Shadrack L GREEN Enoch GREEN John GREEN Elijah GREEN Joseph GREEN Rachel GREEN Emily GREEN Polly GREEN William GREEN Lucretia GREEN James Ira GREEN Thomas GREEN Nancy Jane GREEN Firstwife GREENSPOUSE Shadrack L GREEN Henryetta GREEN Nathan Louis GREEN George W GREEN Benisa Ann OWEN Anselom GREEN Mary GAGE Mini tree diagram

Shadrack L GREEN2,1,2,5

13th Oct 18001,2,3,4,5 - 13th May 18647,2,4,3,5

Life History

13th Oct 1800

Born in South Carolina.1,2,3,4,5


Birth of daughter Emily GREEN.8


Birth of daughter Polly GREEN.8


Birth of son William GREEN.6,8


Birth of daughter Lucretia GREEN in Fulton County, Georgia.6,11,5

15th Sep 1846

Birth of son James Ira GREEN.6,8


Birth of son Thomas GREEN.6,8,4


Resident in 31st District, Forsyth, Georgia

29th Feb 1852

Birth of daughter Nancy Jane GREEN in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, Georgia.8,6,12,5

before 1855

Death of Firstwife GREENSPOUSE

4th Feb 1855

Married Benisa Ann OWEN in Gwinnett County, Georgia.5

2nd Nov 1855

Birth of son Shadrack L GREEN in Gwinnett County, Georgia.4,8,6,9

24th Mar 1858

Birth of daughter Henryetta GREEN in Gwinnett County, Georgia.9,6,8

27th Oct 1859

Birth of son Nathan Louis GREEN.8,9,10

between 1860 and 1870

Residence2 in Gwinnett County, Georgia.6

17th Feb 1863

Birth of son George W GREEN.8,5,9

13th May 1864

Died in Georgia.7,2,4,3,5

after 13th May 1864

Buried in Fairview Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia.3,5

Other facts


Married Firstwife GREENSPOUSE


  • According to a genealogy handed down in the Green line from GlendaPool, William Green had three sons named after the three Hebrew boysof the Old Testament book of Daniel:  Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego(which he spelled Abednigo), plus a fourth son Thomas that sourcestell us about.  Several genealogies indicate that the middle initialwas L for the first Shadrack, his son and his grandson, but it notclear what the L was for.

    The sources from Glenda Pool give the birth date of 1800 for aShadrack Green.  But this could not be the son of William, who wasborn in about 1700, going by the birth date of 1720 for his sonMeshack. This appears to be a son of Shadrack, brother of MeshackGreen.

    Glenda Pool does report a Shadrack Green, Jr, son of Shadrack son ofWilliam.  Dates, however, are confused with the later Shadracks.Shadrack Jr, born in 1855, would be the son of the Shadrack born in1800.  She has Shadrack son of William born in 1800 but no death date. For Shadrack, Jr, grandson of William there is no date of birth and adeath date of 1846.  These dates match other sources' dates for theShadrack Green son of William.

    The year 1846 is the date a World Family Tree source (Vol 146,Pedigree 36) gives as the date of death for the Shadrack Green born in1760.  This could then be the father of Shadrack Green born in 1800.A One World Tree source tells us this Shadrack Green had a son namedShadrack L Green in 1855 (among many other children)  and died 13 May1864.  The latter source has no father for this Shadrack.  The deathin 1864 is reported to be in Georgia.  His military gravesiteinformation appears at the end of this discussion.

    Researcher Martha McConnell comments:
    One source gives the name of Shadrack Sr's wife as Martha Jones, whileanother says it was Mary Gage.  What I discovered is that his motherwas Mary Cage, but Martha Jones was his stepmother.  The lists ofchildren from the two sources are very similar.  But one source has noShadrack, Jr.  More investigation needs to be done in other sources toclarify the family configuration and dating for William, his childrenand grandchildren.

    The only wife that I have for Shadrack b 1800 is Benisa Ann Owens.  In1860 Shadrack's wife is enumerated as Maniza, which is phoneticallyclose to Benisa.  But the age is also wrong for Benisa, reporting 30when normally her age reflects birth in about 1818.  Note that thefirst child William is reported as 17, which would mean if really bornin 1830, this Maniza was only 13 at the time of William's birth.

    Vague family sources report a daughter Emily born in 1840 and Polly(probably Mary) born in 1841.  These could be the daughter of Benisaif born in 1818, but not of a woman born in 1830 (as reported for"Maniza").  But Benisa Ann is still with her children in the 1870census (under the name Ann) and reported as age 38 (born 1832).

