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Wiley PADGETT1,2,3,5,4

about 18101,2,3,4 - 17th Apr 18916,4

Life History

about 1810

Born in Rutherford County, North Carolina.1,2,3,4

about 1837

Married Lavinia Nancy MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.5


Birth of son John H PADGETT in North Carolina.9,8,5

8th Sep 1838

Death of Nancy MCSWAIN in Cleveland County, North Carolina.8,34,25

22nd Dec 1838

Birth of son W Edwin PADGETT in Rutherford County, North Carolina.10,2,11,12,13,14,14

about 1843

Birth of daughter Mary K PADGETT in North Carolina.5,2,9

about 1844

Birth of daughter Barbara Ellen PADGETT in North Carolina.9,2,5

27th Oct 1844

Birth of daughter Martha Elizabeth PADGETT in Cleveland County, North Carolina.5,2,15,16

18th Nov 1845

Birth of son William A PADGETT in Davidson County, North Carolina.2,5,17,18,19

Jan 1849

Birth of daughter Nancy Jane PADGETT in North Carolina.6,20,3,2,5


Birth of daughter Susan Caroline PADGETT in North Carolina.21,5,2,22,23,24


Resident They moved from Cleveland County, where many of the Padgetts and McSwains lived, to Buncombe County, North Carolina, before the 1860 census. in Cleveland County, North Carolina.5

about Apr 1852

Birth of daughter Sarah W PADGETT in Cleveland County, North Carolina

23rd Sep 1853

Birth of son Burrell Wiley PADGETT in North Carolina.26,27,2,28,8,21


Birth of daughter Levina PADGETT in North Carolina.3,29,2

27th Dec 1855

Birth of daughter Harriet L PADGETT in North Carolina.30,31,32,33,8

15th Jul 1859

Death of daughter Sarah W PADGETT in Cleveland County, North Carolina.25


Resident Reported in the 1860 census in this county.  They moved from here to Arkansas, County, Arkansas, reported in Cocke County, Tennessee, in 1870. in Buncombe County, North Carolina.2

about 1862

Birth of daughter Julia N PADGETT in North Carolina.3

20th Jul 1862

Death of son John H PADGETT in Richmond, Richmond City, Virginia.7,8


Residence2 in Cocke County, Tennessee.3


Residence3 in Prairie Township (Ethel), Arkansas County, Arkansas.1

before Jul 1885

Death of daughter Levina PADGETT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.14

17th Apr 1891

Died in Ward, Lonoke, Arkansas.6,4

after 17th Apr 1891

Buried in Lonoke County, Arkansas.4

Other facts


Married Nancy MCSWAIN


  • There are several Wiley Padgetts born in North Carolina and South Carolina.  It is possible also that some researchers have confused two wives of the same Wiley Padgett.  Wiley is reported with a wife named Nancy in some genealogies and with a wife name Lavinia in others.  I don't think I have seen one that has them both.

    A Wiley Padgett is mentioned on two the gravestones of two graves in the old McSwain Cemetery south of Shelby, North Carolina.  There is a burial record there for a Nancy Padgett, thought to be Nancy McSwain, who was reported to have died at age 17 in 1838.  Nancy Padgett is reported in the cemetery transcription as wife of William.  But the gravestone actually appears to read "consort of Wilie padgett."  Oddly, both Nancy's and Wilie's last name are written with a small p.

    The other Padgett grave is for a 7-year-old girl named Sarah W, reported as the daughter of William Padgett, presumably the same William Padgett, alias Wilie or Wylie, reported as the husband of the Nancy Padgett here.  Sarah Padgett died in July 15, 1859, which means at 7 years old, she was born in about 1852.  This implies that Wiley's second wife, likely Lavina/Lavinia McSwain, was Sarah's mother.

    Researcher David Holden commented to me in correspondence in 2007 that Lavina is know as Nancy from the North Carolina side.  It appears rather that the first wife, dying young (age 17) was Nancy and the second wife was Lavinia.  Lavinia may also have had the middle name of Nancy, but I have found no record of it or reference to it.

    1850 and 1870 censuses spell Wiley's name Wyly.

