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Pierre dit Lalime PERTHUIS

Pierre dit Lalime PERTHUIS1,5,4,6,7,7,7,3

16441,2,3 - 16th Apr 17081,2

Life History


Born in Indre-et-Loire, France.1,2,3

18th Feb 1644/5

Baptised in Amboise, Notre-Dame-du-Bout-des-Ponts, Indre-et-Loire, France.2

10th Dec 1668

Married Claude DAMISÉ in Montréal, Québec, Canada, New France.2,1,3

16th Apr 1686

Birth of son Pierre dit Lalime PERTHUIS in Ile De Montreal, Pointe Aux Trembles, Quebec, Canada, New France.6,5,8


Birth of son Pierre PERTUIS in Ile De Montreal, Pointe Aux Trembles, Quebec, Canada, New France.1,8,5,6

6th Oct 1705

Death of Claude DAMISÉ in Montréal, Québec, Canada, New France.1,2,1

16th Apr 1708

Died in Montréal, Québec, Canada, New France.1,2

16th Apr 1708

Buried in Baie d'Urfée, Montréal, Québec, Canada, New France.2,4


  • Some compilations s and genealogy reconstructions follow this configuration.  The records, however, seem to indicate that there were two separate Pierre Perthuis who married these two wives, but indicate they were brothers, both sons of Pierre Perthuis and Claude Damisé.

    Other records report that the Pierre that married Angélique Caron was born in 1686 and Pierre who married Catherine Maillet was born in 1691, both sons of the same father Pierre Perthuis.

    Comparisons of a number of early compilations of records of the period indicate that it was the younger son Pierre, born in 1691 that married Angélique Caron, who died in 1715, a few days after their son Pierre was born.

    There is a record of a Pierre Pertuis/Perthuis who was born in 1686, and who died in 1708 in Deerfield, Massachusetts Deerfield, Massachusetts.  Some genealogies have reported that this Pierre was one of the sons of Pierre Lalime and Claude Damisé.   But that son married Catherine Maillet, and moved to Illionois, where he died.  The Deefield, Massachussetts, Pierre Pertuis could not could not be the Pierre who married Catherine, since he died in 1708.  (Note that 1708 is the same year Pierre dit Lalime the elder also died in Montréal.)

    A record of a Pierre Perthuis born in 1686 who had a son named Pierre out of wedlock with Marie-Angélique Bouteiller seems to fit this individuals, who is reported to have died in 1708.  (See more details in sources below.)  The record of this birth of Pierre to Pierre and Marie-Angélique does not report the father's birth date or father's name.  It seems likely that this is the Pierre Pertuis who died in 1708.  This appears to be a third Pierre Perthuis, whose parents I have not identified, as the original record compilation did not.

    Some records and genealogists report that the elder son Pierre (born 1686) of Pierre dit Lalime Perthuis/Pertuis.  That is also the one reported by most sources to have married Catherine Maillet.  We know that Catherine and her husband Pierre moved southward, and Pierre died in Kaskasia, Illinois, New France in 1730.  Pierre, called La Lime (also written as Lalime) like his father, was the father of Pierre Perthuis dit la Genvery, who seems to be the father of Pierre who married Jeanne Francoeur in Arkansas, father of Louis Pertuis, who married in Arkansas Post in 1793.

    The record of the birth of Marie-Angélique's son Pierre in 1697 does not identify the father Pierre by birth date no Father's name, but he was likely also born about 1686.

    The following record reports the same Pierre Perthuis (Child #7 in the family list) was married to both Angélique Caron and Catherine Maillet (Mallet).

