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Andrew Simpson WEST

Andrew Simpson WEST2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

also known as Andy WEST13,10,11

1st Dec 18452,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 - 17th Feb 19254,5,10,11

Life History

1st Dec 1845

Born in North Carolina.2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

about 1870

Married Sara Jane HALLETT in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee.1

between 1870 and 1873

Resident moved from Tennessee with wife Sara Jane Hallett in Arkansas.1

15th Dec 1873

Birth of son Charles Winston WEST in Arkansas.24,2,30,31,32,4,11,1

2nd Jan 1876

Birth of daughter Margaret M WEST in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,33,34,9,9,11

1st Jul 1878

Birth of daughter Lula Bell WEST in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,35,11

1st Aug 1880

Birth of son John A WEST in Arkansas.3,24,11,36


Death of Sara Jane HALLETT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.24,11

19th Aug 1883

Married Annie L WATSON in Faulkner County, Arkansas.9

Aug 1884

Birth of daughter Myrtle WEST in Arkansas.3

27th Aug 1884

Death of daughter Lula Bell WEST in Arkansas County, Arkansas.35,11

1st Dec 1885

Birth of son George Simpson WEST in Arkansas.14,11,3,15,9

8th Feb 1887

Birth of daughter Lavada May WEST in Arkansas.3,16,11,9,17,18,19

20th Sep 1888

Birth of son Frank S WEST in Arkansas.20,21,22,9,23,24,11

Mar 1890

Birth of daughter Sallie WEST in Arkansas.9,25,22,6,26

6th Mar 1892

Birth of son Eulis Simpson WEST in St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.6,22,7,9,27,11,28,29

17th Feb 1925

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4,5,10,11

after 17th Feb 1925

Buried in Chute Cemetery, St Charles, Arkansas County, Arkansas.10,11


  • He is usually found as Simpson West, and sometimes with the initials A S.  In the 1860 census he was Andrew Simpson West.  He was enumerated in his mother's home, with other siblings.

    1860 Federal Census, Polk County, North Carolina, 16 July, Sandy Plain Division, Sandy Plain PO, page 54, Hse #391, Fam #367
    Mary West 32 F Weaver $0 Real Estate Value $57 Personal Estate b NC [b abt 1828]
    Andrew S West 16 F b SC [b abt 1844]
    Rufus A West 12 M b NC [b abt 1848]
    Martha J West 8 F b NC [b abt 1852]
    George C West 7 M b NC [b abt 1853]
    Margaret L A West 4 F b NC [b abt 1856]
    Wm G West 3 mos M b NC [b abt 1860]

    Some genealogies list him as Andrew Simpson West, his correct full name.  But due to an enumerator error in 1870, some have Asbury.  That census listed him as Asbury, the name of his younger brother, with his wife S J< who was Sara Jane (Hallett), right after they married.  He and Sarah were in Arkansas County, Arkansas, and the rest of the family were together with Asbury as head of the household.  It is not known if their mother moved with them and died in Arkansas, or if she died in North Carolina, or in Tennessee along the way to Arkansas before 1870.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 15 July, Bayou Meto Township, PO DeWitt, page 5, Hse/Fam #34
    West, Asbury [Andy, Andrew Simpson; Asbury was his brother] 24 M W Farmer $500 Real Estate $0 Personal Estate born Tennessee Cannot read or write [b abt 1846]
    West, Sarah Jane 24 F W Domestic born Tennessee Cannot read or write [b abt 1846]

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 9 June, Prairie Township, District 2, page 10, Hse #84, Hse #87
    A S West W M 34 Head Farmer NC NC NC [born abt 1846]
    S J [Sarah Jane Hallett] West W F 27 Wife House Keeping TN TN NC [born abt 1853]
    C W West W M 6 Son AR NC TN
    M M West W F 4 Dau AR NC TN
    L B West W M 2 Dau AR NC TN

    After the death of Sarah Jane, Simpson married Annie Watson in Faulkner County, Arkansas.  They were both living in Palarm, in Faulkner County, at the time.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Ann Watson
    Age 30, Birth Year abt 1853
    Residence Palarm, Faulkner, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name A S West
    Spouse's Age 36
    Spouse's Residence Palarm, Faulkner, Arkansas
    Marriage 19 Aug 1883 Faulkner County
    Marriage License Date 16 Aug 1883

    A S is Andrew Simpson West, who went by Andy.  The first child is Charles Winston, documented in family sources.  I do have the name of the daughter M M in 1870.  Though the reported ages are off, it looks like the child Myrtle in 1900 is the nearest match.  Birth dates in 1900 are usually off a year or more, and ages were not a strong suits in the census reports as a whole.  But Myrtle's birth date is reported as 1884, after Andy married Annie Watson.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 29 June, Prairie Township, District 7, page 20B, Hse #363, Fam #371
    West, Simp Head  W M Dec 1845 54 Married 30 years NC NC NC Farmer Owns
    West, Annie L Wife W F  Oct 1852 47 Married 30 years 6 children/6 living KY KY TN
    West, John  Son W M Aug 1880 19 AR NC TN Farm Laborer
    West, Myrtle Dau W F Aug 1884 15 AR NC KY
    West, George W Son W M Dec 1885 14 AR NC KY Farm Laborer
    West, Lavada Dau W F Feb 1887 13 AR NC KY
    --  page 21A --
    West, Frank Son W M Sep 1888 11 AR NC KY Farm Laborer
    West, Sallie Dau W F Mar 1890 10 AR NC KY
    West, Teate Son W M Mar 1892 8 AR NC KY

    All the children enumerated in the 1880 census are out of the home by 1900.  The oldest, C W, was Charles Winston.  I found a lot of family detail in the Criswell/Robbins genealogy, but they do not have Andy's first wife, SJ, listed in the 1880 census.  Instead they show Annie Watson as the mother of all the children.

