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Minerva Taylor OWENS

Minerva Taylor OWENS5,9,10,4,11,2,3,6

also known as Minerva OWENS8

Jul 18235,6,7 - Aug 19035,4,6

Life History


Born in South Carolina.5,6,7

(less likely)

Jul 1823

Born in South Carolina.1,2,3

(most likely)

about 1838

Birth of daughter Caroline BARNETT in Alabama.2

7th Jan 1841

Married John B BARNETT in Cedar Bluff, Cherokee, Alabama.5,9,18

about 1842

Birth of daughter Louisa Jane BARNETT in Alabama.2,12

5th Dec 1845

Birth of daughter Lucinda Catherine BARNETT in Tishomingo County, Mississippi.13,15,16,17,12,2

about 1846

Birth of daughter Sarah Elizabeth BARNETT in Alabama.2,19,12

about 1849

Birth of daughter Frances A BARNETT in Mississippi.21,2,12,22

7th Aug 1850

Birth of son John Franklin BARNETT in Lee County, Mississippi.18,19,2,23,12

about 1852

Birth of son William A BARNETT in Mississippi.12,3,24

Aug 1855

Birth of daughter Susan A BARNETT in Itawamba County, Mississipp.3,25,26,27,12,28,29

18th Jul 1856

Birth of son Peter Lee M BARNETT in Mississippi.26,12,5

Oct 1856

Birth of son James C BARNETT in Mississippi.30,11,31,26,12

4th Nov 1859

Birth of daughter Amanda BARNETT in Prentiss County, Mississippi.12,26,32,33,34

31st Jan 1861

Birth of daughter Mary Ellen BARNETT in Baldwyn, Prentiss, Mississippi.35,36,37,38,39,3,26,18,40,41,42

about 1862

Birth of son Amos BARNETT in Mississippi.26

Jul 1878

Death of daughter Sarah Elizabeth BARNETT in Prentiss County, Mississippi.18

24th Oct 1889

Death of son William A BARNETT

3rd Nov 1889

Death of son Peter Lee M BARNETT in Gainsesville, Cooke, Texas.5

14th Feb 1897

Death of John B BARNETT in Arnoldville, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.43,18

before 1900

Death of daughter Frances A BARNETT in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.20

2nd Jun 1902

Death of daughter Lucinda Catherine BARNETT in Criner Creek, McClain, Oklahoma.13,14

Aug 1903

Died in Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory.5,4,6

Aug 1903

Buried in Fort Gibson National Cemetery, Fort Gibson, Muskogee County, Oklahoma.4


  • John and Minerva Barnett are enumerated in the 1850 census living inItawamba County, Mississippi.  The census month in 1850 was November,which meant most of the children had already had their birthday forthat year.  The census month in 1860 was June.

    1850 Federal Census, Itawamba County, Mississippi, 2 November,District 6, page 133 (scan 368), Hse #904, Fam #911
    John Barnett 28 M Farmer  Georgia [born abt 1822]
    Minerva Barnett 26 F South Carolina [born abt 1824]
    Caroline  Barnett 12 F Alabama [born abt 1838]
    Louisa J Barnett 9 F Alabama [born abt 1841]
    Elizabeth Barnett 7 F Alabama [born abt 1843]
    Lucinda K Barnett 5 F Mississippi [born abt 1845]
    Frances Barnett 4 F Mississippi [born abt 1846]
    John F Barnett 1 M Mississippi [born abt 1849]

    Lucinda here has the middle initial of K.  In 1860 we will find she isLucinda C.  With these two initials, her name is probably is Catherineor Katherine.  Barnett researcher Kay Harper has the middle namespelled Catherine, so I am using that spelling of the name.

    From the birth place of their first three children, we can tell Johnand Minerva married in Alabama.  Going by the age of Caroline, theoldest child, they would have been married about 1837.  The year ofCaroline's birth is the same year that John enlisted in the AlabamaVolunteers, recorded as 1837.