    PERTHUIS dit LALIME, Pierre (Sylvain PERTHUIS & Mathurine RASSICOT), baptized 1645-02-19 (ptc) or 1645-02-18 (fda) Amboise (Notre-Dame-du-Bout-des-Ponts) (Indre-et-Loire : 370003), France, buried 1708-04-16 Montréal (Qc)
    married 1668-12-10 Montréal (Qc), marriage contract 1668-11-30 (depositary Bénigne Basset dit Deslauriers)
    DAMISÉ, Claude (Étienne & Geneviève PIOCHE), born about 1643 (rec. 1681) or 1650 (sép. 1705) Paris (Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet) (Paris : 750105), France, buried 1705-10-06 Montréal (Qc)
    1) Catherine, born about 1668 (sép. 1736), buried 1736-02-17 Rivière-des-Prairies (Qc), married Pointe-aux-Trembles (Qc) 1686-01-07 Pierre MAGUET
    2) Élisabeth, born about 1675 (sép. 1703), died 1703-04-23, buried 1703-04-23 Montréal (Qc), married Montréal (Qc) 1695-06-20 Claude CARON
    3) Geneviève, married Montréal (Qc) 1701-03-19 Urbain GERVAISE ou GERVAIS, married Lachine (Qc) 1717-04-05 Louis RENAUD
    4) Jeanne, baptized 1673-12-13 Montréal (Qc), died after 1735-11-14 Pointe-aux-Trembles (Qc), married Pointe-aux-Trembles (Qc) 1688-11-22 Nicolas DESROCHES
    5) Marie, born about 1671 (sép. 1766), died 1766-12-23, buried 1766-12-24 Châteauguay (Qc), married Montréal (Qc) 1698-01-24 Vital CARON
    6) Marie Angélique, born about 1685 (sép. 1755), died 1755-04-25, buried 1755-04-26 Montréal (Qc), married Montréal (Qc) 1700-09-28 Louis LEFEBVRE dit DUCHOUQUET
    7) Pierre, married Québec (Qc) 1713-01-24 Angélique CARON, marriage contract 1716-03-18 (depositary Michel Lepailleur de La Ferté) Catherine MALLET
    --  Présence tourangelle au Canada au XVIIe siècle; Fonds Denis Amyot; PRDH-RAB; Parchemin. courtoisie de zikomo, Généalogie de Cole Brown, Source:

    Pierre [b 1644 in France] came to Montreal on Aug 17 1665 as a soldier for the company of Salieres in Carignan regiment. He later became a merchant and married Claude Damise on Dec 10 1668. While away on a trip, his wife, Claude had an affair with Jean Paradis and she had a illegitimate son, Andre. She died mysteriously on Oct 6 1705. He later married a widow, Francoise Moisan on Feb 13 1707 in Montreal.

    "In April 1708, he was attacked and killed by Iroquois, with Jean Lalonde dit Lesperance and buried in an unmarked grave at Baie d'Urfe near Lake Saint Louis. In 1866 bones were found and re-buried at St. Anne Church."

    Pierre dit Lalime Perthuis
    date of Birth not reported
    Baptism 18 February 1645
    Amboise, Indre-et-Loire, France
    Parents Sylvain and Mathurine Rassicot
    Arrived in Quebec 1665
    Occupation Soldier in the Carignan-Salières Regiment, Salières Company
    Marriage 10 December 1668 in Notre Dame of Montreal to Claude Demisé
    Source: PAT, p 38;  Fichier Origine Record #243248

    The following two land records seem to refer to Pierre husband of Claude Damisé.  There are a couple of others in the compiled land records of the 1600s and 1700s that we have not transcribed here.

    Land Acquisition by Pierre Pertuis, about 1678, Montréal, Québec, New France
    From Mémoires de la Société historique de Montréal, v. 1
    Land records of the Seigneurie of Montréal
    No 59, Pl. 7 (Part of No 350)
    "Pierre Pertuis di Lalime concessionnaire [grantee, new owner] of 28 feet deep up to the Great River, about the year 1672, ..."
    --  Land records of the Seigneurie of Montréal, Mémoires de la Société historique de Montréal, v. 1, accessed on 18 October 2014,

    Land Acquisition by Pierre Pertuis, about 1699, Montréal, Québec, New France
    No 176, Pl. 6 (No 253)
    "... deeded in 1678 to Jacques Cardinaux then reunited and deeded as follows, Mathieu [Matthew] Huboux Seigneur [Lord] Deslongchamps, concessionnaire [grantee, new owner] 12 May 1685, 50 feet of land along the whole depth to the Garden of the Religious ... [property description] ... the aforesaid 14 feet, acquired from the aforementioned Longchamps heirs by Pierre Pertuis dit Lalime about the year 1699, then possesed by Seigner [Sir] Louis Lefebvre Duchouquet sold the 13th June 1730 ..."
    --  Land records of the Seigneurie of Montréal, Mémoires de la Société historique de Montréal, v. 1, accessed on 18 October 2014,

    A Pierre Pertuis is named as owner of a certain plot of land related to the Sisters of John the Baptist, a Catholic order of nuns associated with the Basilica of Notre Dame of Québec.  It is uncertain which Pierre Perthuis this is.  The first date of deed in 1689, but one Pierre Pertuis is reported as "possessor" (current owner?) of the plot in question in 1735.  This is after the death of Pierre dit Lalime in 1708, his son Pierre de Lalime in 1730 (in Ilinois) and his other son Pierre in 1708 (perhaps in Deerfield, Massachusetts, if the compiled records are correct that the Deerfield Pierre the elder Lalime's son.

