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William L TERRY2,3,10,8,5,4,1,6,11

also known as W. L. TERRY9

May 18661,2,3,4,5 - between 1936 and 19407,8

Life History

May 1866

Born in Murray County, Georgia.1,2,3,4,5

between 1888 and 1905

Resident in Dublin, Erath, Texas.2

8th Jun 1898

Married Cora B ALEXANDER in Erath County, Texas.2,9

5th Dec 1901

Birth of daughter Nina Belle TERRY in Gorman, Eastland, Texas.12,3,7,6

about 1905

Birth of daughter Mary Bird TERRY in Erath County, Texas.6,3,4

between 1906 and 1910

Residence2 in Blackburn, Jefferson, Oklahoma.3,6

22nd Jan 1907

Birth of son Willis Clay TERRY in Jefferson County, Oklahoma.3,6,11


Birth of daughter Aileen TERRY in Jefferson County, Oklahoma.4,13,6,7

20th Dec 1928

Death of son Willis Clay TERRY in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas.11


Residence3 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas.4

between 1936 and 1940

Died in Ft Worth, Tarrant, Texas.7,8


  • William Terry was born in Murray County, as part of a large Terryclan.  His father was George C Terry, almost 60 when William was born,and his mother, only about 20 at his birth.  His father died inJanuary 1888, and he and his mother moved to Texas, as other Terryshad from the 1870s on.  In 1898 William married Cora B Alexander.

    Texas, Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2011
    Cora Alexander
    Marriage 8 Jun 1898 Erath County, Texas
    Spouse W. L. Terry

    In 1900, William and Cora are in Erath County, west of Fort Worth.They have moved farther west than others in their family except forThomas L Terry, a son of Joseph Lewis and Dovina Terry.  In 1900,Thomas L and his family  is in San Angelo, in Tom Green County, evenfarther west, near Abilene.  In 1880 Thomas and his family had been inMilam County, along with other Terrys of his family.  Terrys from thissame Murray County clan had moved to McLennan County (Waco area) andMilam County (county seat Cameron, near San Antonio) by 1880.

    Louisa is living with her son William L and his wife Cora, who have nochildren.  William and Cora and William have been married 2 years.Cora was born in Texas.

    1900 Federal Census, Erath County, Texas, 11 June, Dublin City,District 69, page 17A, Hse #328, Fam #343
    Terry, William  Head W M May 1866  34  Married 2 years  GA NC SCSchool Teacher
    Terry, Cora  Wife W F Feb 1877 23  Married 2 years  TX AL GA
    Terry, Louisa  Mother W F May 1844 56  Widow  SC SC SC

    I note that this census corrects a report in the 1880 census thatWilliam's father was born in Virginia.  However, the report of NorthCarolina is also in error, according to family sources and previouscensuses.  He was born in South Carolina, as was Louisa.

    By the 1910 census William and Cora had moved to in Ryan City,Jefferson County, Oklahoma.  Jefferson County was created out of theearlier Cherokee County, Oklahoma Territory.  The birth states andages of the children in the 1910 census tells us they moved across theRed River to Oklahoma Territory about 1905.  Their daughter Mary wasborn in Texas about 1905 and Willis was born in Oklahoma Territoryabout 1906.

    She is living with their son William L and his wife Cora and their 3children.  William has established his own business, though the censustells us only "Own Store."

    1910 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Oklahoma, 23 April, Ryan City,Blackburn Township, District 148, page 8A, Hse#150, Fam #158,
    Terry, W L  Head M W 43 Married 12 years GA SC SC Salesman, His OwnStore
    Terry, Cora B  Wife F W 31 Married 12 years TX AL GA
    Terry, Nina Belle  Daughter F W 9 TX GA TX
    Terry, Mary Bird  Daughter F W 5 TX GA TX
    Terry, Willis Clay  Son M W 4 OK GA TX
    Terry, Louisa  Mother F W 65 Widow SC SC SC

    This census corrects the errors in the birth place of William'sfather, reporting South Carolina as his state of birth.

    In 1920, they are still in Ryan, Jefferson County, Oklahoma.  Williamis reported as working on his own as a wholesaler, and it appears hedeals in cattle.  They have another daughter, Ailene born about 1917.(Her name is spelled Ailene in 1930, and Alieen in 1920.)

    1920 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Oklahoma, 3 February, Ryan,District 211, page 7B, Hse/Fam #142
    Terry, William Head M W 53 GA NC SC Wholesale Cattle(?)
    Terry, Cora B Wife F W 42 TX AL GA
    Terry, Nina Dau F W 19 TX GA TX
    Terry, Mary Dau F W 15 TX GA TX
    Terry, Willis Son M W 14 OK GA TX
    Terry, Aliene [Ailene] Dau F W 3 OK GA TX

    Before 1930, William moved his family back down to Texas, and they areliving in the city of Fort Worth.

    1930 Federal Census, Tarrant County, Texas, 17 April, EnumerationDistrict 79, Fort Worth, Ward 21W, page 40A, 2900 Avenue F, Hse #557,Family #644
    Terry, William L Head M W 63 GA NC NC Merchant
    Terry, Cora B Wife F W 53 TX AL GA
    Terry, Nina B Dau F W 27 TX GA TX Public School Teacher
    Terry, Mary B Dau F W 25 TX GA TX Public School Teacher
    Terry, Aileen Dau F W 13 OK GA TX

    He is still designated as a Merchant, but I cannot read the word forthe industry.  It could be cotton, but he was in retail in Oklahoma,with his own store.  Perhaps he is working in jobbing cotton for agin, or selling dry goods.  It is not clear from the fields of thiscensus whether William owns his own business or is employed.

    William died between 1936 and 1940.  He is reported in the 1936 FortWorth CityDirectoy, but by 1940, Cora is reported as a widow.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1936, p 793
    Terry Wm L (Cora B) trav h 2742 I av

    In 1936, their daughter Ailene is reports as an assistant to DoctorCook and Doctor Covert.  (Later in the 1940 census she is reported asa Dental Assistant.)  Daughter Nina Belle is reported under the nameNina M.  She is here reported as a high school teacher as in the 1940census.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1936, p 792
    Terry Ailene asst Drs Cook and Covert h 2742 I av
    Terry Nina M [sic] tchr Polytechnic Sr High Sch h 2742 I av

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1945, p 786
    Terry Cora B (wid Wm L) h 4074 Hampshire blvd

    There is a Texas death record for a W L Terry, born in Oklahoma, butthe birth date is in 1907.  This matches William's son, whom we knowas Willis Clay, who was born about 1906 in Oklahoma.  But I cannotaccount for the middle initial L.  The father is named W L Terry.  Itcould be a clerical error in the original name of the deceased on thedeath certificate.

    Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-1982
    W L Terry
    Residence 2700 Ave F, Ft Worth, Texas
    Birth 22 Jan 1907 Oklahoma
    Gender Male
    Father W L Terry b Georgia
    Mother Alexander b Texas
    Age at Death 21 yrs, 11 mos, 20 days
    Death 20 Dec 1928 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas
    Cause of death Smallpox for 18 days, disease contracted at Vernon,Texas
    Informant father W L Terry
    Burial 20 December 1928 Greenwood Cemetery, Ft Worth, by Shannon'sFuneral HOme
    Filed 30 December 1928


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