    1860 Federal Census, Itawamba County, Mississippi, 20 June, PO GunTown, page 1 (scan 219), Hse/Fam #2
    Barnett, John 36 M Farmer  $200 real $1125 personal  Georgia [born abt1824]
    Barnett, Minerva 38 F South Carolina [born abt 1822]
    Barnett, Louisa J 17 F Alabama [born abt 1843]
    Barnett, Sarah E 14 F Alabama [born abt 1846]
    Barnett, Lucinda C 12 F Mississippi [born abt 1848]
    Barnett, Francis (Frances) A 11 F Mississippi [born abt 1849]
    Barnett, John F  10 M Mississippi [born abt 1850]
    Barnett, William A  8 M Mississippi [born abt 1852]
    Barnett, Lee M 7 M Mississippi [born abt 1853]
    Barnett, James C 6 M Mississippi [born abt 1854]
    Barnett, Susan A 3 F Mississippi [born abt 1857]
    Barnett, Manday [Mandy] 1 M Mississippi [born abt 1859]

    Sarah E matches Elizabeth in 1850 and 1870.

    Ages vary wildly in these censuses, providijng unintended comic reliefto the story.  In 1860 John is 36 (thus born abt 1824) and Minerva is38 (thus born abt 1822).  The children's ages are about 10 yearsgreater in the 1870 census, but in that 10-year period, John ages 19years and Minerva ages 15 years!

    By 1870, they are in Prentiss County, Mississippi, near Booneville.

    1870 Federal Census, Prentiss County, Mississippi, 11 June, POBooneville, Township 6 Range 7, pages 5-6 (scan 428), Hse/Fam #31
    (page 5)
    Barnett, John 55 M W Farmer $200 real $1125 personal Georgia [born abt1815]
    Barnett, Manerva 53 F W Keeping House Georgia [born abt 1817]
    Barnett, Elizabeth 24 F W Alabama [born abt 1846]
    Barnett, John F  19 M W Mississippi [born abt 1851]
    Barnett, William A  18 M W Mississippi [born abt 1852]
    (page 6)
    Barnett, Peter M 16 M W Mississippi [born abt 1854]
    Barnett, James C 15 M W Mississippi [born abt 1855]
    Barnett, Susan A 14 F W Mississippi [born abt 1856]
    Barnett, Amanda 12 F W Mississippi [born abt 1858]
    Barnett, Mary E 10 F W Mississippi [born bet June-Dec 1860]
    Barnett, Amos 8 M W Mississippi [born abt 1862]

    Living a few houses away in 1870 was the Gooch family, whose son JesseA Gooch would marry John's daughter Amanda about 1877.

    A Barnett family genealogy by Kay Harper lists the children of thisfamily, which I will not include in my primary entries:
    1. Frances BARNETT b: 1849
    2. Mary Nancy Ellen 'Mollie' BARNETT b: 31 Jan 1861 in Prentiss Co,Miss
    3. Lucinda Catherine 'Katie' BARNETT b: 27 Dec 1847 in Wheeler, Ms
    4. Louisa J. (Jane) BARNETT b: 1843 in Ala
    5. Sarah E. (Elizabeth) BARNETT b: 1846 in Ala
    6. John F. BARNETT b: 1850 in Ms
    7. William A. BARNETT b: 1852 in Ms
    8. James C. BARNETT b: 1854
    9. Susan A. BARNETT b: 1856
    10. Peter M. BARNETT b: 18 Jul 1856 in Ms
    11. Amos BARNETT b: 1862
    --  Kay Harper,

    There is a child of this family missing from Kay's and another Barnettgenealogy I found.  She is listed in two censuses I have found.  Sheis Amanda, age 12 in 1870, and reported as Manday (for Mandy), age 1,in 1860.  Larry Kingsley includes Amanda in his genealogy of severalfamilies that includes this Barnett family.
    --  Larry Kingsley,

    Some genealogies have one child as Susan Amanda.  Susan always appearsin censuses as Susan A, but I have never seen the name Amanda in anyrecords, only in genealogies, without any source or documentation.Since there was a younger child, Mandy, a standard nickname forAmanda, it seems certain that Amanda was a younger daughter of thisfamily, not the same child as Susan A.

    John and Minerva moved to Texas in the 1870s.  Their son James C isliving next to them in the 1880 census in Young County, Texas.  Jamesand his wife have one son, 1-year-old Christopher.  Christopher isreported as 1 year old and born in Texas.  I have not identified theward William Hays.