    Land Acquisition by Pierre Pertuis, about 1735, Montréal, Québec, New France
    From Mémoires de la Société historique de Montréal, v. 1
    Land records of the Seigneurie of Montréal
    No 179, pp 226-227
    Pl. 6 (Part of No 254 No and No 256)
    "acquis later by the sisters of the congregation that were divided as follows:
    "the part A that remained with the sisters and included by their enclosure,
    "the part B 40 feet by 50 sold by the sisters of J B [John the Baptist order of nuns] 'auger mr.mongolfier' [? Monseigneur Mongolfier, bishop?, archbishop Mongolfier?] has regarded as vested [registered]."
    - page 227 -
    Pl. 6 (No 257)
    "40 feet by 50, sold by the sisters first to Pierre Pertuis owner in 1735, then withdrawn by the sisters and sold again to Seigneur Pierre Guy, vested [registered] 7 June 1741."
    --  Land records of the Seigneurie of Montréal, Mémoires de la Société historique de Montréal, v. 1, accessed on 18 October 2014,

    A discussion on this family in provides some help understanding the configuration and duplicate names of children.  this illustrates the difficulty that descendants and other reseachers have had with the multiple individuals of the same name Pierre in this lineage.  Discrepacies between different early published compilaiotns of Quebec records have complicated the problem for research in the 20th and 21st centuries.

    One descendant posted some information in 2001.  A genealogist posted further information to answer some questions in 2007, providing some fill-in data on wives of Pierre born 1644.  A major confusing factor in this lineage is the extensive use of the name Pierre, even two sons of the same couple. Multiple spouses complicate this further.  One child was usually named Pierre with each wife.  So each Pierre often had more than one son also named Pierre.

    2 Pierres, sons of Pierre Perthuis & Claude Damise

    From several different sources I have obtained the list of Pierre and Claude's children.

    Their 10th child was Pierre, b. 16 Apr 1686.
    Their 12th child was Pierre, b. 19 May 1691

    One of these Pierres died in 1708 in Deerfield, MA. The other married Catherine Maillet in 1713. One of them had a child out of wedlock, Pierre, b. 16 Feb 1709 Longueuil, who died 18 Feb. 1709 Montreal. The mother was Marie Angelique Bouteiller, dau. of Andre & Angelique Chapacou.

    Obviously the one who died in 1708 could not have married Catherine Maillet in 1713 although it is possible he could have sired the child by Marie Angelique Bouteiller.

    My problem is I have records I have seen show both Pierres married to Catherine, although I believe all the records showing a death in 1708 indicate this Pierre was the one b. 1686. I am descended from the one who married Catherine Maillet and would like to know which one that is. Can anyone help?
    --  Ruth Ratliff, Forums, 07 December 2001,

    Jetté p.903 gives:

    10) Pierre b 1686 d 1708 Deerfield, Mass [Some records seem to indicate this is a third Pierre Perthuis, not a son of Pierre and Claude Damisé]
    (natural child: mother:Marie-Angélique BOUTEILLER Pierre b 1709)

    12) Pierre b 1691
    m 1713/1/24 Angélique CARON (Vital, Marguerite GAGNON)
    (Angélique died on 1715/8/25 in Montréal)
    (they had 1 son [name not given, reported by several genealogies to be a Pierre also, and I did find the birth record])

    m 1716/3/18 ct LePailleur in Montréal
    Marie-Catherine MALLET(Pierre, Madeleine THUNAY)
    (They had 9 children [one b 1723 named Pierre, called La Genvery, father of Pierre Le Chevalier of Arkansas Post])

    Pierre PERTHUIS and Claude DAMISE had 12 children.
    See Jetté p. 902
    --  Roch Pouliot, Montreal, Québec, genealogist, forums,

    The primary old published record sets are compilations, which have tried to draw toghther the old records, which are often sparse on details of family connections.  some of these collections have attempted to determine parentage from the records.

    At least one compilation of parish records reports that Pierre b 1868 was the one who married Catherine Maillet.  But the same set of records also reports another Pierre Perthuis, whose father and birth year are not reported in the record), who was the father of the child of Marie-Angélique Bouteiller name PIerre Perthuis.  This record also differs further from the summary report given above by Pouliot, reporting that their child Pierre was born 1697 (not 1709) and died in 1709.

    Due to the more comprehensive records in this collection, Dictionnaire généalogique des familles canadiennes (Collection Tanguay), I tend to follow Tanguay.  The website link is several lines of text long, so I am not including that here.  Accessed on the subscription library of 16 October 2014.  This leans toward the identity of three different men named Pierre Perthuis, one born 1686, one born 1691, both sons of Pierre and Claude, and a third one with no reported birth date but probably also born about 1686, and no father reported.


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