough to fight again two months later in the Battle of Chattanooga.]

    An overview of the 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment:
    The 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment was organized at Huntsville, 14 August 1861, with men recruited from Blount, Cherokee, Chilton, Coosa, Jefferson, and Pickens counties. It was ordered to Mobile immediately. It remained there about three months, then was at Pensacola for two weeks.

    Ordered to Corinth, the 19th was brigaded under Gen'l Gladden of Louisiana, with the 22nd, 25th, and 50th regiments, and after Shiloh, the 17th Battalion, Sharpshooters, and the 39th regiment. At Shiloh, the 19th lost 110 k and 240 w, of the 650 engaged. Gen'l Frank Gardner soon after succeeded to command the brigade, leading it into Kentucky where it did not find the enemy. The regiment retired with the army to fight at Murfreesboro, losing about 151 k and w, about 1/4 of its strength.

    Thereafter, Gen'l Deas of Mobile succeeded to the command of the brigade, leading it at Chickamauga where it lost heavily, 192 k and w. There were few casualties at Missionary Ridge, and the 19th wintered at Dalton. In the almost incessant fighting from there to Atlanta, the regiment lost heavily in casualties, particularly at new Hope and near Marietta. The brigade, under the command of Gen'l Johnston of Perry, the 19th was badly cut up in the battles at Atlanta on 22 and 28 July. Losses were slight at Jonesboro.

    At the Battle of Franklin, the 19th lost only a few to battle wounds, but many were captured. It went to North Carolina and was engaged at Kinston and Bentonville, losing heavily in the latter affair. Then consolidated with the 40th and 46th Alabama regiments at Salisbury (with M. L. Woods as colonel and Ezekiel Gully of Sumter as lt. colonel), the 19th surrendered at that place, 76 strong.
    Jess Headley ujimsn.com

    Daughter Martha Elvira Israel Goggans (1856 - 1901)
    Burial Kingston City Cemetery, Kingston, Bartow County, Georgia
    Created by Nancy Hough Nov 22, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #62018002, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=62018002


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