    1880 Federal Census, Young County, Texas, 13 June, Precinct 2,District 168, page 17, Hse #144, Fam #148
    Barnet, John  W M 64   Farmer GA GA GA [b abt 1826]
    Barnet, Menerva W F 56 Wife Keeping House SC VA SC [b abt 1824]
    Barnet, William A  W M 25 Son Single Farmer MS GA SC [b abt 1855]
    Barnet, Susen A  W F 22 Dau Single Keeping House MS GA SC [b abt 1858]
    Barnet, Mary E  W F 18 Dau Single Farm Laborer MS GA SC [b abt 1862]
    Hays, William  W M 12 Ward Single Works on Farm TN -- TN [b abt 1868]

    Next door is John and Minerva's son James C and his family.

    1880 Federal Census, Young County, Texas, 13 June, Precinct 2,District 168, page 17, Hse #145, Fam #149
    Barnet, James C  W M 22   Farmer MS GA GA [b abt 1858]
    Barnet, Christina  W F 20 Wife Keeping House IL -- -- [b abt 1860]
    Barnet, Christopher  W M 1 Son Single TX MS IL [b abt 1879]

    In the 1900 census, we find Minerva living in Chickasaw Nation, thepart that became Love County, with her son James and his wifeChristina.  There are 4 men living with them as boarders.  James islisted as a farmer, and his son Christopher is working on the farm.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 1 June,Township 7, Marietta, District 150, page 6A, Hse/Fam #90
    Barnett, Jas Head W M Oct 1856  43 Married 23 yrs  MS GA SC FarmerRents
    Barnett, Christiana  Wife W F Mar 1858  42 Married 23 yrs  1 child/1living IL NJ IN
    Barnett, Christopher C Son W M Nov 1877  22 Single TX MS IL FarmLaborer
    Barnett, Minerva Mother W F July 1823  76 Widowed Married 59 years 13children/7 living SC VA SC

    For a long time, I could find no information on Minerva's parents, andno other Barnett researcher I had worked with over the years had any.In September 2013, another cousin in the Barnett line contacted me forthe first time, and in our exchanges reported to me the names ofMinerva's parents.

    A reference below mentions the legendary family tradition referring toMinerva as a "Cherokee princess," a common fairy-tale white man's termfor some fancied or real female Cherokee ancestor.  However, if hermother was really the daughter of a Ross chief's brother, it is closerto the truth in this case.  But they were not kings, princes andprincesses, the Cherokee had no "royalty," even if she is of venerableheritage.

    Minerva and her children were denied enrollment in the Cherokeenation.  That is not worth much as far as it goes, due to thecorruption and politics involved in the Dawes Commission's work andresulting lists.  But the Nations decided that those official whiteman's rolls would be the official reference point, and many trueNative Americans for whatever political or valid reasons were deniedtheir petitions.

    "I have Minerva Taylor Owens' parents at Alexander Owens and DeborahRoss.  It is our understanding that Deborah Ross was Chief John Ross'sniece.  My mother's grandmother passed down that we were related toChief John Ross of the Cherokee Nation who was the Chief during theTrail of Tears."
    --  Jared Kirk, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 10 September 2013

    Then I found one genealogy that reported these same names, and datesand places in addition.

    Alexander Owen
    Birth 1790 in North Carolina
    Death 1860 in Cherokee, Alabama
    Souse Deborah Ross Owen
    Birth 1795 in North Carolina
    Death 1860 in Cherokee, Alabama
    Minerva Taylor Owens
    Birth Jul 1823 in South Carolina
    Death Aug 1903 in Fort Gibson, Muskogee, Oklahoma
    --  Owen,

    According to Susan Ball, a Green-Barnett researcher, Minerva claimedto be Cherokee, and tried to get Cherokee land for Susan.  Familysources report Minerva was half Cherokee.  Her application to beregistered as a Cherokee with the notorious Federal Dawes Commissionwere fruitless, draining her time, energy and funds for lawyers andtravel.

    Information on Minerva's marriage and death are reported by familygenealogies, but no documentation has come to light.  One or twosources have reported that Minerva is buried in Ft Gibson NationalCemetery, but she does not appear in the listings for that cemetery.

