Pierre dit Lalime PERTHUIS Pierre dit Lalime PERTHUIS Pierre PERTUIS Mini tree diagram

Claude DAMISÉ1,3,2,1,4

6th Oct 16501,2 - 6th Oct 17051,2,1

Life History

6th Oct 1650

Born in Faubourg St Victoire, Paris, Ile-de-France, France.1,2

10th Dec 1668

Married Pierre dit Lalime PERTHUIS in Montréal, Québec, Canada, New France.2,1,6

16th Apr 1686

Birth of son Pierre dit Lalime PERTHUIS in Ile De Montreal, Pointe Aux Trembles, Quebec, Canada, New France.4,3,5


Birth of son Pierre PERTUIS in Ile De Montreal, Pointe Aux Trembles, Quebec, Canada, New France.1,5,3,4

6th Oct 1705

Died in Montréal, Québec, Canada, New France.1,2,1

6th Oct 1705

Buried in Montréal, Québec, Canada, New France.2


  • PERTHUIS dit LALIME, Pierre (Sylvain PERTHUIS & Mathurine RASSICOT [3219]), baptized 1645-02-19 (ptc) or 1645-02-18 (fda) Amboise (Notre-Dame-du-Bout-des-Ponts) (Indre-et-Loire : 370003), France, buried 1708-04-16 Montréal (Qc)
    married 1668-12-10 Montréal (Qc), marriage contract 1668-11-30 (depositary Bénigne Basset dit Deslauriers)
    DAMISÉ, Claude (Étienne & Geneviève PIOCHE [3736]), born about 1643 (rec. 1681) or 1650 (sép. 1705) Paris (Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet) (Paris : 750105), France, buried 1705-10-06 Montréal (Qc)
    1) Catherine, born about 1668 (sép. 1736), buried 1736-02-17 Rivière-des-Prairies (Qc), married Pointe-aux-Trembles (Qc) 1686-01-07 Pierre MAGUET
    2) Élisabeth, born about 1675 (sép. 1703), died 1703-04-23, buried 1703-04-23 Montréal (Qc), married Montréal (Qc) 1695-06-20 Claude CARON
    3) Geneviève, married Montréal (Qc) 1701-03-19 Urbain GERVAISE ou GERVAIS, married Lachine (Qc) 1717-04-05 Louis RENAUD
    4) Jeanne, baptized 1673-12-13 Montréal (Qc), died after 1735-11-14 Pointe-aux-Trembles (Qc), married Pointe-aux-Trembles (Qc) 1688-11-22 Nicolas DESROCHES
    5) Marie, born about 1671 (sép. 1766), died 1766-12-23, buried 1766-12-24 Châteauguay (Qc), married Montréal (Qc) 1698-01-24 Vital CARON
    6) Marie Angélique, born about 1685 (sép. 1755), died 1755-04-25, buried 1755-04-26 Montréal (Qc), married Montréal (Qc) 1700-09-28 Louis LEFEBVRE dit DUCHOUQUET
    7) Pierre, married Québec (Qc) 1713-01-24 Angélique CARON, marriage contract 1716-03-18 (depositary Michel Lepailleur de La Ferté) Catherine MALLET
    --  Présence tourangelle au Canada au XVIIe siècle; Fonds Denis Amyot; PRDH-RAB; Parchemin. courtoisie de zikomo, Généalogie de Cole Brown, Source:  http://www.francogene.com/quebec--genealogy/001/001117.php

    Pierre came to Montreal on Aug 17 1665 as a soldier for the company of Salieres in Carignan regiment. He later became a merchant and married Claude Damise on Dec 10 1668. While away on a trip, his wife, Claude had an affair with Jean Paradis and she had a illegitimate son, Andre. She died mysteriously on Oct 6 1705. He later married a widow, Francoise Moisan on Feb 13 1707 in Montreal. .

    In April 1708, he was attacked and killed by Iroquois, with Jean Lalonde dit Lesperance and buried in an unmarked grave at Baie d'Urfe near Lake Saint Louis. In 1866 bones were found and re-buried at St. Anne Church.
    --  http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/10521304/storyx/6239c009-b2a9-4474-9233-5e8fb09a6a37


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