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Ella BOHANNON1,4,3,5,2

Oct 18631,2 - 19013

Life History

Oct 1863

Born in Indian Territory.1,2

about 1881

Married John H TUGMAN in Crip, Wilson, Kansas.1

May 1884

Birth of son Franklin TUGMAN in Texas.6,7,2

22nd Jan 1887

Birth of son Thomas Edward TUGMON in Bonita, Montague, Texas.7,8,2

4th Oct 1891

Birth of son George Edward TUGMON in Indian Territory.9,1,10,11,8,2

22nd Feb 1896

Birth of son Fred TUGMAN in Indian Territory.8,6,7,2

Jan 1899

Birth of daughter Lorena TUGMAN in Indian Territory.2


Resident in Justice Precinct 2, Montague, Texas.1


Died in Sunny Side, Alaska.3


  • The 1900 census reports that Ella was born in October 1863 in IndianTerritory.  But a family genealogy, which appears to have reliabledetail, says she was born 30 July 1861.

    John TUGMON
    AKA Jack
    Birth: 22 FEB 1861
    Death: 1 OCT 1941 in Redden Ok
    Father: Thomas TUGMON b: 1837 in Ireland
    Mother: Margret MANNING b: FEB 1839 in Ireland
    Marriage Ella BOHANNON b: 30 JUL 1861 in Montague County Texas, d(date unknown) in Sunny Side Ak
    --  Tugmon Family,*v38t1631&id=I010

    Ella Tugmon [Ella Bohannon]
    Gender Female
    Age 38
    Father Name Ben Bohannon
    Mother Name Thirza Bohannon
    Census Card Number:  1323
    Tribe Mississippi Choctaw
    Enrollment Rejected

    One genealogy reports that Ella and John Tugman were married in Crip,Wilson County, Kansas.  But no documentation is provided.  Severalgenealogies also report that Ella died in Sunnyside, Alaska.  None ofthem provide documentation or explanation.  I have found noinformation about her move to Alaska or other details.  One genealogyreported she died in Arkansas, but was buried in Sunny Side Cemetery.

    The only cemetery of that name that came up was in Conway, Arkansas,and her name is not in the listing of burials. I have not founddocumentation of a town named Sunny Side, Alaska, or found a cemeteryin Alaska named Sunny Side, or otherwise identified her burial place.I did find there is an unincorporated town called Sunnyside (ChicotCounty), Arkansas, but can find no Bohannon tie there.  A couple ofgenealogies report the year of death as 1901.  One says between 1901and 1956.  How can such a wide frange of dates be helpful?

    Ella Bohannon
    Birth Oct 1863 in Indian Territory
    Marriage to John H Tugman in Crip, Wilson, Kansas
    --  Elkins/Reid,

    Another genealogy provides names for Ella's parents, with very littledetail.  This might be helpful as clues to locate her further inrecords.

    Birth 7/30/1861, Death in SUNNY SIDE, ALASKA
    Spouse JOHN H (JACK) TUGMAN 1861 - 1941
    THOMAS TUGMAN  - 1964
    LORENA TUGMAN 1899 - 1991
    --  Pam's family tree,

    A great daughter contacted my 7 December 2011, as I was working on thefamily, also searching for further information.  Pat Penn informed meshe was searching for information on Ella's Indian roll registration.

    1900 Federal Census, Montague County, Texas, 8 June, Justice Precinct2, District 48, page 6B, Hse/Fam #111
    Tugman, Thomas Head W M born (no month) 1837  63 Married 44 yearsImmigrated to US 1849 Naturalized Ireland Ireland Ireland FarmerCannot read or write Owns
    Tugman, Margrett Wife W F Feb 1839  60 Married 44 years  8 children/5living Immigrated to US 1850 Not Naturalized Ireland Ireland IrelandCan read and write
    ** Tugman, John H Son  b Feb 1861  39 MO Ire Ire Farm Laborer Can readand write **
    ** Tugman, Ella Dau-in-law Oct 1863  36 Married 19 years  8 children/5living Ind Terr -- -- Can read and write **
    Tugman, Franklin grandson May 1884  16 TX MO IT Farm Laborer Can readand write
    Tugman, Thomas grandson Jan 1887  13 TX MO IT Farm Laborer AttendedSchool Not reported whether can read and write
    Tugman, George grandson Oct 1891  8 IT MO IT Not reported whether canread and write
    Tugman, Fred grandson Feb 1896 4 IT MO IT
    Tugman, Lorena granddau Jan 1899 1 IT MO IT
    Wilson, Thomas grandson W M Feb 1894  6 TX TN TX

    I have found no indication of who the last grandchild, Thomas Wilson,is.

    In 1902 Ella applied for recognition for herself and her chidlren asChoctaws, but the Dawes Commission rejected her application.

    1902 Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Dawes Census Cards for FiveCivilized Tribes, 1898-1914
    Mississippi Choctaw Indians, Census Card Number 1323
    1 Tugmon, Ella 38 F 1/2 blood Father Ben Bohannon (dead) Claim Choctaw Mother Thirza Bohannon (dead) Claim Choctaw
    2 Tugmon, Frank Son 17 M 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother #1
    3 Tugmon, Thomas Son 12 M 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother #1
    4 Tugmon, Georgie Son 10 M 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother#1
    5 Tugmon, Freddie Son 4 M 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother #1
    6 Tugmon, Renie Dau 2 F 1/4 Father J H Tugmon Non-Citizen, Mother #1
    Tribe Mississippi Choctaw
    Decision Rendered 18 Oct 1902
    Enrollment Claim Rejected 3 Nov 1902
    Confirmed by Secretary of the Interior 9 Jun 1903
    Notice of Departmental Action Mailed to Applicant 17 Jul 1903


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