    We do find Susan and her husband Jacob Green living in CherokeeNation, Township 15, in the 1900 census.  They are registered in Nash,Muskogee County (Choctaw Nation), Oklahoma, in 1910.  I have not foundinformation on them between the years of their marriage in 1883 andthe 1900 census.  The marriage date of 12 July 1883 for Susan andJacob was also given to me by Susan Ball.

    Larry Kingsley reports from another family source that Minerva was 1/2Cherokee.  He presents the following information about Minerva:
    Manerva Taylor OWENS
    Sex: F
    Birth ABT. 1817 in GA or SC
    Death AUG 1903 in Fort Gibson, Love Co., OK
    Michael Epting "WCP" BLACK FAMILY record for Minerva Taylor Owensindicated Minerva was 1/2 Cherokee Indian.
    --  Kingsley,

    The various censuses put her birth in the range of 1822-1824.  KayHarper reports this year of birth also.  Neither give a source for thedate.  I suspect Larry's source for birth in 1817 is the one aberrantcensus, 1870, when Minerva (Manerva) was reported as 53 and John 55years old.  In 1860 John was 36, which fits, but would mean she agedonly 7 years in the next ten.  In 1880 she is 56, catching her up witha 13-year gain, again making her birth year about 1824.

    Note that he reports the place of death as Ft Gibson, Love Co,Oklahoma.  However, Ft Gibson (the only one I know about) is not inLove County, but in Muskogee and Cherokee Counties.  This is whereMinerva's daughter Susan Green was living at this time.  This makes itappear that after the death of her husband, Minerva had moved in withSusan and her husband Jacob Green.  In the 1900 census Minerva isstill in what became Love County, in Marietta, Chickasaw Nation, notfar from the Texas border.  She is living in the household of her sonJames C.

    In the 1900 census Minerva's daughter Susan and her husband JacobGreen are in Cherokee Nation, around Ft Gibson where severalgenealogies report Minerva died.  She may have moved up there beforeshe died.  Or she may have been living up there when John died, andshe went for a while to stay with James before returning to Susan'shome in Ft Gibson.  So I have reported Minerva's place of death as FtGibson.

    According to old maps of Indian Territory, Ft Gibson seems to be inCherokee Nation, near its western border with Creek Nation. a littlenorth of Muskogee, even though originally Mukogee (Muscogee, meaningthe Creek Nation) was the capital of Creek Nation.  I have not beenable to find information on why this capital of the Creek Nation woundup in Cherokee Territory.

    Several genealogies report death information for Minerva as Aug 1903in Ft Gibson, but without providing a source.  I originally got thisinformation from Larry Kingsley, whose source was Michael Epting.Several genealogies have this same information, but I have not foundthe independent evidence myself.

    Susan Ball, a very careful researcher, gives this date for Minerva'sdeath date in a discussion about Minerva's life (see below). but doesnot say where she learned the information.  The following informationseems to reflect family sources, but does not say where the marriageand death information came from.

    Minerva Taylor Owens
    Birth Jul 1823 in South Carolina
    Death Aug 1903 in Fort Gibson, Love [should be Muskogee County],Oklahoma
    Marriage to John Barnett 7 Jan 1841 Cedar Bluff, Cherokee, Alabama
    --  Torum/Rogers,

    Cousin and coresearcher Winnie Yandell has provided notes on Minerva'sdeposition concerning her longterm attempts to be recognized as aCherokee with the corrupt and politicized Federal Dawes Commission.  Ihave not seen this deposition myself. (Notes in parentheses below byWinnie Yandell)

    A notarized copy of deposition by Minerva "sworn and subscribed beforeme this 3rd day of Sept. AD 1896 at Marietta, I.T.   (Lafayette F.Butler, Notary Public, Southern Dist.)
    Witnesses:  J.A. Lester [that is Joseph Lester, former son-in-law ofMinerva (Frances Barnett had d.]; and John Maines, [I believe to be abro of James C. Barnett's wife, Christiana Maines Barnett].

    One 1900 I.T. census for James C w/Minerva in HH, states theirresidence was in Pushmataha Co.