    Perhaps this age for "Maniza" in 1860 and for Ann in 1870 indicatesthat Shadrack had a wife before Benisa Ann who died after the birth ofthe first two daughters.  No genealogy I have seen accounts for thesefacts.  Shardrack's reported age in 1860 makes him borni n 1809, whilethe correct year seems to be 1800.  A memorial on Find a Grave,established only in 2012, does report that Shadrack was married twice,and married "Manisa" on 5 April 1855.  That means that Shadrack L Jrwas Benisa's first child.

    1860 Federal Census, Gwinnett County, Georgia, 16 August, District544, PO Sweet Water, p 733, Hse/Fam #963
    Shadrick Green 51 M Farmer $0 Real Estate $50 Personal Born SouthCarolina [born abt 1809]
    Maniza [Benisa] Green 30 F b North Carolina [born abt 1830]
    William Green 17 M Farm Laborer b Georgia [born abt 1843]
    Creca Green 16 M b Georgia [born abt 1844]
    James Green 14 M b Georgia [born abt 1846]
    Thomas Green 12 M b Georgia [born abt 1848]
    Shadrick Green 6 F b Georgia [born abt 1854]
    Henryetta Green 1 F b Georgia [born abt 1859]
    Nancy Green 8 F b Georgia [born abt 1852]

    1870 Federal Census, Gwinnett County, Georgia, 2 July, PO Lawrence, p42, Hse #279, Fam #282
    Hay, Levy F 22 M W  (No Occup reported) $0 Real Estate or PersonalRptd b Georgia [born abt 1848]
    Green, Ann 38 F W Keeping House b Georgia [born abt 1822]
    Green, Shadrack 14 M W b Georgia [born abt 1856]
    Green, Henrietta 12 F W b Georgia [born Jan 1858]
    Green, Nathan 10 M W b Georgia [born abt 1860]
    Green, Geo W 7 M W b Georgia [born abt 1863]

    Since there are actually three Shadrack Greens, the use of Sr and Jrtitles is unclear and confusing.  Sources that have only the elder andhis son tend to refer to them as Sr and Jr, but they either have nothird Shadrack or confuse the dates so it appears there are only two.Those sources that have two, born in 1800 and 1855, call these Sr andJr.  Several sources have the middle initial L for one or more ofthese three.

    World Family Tree Pedigree #2738 (anonymous in the fashion calls the Shadrack born in 1855 Shadrack L Jr.  This isthe only indication of a middle initial.  No other source I have seenhas a middle initial.  But this source does not have an initial forhis father Shadrack.  His father should be called Shadrack L Sr, ifhis son is really Jr.  I have included the middle initial on Shadrack3, which will help differentiate them but have not used the Jr title.

    Another World Family Tree genealogy, Pedigree #3554, reports aShaddrock Green Sr, born 1730.  This date would fit a son of WilliamGreen.  Meshack was born in 1720.  One child of Shaddrock is alsoreported, a daughter named Dicey, born in 1770.  This name Dicey,nickname for Dicea or Eudicea, is the name of a son of the Shadrackother sources report born in 1760.  A problem is that Dicey'sbirthplace is reported as Albemarle County, Virginia, not SouthCarolina.

    A possible match for Shadrack 2 (b 1800) in Forsyth, Georgia, 1870,shows wife's name as Nancy J (Green).  But this is after the deathdate of Shadrack who married Benisa Owens.  Benisa's husband died in1864 in the Civil War, and was buried in Gwinnett County, where wefind Shadrack and Benisa living, and Benisa later as a widow.  (Seeend of these Notes.)

    The old One World Tree source for Shadrack Green (b 1800 d 1864)reports his wife as Benisa Ann Owens.  Thus the Shadrack in ForsythCounty, Georgia, in 1870 has to be a different Shadrack Green.  MarthaMcConnell told me there were two Shadrack Greens born about the sametime in South Carolina, but she gives no details of their residences,except that one was in Forsyth County.  The Shadrack Green in Forsythwas born about the same time, and was married to Nancy J Parker.

    The Shadrack we follow here was in Gwinnett County, Georgia with hiswife Benisa Ann Owens.  Shadrack L and Benisa Green were recorded inthe 1860 census.  In the 1870 census, after Shadrack died in 1864,Benisa Ann is found with her children in the home of 22-year old LevyHay.  I have not determined if there is any relation to Levy.