    Charles Winston West
    Birth 15 Dec 1873, Death 12 Feb 1945 in Arkansas
    Father Andrew Simpson West, Birth 1845 Dec 1, Death 1929 Feb 17 in Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Mother  [Stepmother] Annie Watson, Birth 1852 Oct 11, Death 1929 Feb 24 in Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Spouse Maggie Ann Nikirk
    Birth 10 Aug 1880 in Monroe Co, Indiana, Death 7 July 1973 in Arkansas County, Arkansas
    3 Living
    Jesse Simpson West 1899 - 1973
    Lavada May West 1902 - 1997
    Homer Lewis West 1905 - 1924
    Gentry West b 1909
    Opal West 1911 - 2001
    Emmie Harriet West b 1915
    Clarence A West 1918 - 1994
    --  Criswell/Robbins, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/11089760/person/590844670?ssrc=&ftm=1

    Andy's wife in 1880 is listed only as S J West.  Her birth year is similar, but the birth places of the wife and her parents are all different in the listings for SJ and for Annie Watson West in 1900.  Her full identity is given to us in a publication of the Grand Prairie Historical Society, April 1991, pp 44-45.  She was Sara Jane Hallett.

    Grand Prairie Historical Society, April 1991, pp 44-45
    "Gentry West said ther family legend is that his grandfather, Andy S West, got out of service at the end of the Civil War and never returned to North Carolina and soon married Sara Jane Hallett of Tennessee somewhere near Nashville.  We find Andrew S. (A.S.) West and Sara West in the 1880 Arkansas County Census but not the 1870 census.  If the Arkansas Census is correct, Andy's first child, Charles W, was born in Arkansas on December 15, 1873, so it would appear that Andy came to Arkansas between 1870 and 1873.  Arkansas County land records show Andrew Simpson West bought a tract of land in 1873 from J. T. Jones." (p 44)

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 29 April, North Prairie Township, District 12, page 5B, Hse/Fam #92
    West, A S Head M W 64 Marriage 2 Married 26 years NC NC NC Farmer Owns [b abt 1846]
    West, Annie L Wife F W 57 Marriage 1 Married 26 years 6 children/6 living KY KY TN [b abt 1853]
    West, Myrtle Dau F W 25 Single AR NC KY Farm Laborer [b abt 1885]
    West, Sallie Dau F W 20 Single AR NC KY Farm Laborer [b abt 1890]
    West, Ulious [Eulis] Son M W 18 Single AR NC KY Farm Laborer [b abt 1892]

    The last child matches Teate/Tete in 1900 and 1920 in age.  The name looks something like Udious, with no capital letter.

    A S' brother Asberry is living next door.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 29 April, North Prairie Township, District 12, page 5B, Hse/Fam #93
    West, R A Head M W 61 Married 32 years NC NC NC Farmer Owns [b abt 1849]
    West, Susan Wife F W 53 Married 32 years 8 children/7 living TN TN TN [b abt 1857]
    West, Berry Son M W 20 Single AR NC TN Farm Laborer [b abt 1890]
    West, Jessie Son M W 18 Single AR NC TN Farm Laborer [b abt 1892]
    West, Tennessee Dau F W 15 Single AR NC TN Farm Laborer [b abt 1895]
    West, Annie Dau F W 12 Single AR NC TN Farm Laborer [b abt 1898]

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 21 January, Prairie Township, District 15, page 4B, Hse/Fam #73
    West, Simpson  Head Owns M W 75 NC NC NC Rice Farmer [born abt 1845]
    West, Annie Wife F W 68 KY KY KY [born abt 1852]
    West, Sallie Daughter M W 29  Single AR NC KY Farm Laborer [born abt 1898]
    West, Tete Son M W 29  Single AR SC TN Farmer [born abt 1991]

    A family genealogy gives us some missing details, from family sources apparently, without any comment or source documentation.  Now we have Annie's maiden name and Simp's death date.

    Simp West
    Birth 01 Dec 1845 in North Carolina
    Death 17 Feb 1925 in Arkansas
    Parents Unknown
    Annie L Watson, Birth Oct 1852 in Kentucky, Death 1938
    --  Maffitt Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/3026428/person/-989492377

    A S is named Andey on his grave, on a joint stone with both his wives and a daughter Luley Bell (Lula Bell) in the White River Chute Cemetery, near St Charles.  For some reason, this cemetery, called simply under the name Chute Cemetery, is listed on Find a Grave as being in DeWitt, but it is near St Charles about 15 miles from DeWitt.  This is probably because of an official mailing address with someone in DeWitt, the southern county seat off the Arkansas County.

    Gravestone of Andrew Simpson West
    Andey West
    Dec 1, 1845
    Feb 17, 1929
    Chute Cemetery, St Charles, Arkansas County, Arkansas

    Hi name is reported as Andy also on at least one of his children's Social Security account.

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Eulis West
    Birth 6 Mar 1892 St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Father Andy S West
    Mother Annie Watson
    Jul 1942 Name listed as EULIS WEST

    I finally found A S's memorial on Find a Grave.

    Andrew Simpson "Andey" West
    Birth Dec 1, 1845
    Death Feb 17, 1929
    Sary Jane West (1851 - 1883)
    Annie West (1852 - 1929)
    Charlie Winston West (1873 - 1945)
    Luley Bell West (1878 - 1884)
    John A West (1880 - 1955)
    Frank S West (1888 - 1938)
    Burial Chute Cemetery, DeWitt, Arkansas County, Arkansas, USA [this cemetery is actually straight south of St Charles, about 15 miles east of DeWitt.]
    Created by Lin May 02, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #69237746, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=69237746


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