    If that is true, then it was in far SE corner of OK in ChoctawNation...and Marietta was just west---almost a straight line.  In thisdeposition, Minerva says she has "paid out considerable sums of moneyto Cherokee Attys, making trips to Tahlequah, I.T.  and gettingencouragements from the Attys, But when the Dawes Commission was sentthem I again went to Cherokee Nation to get my papers, and not even acopy could I get.  And as death has taken off my main Witness, Ireturned Home." ...."it is now too late I do not attempt to make myold claim and that I have no personal interest in case."

    Signed with "X" her mark.

    The following contribution was found on a discussion group.

    Re: Minerva Taylor Owens Barnett
    sebball  15 Nov 2007 1:55AM GMT

    I'm descended from Mary Ellen "Mollie" Barnett (sister of Lucinda) whomarried Sam Houston Black. Minerva Taylor Owens Barnett died at ornear Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma, August 1903. She may have been living witheither her daughter, Susan Barnett Green, or her son, James C.Barnett. Prior to that, she lived near Marietta, Love County,Oklahoma. John Barnett died in Love County, OK in 1897; Minerva islisted in the 1900 census in her son James' household in the samearea. Any newspaper article about her during her lifetime would mostlikely have been written in those areas prior to 1903, her death.

    Your [?] husband's Aunt Amy may have read articles written aboutMinerva by her grandson (my grandfather), Earl William Black. Earlwrote "Western Stories" as a hobby, and the local paper (Muleshoe,Bailey County, Texas) published these as he wrote them in the 1960s.One or more of them were reminiscences of his grandmother, MinervaTaylor Owens Barnett. I would say, after research, that the storieswere equal part hyperbole and fact. Several exceedingly fanciful taleshave been spread about Minerva, few have been proven. The CherokeePrincess title is most certainly a stretch. John and Minerva attemptedto obtain land for their children Susan and James under the Dawescommission, but no record has been found to indicate the applicationhad been granted. Apparently, insufficient proof existed for theirclaim to Cherokee citizenship.

    Best Regards,
    Susan Ball
    --  Ancestry Discussion Groups,

    Note:  the Dawes Commission was notoriously corrupt and it is thoughtby most researchers that many, many applications were denied that werein fact valid. - OBJ

    A memorial for Minerva on Find a Grave reports birth and death datesthat differ from all other documents, even though they are exact."They fit poorly with other known facts.  But dates for the birth ofher husband John B Barnett also vary from 1814 to 1824!

    Minerva Taylor Owens Barnett
    Birth Jul. 1, 1817 Georgia
    Death Jul. 1, 1903 Fort Gibson, Muskogee County, Oklahoma


    Spouse John B. Barnett (1814 - 1897), was a Veteran.
    They were Married on January 07, 1841.
    On March 12, 1838 he Enlisted in the Seminolian Indian War as aPrivate in the Alabama Volunteers at Fort Payne, Alabama.
    He was Discharged July 22, 1838.

    They relocated to Itawamba County, MS in 1850 from AL; and then toPrentiss County, MS.
    They moved to Young, TX and remained a few years before relocating inOK.

    After his death February 14, 1897 Records show she was living with herSon, James C. Barnett, and his Family in Chickasaw Nation, IndianTerritory, OK.

    #1> Death Published Anadarko Daily Democrat, Anadarko, OK ArchivesHistoric Newspaper, Fort Gibson, OK (not always accessible).
    2> Census Dated 1850 and 1860 - John Barnett Family Living in ItawambaCounty, MS.
    #3> Census Dated June 16, 1870 Family Living in Prentiss County, MS.
    #4> Census Dated June 13, 1880 Family Living in Precinct 2, Young,Texas.
    #5> Census Dated June 01, 1900, Township 7, Range 2, East, IndianTerritory Chickasaw Nation, Minerva Barnett, age 76, was Living withHer Son, James C. Barnett and Family.

    Lucinda Katherine Barnett Rogers (1845 - 1902)
    John Franklin Barnett (1850 - 1914)
    Susan A Barnett Green (1855 - 1939)
    Amanda 'Danie' Barnett Ridge (1859 - 1942)
    Mary Ellen Barnett Black (1862 - 1949)

    Burial Fort Gibson National Cemetery, Fort Gibson, Muskogee County,Oklahoma

    Created by Sue Moore-Hardy Apr 20, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #88829890,


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