    "There were two Shadrack Greens both born in SC a few months apart.1st Shadrack was in Forsyth Co., Ga by 1840 and remained there untilhis death in 1881.  He married Nancy J. Parker also of SC.  The otherShadrack was married to Benisa Ann Owens and died during Civil War(1864) buried in Gwinnett Co., GA."
    --  Note on genealogy website, 16 October 2010

    We have documentation that Shadrack married to Benisa Ann died in thecivil was and was buried in Gwinnett County in 1864.  Shadrack whomarried Nancy Parker is in the 1890 census in Forsyth County.  Thereare Greens nearby in Forsyth County in the 1850 census, when thisShadrack and Nancy are enumerated there.  So both these Shadracks maybe kin somehow in this same Green lineage.  No source gives enoughinformation to fully compare these two, or to sort these out orestablish the parentage and relationships of the Shadrack who marriedNancy.

    In 1870 Shadrack married to Nancy is 70 years old, which matches ourother details, and wife Nancy J is 60.  Other sources have alsoconsidered this the same Shadrack, but I have seen no genealogydiscuss the problem of the many Shadracks, or names of the wives andother details.  See Martha McConnell's comment above which doesconfirm two different Shadracks with different wives of these names,but again with no details to clarify the lineages and parentage.

    In 1870 Nancy is age 21, son Joseph is 178 and daughter Georgia is 13. The genealogies that have this family have some children that I havenot found in the census reports.  This may indicate that the family inthe censuses I have seen, also cited by other genealogies, is not thesame Shadrack Green.  If there are two different Shadracks, onemarried to Benisa Ann Owens and another to Nancy J Parker, it appearsseveral genealogies have mixed or combined the children from twomarriages under one wife.

    In the 1850 census, also in Forsyth County, Georgia, the family isfound, with several children, but the difference in ages of Shadrackand Nancy are greater:  Shadrack (named Shedrick here) is 50, whichmatches, but Nancy is 36, a difference of 4 years.  Otherwise, itappears to be the same family.  There is only one child who overlapson both these censuses.  Nancy is 1 in 1850, and is the only one stillat home at age 21 in 1870, which matches perfectly.  Note that thishusband is 14 years older than the wife.

    1850 Federal Census, Forsyth County, Georgia, 13 August, 13thDistrict, page 312, Hse/Fam #162
    Shedrick Green 50 M Farmer SC (b abt 1800)
    Nancy Green  36 F  SC (b abt 1814)
    Susan Green  19 F  GA (b abt 1831)
    Mary Green  16 F  GA (b abt 1834)
    Drucilla Green  14 F  GA (b abt 1836)
    Elias S Green  11 F  GA (b abt 1839)
    Julia A Green  8 F  GA (b abt 1842)
    Majoy [Marjory?] Green 6 F  GA (b abt 1844)
    William Green  3 M  GA (b abt 1847)
    Nancy Green  1 F  GA (b abt 1849)

    Only two of these children match those found in genealogies of thisfamily, though all the genealogies differ.  Differences also occur inthe dates of birth for these two children.  Nancy census: 1849,genealogy 1852; William:  1847, genealogy 1843.  These are indicationsthat this might be a different Shadrack Green.  The comments by MarthaMcConnell cited above seem to confirm that the Shadrack in ForsythCounty in this 1870 census is a different Shadrack from the one whowas son Shadrack Green and Mary Cage (Martha Jones his stepmother) andthe was the husband of Benisa (or Beniza) Ann Owens.  Shadrack andwife Nancy are also recorded in the 1870 census in Forsyth, Georgia.

    1870 Federal Census, Forsyth County, Georgia, 9 August, Hightower,Post Office Cumming, page 42/18, Hse #336, Fam #301
    Shadrack Green 70 M W  Farmer SC
    Nancy J Green  60 F W  SC
    Nancy Green  21 F W  GA (b abt 1849)
    Joseph Green  17 M W  GA (b abt 1853)
    Georgia Green  13 F W  GA (b abt 1857)

    U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
    Shadrack L Green
    US Army Mexican War
    Birth Date 13 Oct 1800
    Death Date 13 May 1864
    Burial Fairview Pres[byterian] Cemetery, Gwinnett County Newnan[should be Lawrenceville], GA 30265

    Shadrack L Green, Sr
    Birth Oct. 13, 1800
    Death May 13, 1864
    Shadrack was married twice, first wife buried Shakerag in FultonCounty. Second wife. Minisa Ann Owen married 2-4-1855 Gwinnett County.
    Spouse Beniza Ann Owen Green (1818 - 1914)
    Son Shadrack L Green (1855 - 1884)
    Burial Fairview Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Lawrenceville, GwinnettCounty, Georgia
    Created by wtmartin Dec 17, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #102285430,


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