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Benisa Ann OWEN

Benisa Ann OWEN7,4,2,1,3,5,6

also known as Benisa A. GREEN

12th May 18181,2,3,4,5,6 - 7th Jul 19141,4,5

Life History

12th May 1818

Born in Augusta, Richmond, Georgia.1,2,3,4,5,6

4th Feb 1855

Married Shadrack L GREEN in Gwinnett County, Georgia.5

2nd Nov 1855

Birth of son Shadrack L GREEN in Gwinnett County, Georgia.1,8,7,2

24th Mar 1858

Birth of daughter Henryetta GREEN in Gwinnett County, Georgia.2,7,8

27th Oct 1859

Birth of son Nathan Louis GREEN.8,2,9

17th Feb 1863

Birth of son George W GREEN.8,5,2

13th May 1864

Death of Shadrack L GREEN in Georgia.10,11,1,12,5

23rd Mar 1883

Death of son George W GREEN in Clarksville, Johnson, Arkansas.8,5

19th Apr 1884

Death of son Shadrack L GREEN.8

3rd Apr 1894

Death of daughter Henryetta GREEN in Clarksville, Johnson, Arkansas.8

19th May 1904

Death of son Nathan Louis GREEN in Clarksville, Johnson, Arkansas.8,9

7th Jul 1914

Died in Clarksville, Johnson, Arkansas.1,4,5

after 7th Jul 1914

Buried in Oakland Memorial Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson, Arkansas.5


  • 1860 Federal Census, Gwinnett County, Georgia, 16 August, District544, PO Sweet Water, p 733, Hse/Fam #963
    Shadrick Green 51 M Farmer $0 Real Estate $50 Personal Born SouthCarolina [born abt 1809]
    Maniza [Benisa] Green 30 F b North Carolina [born abt 1830]
    William Green 17 M Farm Laborer b Georgia [born abt 1843]
    Creca Green 16 M b Georgia [born abt 1844]
    James Green 14 M b Georgia [born abt 1846]
    Thomas Green 12 M b Georgia [born abt 1848]
    Shadrick Green 6 F b Georgia [born abt 1854]
    Henryetta Green 1 F b Georgia [born abt 1859]
    Nancy Green 8 F b Georgia [born abt 1852]

    1870 Federal Census, Gwinnett County, Georgia, 2 July, PO Lawrence, p42, Hse #279, Fam #282
    Hay, Levy F 22 M W  (No Occup reported) $0 Real Estate or PersonalRptd b Georgia [born abt 1848]
    Green, Ann 38 F W Keeping House b Georgia [born abt 1822]
    Green, Shadrack 14 M W b Georgia [born abt 1856]
    Green, Henrietta 12 F W b Georgia [born Jan 1858]
    Green, Nathan 10 M W b Georgia [born abt 1860]
    Green, Geo W 7 M W b Georgia [born abt 1863]

    Comments from the World Family Tree Pedigree # 2738

    Benisa Green was 45 years old when her son George was born(2-17-1863).  She was a licensed midwife who delivered a baby a yearbefore she died.  She had saddled up and went with a man whose wifewas about to deliver.  She came back about daybreak and said thecouple had a fine baby boy.

    She lived with parents John and Nancy (Cruce) Laneer.  Husband diedand probably is buried in Georgia (Gwinnett County).  [Why would herparents be named Laneer if her name is Owens, as this source listsher? -- OBJ]

    John Laneer had to leave area because he had beat up hissister-in-law.  His brother met him with a fresh horse so John couldleave the area.

    At some point Benisa moved to Arkansas before 1900.  She is livingalone as a Farmer in her own household in Johnson County, Arkansas.  Ifind no other families with surname Green within several pages of herentry.

    1900 Federal Census, Johnson County, Arkansas, 5 June, King Township,District 40, page 4B, Hse/Fam #323
    Green, Beniza Wife W F May 1819 81 Widow 5 children/2 living NC NC VAFarmer Rents

    The name here is spelled Beniza, and the same on her gravestone.  Thisis a change from the consistent spelling as Benisa in early sources.Note also that here we are told she bore 5 children and only two areliving.  Two children are buried in the same cemetery, Nathan andGeorge, her last two.  Her youngest son George died in 1883.  We laterfind her living with her daughter Nancy in 1910, so the two livingchildren would be Nathan and Nancy.  All genealogies I have seenreport her as the mother of 11 children.  This report that she hadonly 5 children seems to confirm my suspicion stated earlier thatShadrack had a previous wife.

    Going just by the count of 5 children, all children born before Thomasin 1848 would be the children of the first wife.  Also, due to thelimited information, there may be other factors involved here that wehave not accounted for.  I have not yet found this Shadrack or Benisain the 1850 census.  And it may be that the early family sources I wasfollowing for the names of Shadrack's wife and children has errors.  Ihave not yet found marriage records.  Several sources have variouspeople and family units mixed together.

    Her name is written in the 1910 census as Binza A.  The report ofchildren here matches that in 1900 except an additional child hasdied.  This would be Nathan Louis, who died 19 May 1904 and is buriedin nearby Clarksville.  Here Nancy is Head of hosuehold.  she isreproted as Married but no husband is enumerated in the household.

    1910 Federal Census, Johnson County, Arkansas, 21 April, KingTownship, District 60, page 4A, Hse #69, Fam #73
    Laneer, Nancy J Head F W 58 Married 38 years 11 children/10 living GASC NC Owns
    Laneer, George Son M W 18 Single AR GA GA Farm Laborer
    Stubbs, Nora Boarder F W 15 Single AR AR GA Farm Laborer
    Green, Binza Mother F W 90 Widow 5 children/1 living NC NC VA

    A memorial presents details and a photo of her gravestone inClarksville, Arkansas.  She and some of her children are buried inOakland Memorial Cemetery in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.On the gravestone her name is spelled Beniza.

    Beniza A Green
    Birth May 12, 1818 North Carolina, USA
    Death Jul. 7, 1914
    Burial Oakland Memorial Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson County,Arkansas, USA
    Created by Bea Smith Daniel Oct 01, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #30234336,


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