    1850 Federal Census, Cleveland County, North Carolina, 4 September, p 316, Hse/Fam #597
    Wyly Padgett 45 M Farmer NC
    Lavinia Padgett 31 F  NC
    John H Padgett 15 M NC
    Edwin Padgett 12 M NC
    Mary K Padgett 7 F NC
    Barbara E Padgett 6 F NC
    William Padgett 4 M NC
    Elizabeth Padgett 3 F NC
    Nancy J Padgett 2 F NC
    Caroline Padgett 1month  F NC

    1860 Federal Census, Buncombe County, North Carolina, 10 August, P O Fairview, page 10, Hse/Fam #110
    Wiley Padgett 50 M Shoemaker $0 Real Estate $75 Personal Estate b North Carolina
    Vina Padgett 42 F Domestic b North Carolina
    Edmon Padgett 21 M Farm Laborer b NC
    Mary Padgett 17 F Domestic b NC
    Ellen Padgett 15 F Domestic b NC
    William Padgett 13 M b NC
    Elizabeth Padgett 13 F b NC
    Nancy Padgett 10 F b NC
    Caroline Padgett 8 F b NC
    Wiley Padgett 6 M b NC
    Vina Padgett 4 F b NC
    Harriet Padgett 2 F b NC

    The family are living in Cocke County, Tennessee in 1870, apparently on their way to their final destination, Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas, where we find them enumerated in 1880, along with their son Edwin and his wife Judith N McSwain and their family.

    1870 Federal Census, Cocke County, Tennessee, 23 August, District 9, page 18, Hse #122, Fam #123
    Padget, Wily 60 M W Farmer NC  (b abt 1810)
    Padget, Levina 52 F W Keeping House (b abt 1818)
    Padget, Martha E 20 F W (b abt 1850)
    Padget, Nancy J 18 F W (b abt 1852)
    Padget, Susan C 17 F W (b abt 1852)
    Padget, Burl W  16 F W (b abt 1854)
    Padget, Levina 14 F W (b abt 1856)
    Padget, Harriet L  12 F W (b abt 1858)
    Padget, Juliah N  8 F W (b abt 1862)

    Martha E marries Phillip K McSwain about 5 years after the census, when both families have moved or are moving to Arkansas, where they are all enumerated in 1880 in Prairie Township of Arkansas County.  Her sister Harriet married Phillip's brother George.  Wiley and Lavinia's daughter Levina Padgett married George and Phillip's brother Julius McSwain.  Nancy J is the Jane of later censuses, who apparently never marries.

    In 1880, the family are in Prairie Township (Ethel area) of Arkansas County.

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, Prairie Township, page 16, Hse #106, Fam #109
    Wiley Padgett W M 72  Self Farmer SC SC SC
    Lovinia [Lavinia] Padgett W F 62 Wife Housekeeping NC NC NC
    Jane Padgett W F 26 Dau Single NC SC NC
    Jas. Sanders W M 17 Other Single Farm Laborer AR AR Unknown

    A Padgett genealogy reports that Wiley died in Ward, Lonoke County, Arkansas in 1891.  No record of death or burial has been found for him.

    Wiley (Wyly) Padgett
    Birth Abt 1808 in South Carolina
    Death 17 Apr 1891 in Ward, Lonoke, Arkansas
    --  Padgett Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/8892892/person/6936291763/fact/57550173506

    In the 1900 census, Lavinia is living in the household of Phillip K McSwain in Ethel.  They lived nearby in the 1880 census.  A woman named Jane McSwain, age 52, is also living with him, but is called his sister.  It initially seemed likely that the Jane was Wiley and Lavinia's daughter Jane, but there was some confusion due to the listing of Jane as Phillip's sister, and Lavinia as his mother.

    I knew from other information that Lavinia was not his mother.  Piece by piece their relationship was clarified.  We now know that Lavinia was the mother of Phillip's wife, so the relationship should have been Mother-in-law.

    The final piece came in October 2007, when David Holden, researching the line from the North Carolina side, informed me that Phillip's wife was Lavinia's daughter.  This clarified that the enumerator should have listed Lavinia as mother-in-law and Jane as sister-in-law.

    In 1900 Lavinia is reported as a widow.  I have found no death or burial record.  Eric Padgett in the Padgett Family genealogy reports that Wylie died 17 Apr 1891 in Ward, Lonoke, Arkansas.  But he has no documentation or comment.  I have found no information on their residence in Lonoke County.  But Wiley's son Edwin died in Ward in 1907.


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