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Jesse Alexander GOOCH

Jesse Alexander GOOCH3,4,13,5,1,14,12,7,8,9,10,11

18593,4,5,1,6,7,8,9,10,11 - 22nd Nov 19505,1,12

Life History


Born in Baldwyn, Prentiss, Mississippi.3,4,5,1,6,7,8,9,10,11

2nd Nov 1876

Married Amanda BARNETT in Prentiss County, Mississippi.6,12,8,8

about 1878

Birth of son Willy M GOOCH in Texas.8,16

24th Feb 1884

Birth of daughter Jessie L GOOCH in Overbrook, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.17,18,11,19

20th Aug 1886

Birth of son John Pearl GOOCH in Overbrook, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.11,20

after Jul 1889

Divorced from Amanda BARNETT in birth of second son in July 1889.15

2nd Jul 1889

Birth of son Seburn Dosier GOOCH in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.11,15


Married Frances Onelia CLARK in Garvin County, Oklahoma.5,24,21,10

about 1907

Birth of son Garvin GOOCH.21

about 1908

Death of son Garvin GOOCH.21

25th Apr 1908

Birth of son Frederick GOOCH in Dailsburg, Oklahoma.22,21,3

19th Apr 1911

Birth of daughter Vivian GOOCH in Lula, Pontotoc, Oklahoma.7,9,21,15,23,24,3

15th Sep 1942

Death of Amanda BARNETT in Laverty, Grady, Oklahoma.12,14

22nd Nov 1950

Died in in hospital, Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.5,1,12

24th Nov 1950

Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.1,2


  • Sources I have seen report Jesse's name as Jesse A or J A.  I foundone genealogy which has the full name Jesse Alexander Gooch.

    "Jesse Alexander Gooch," Private Tree, name only
    --  Ancestry Trees,http://trees.ancestry.com/pt/RequestTreeAccess.aspx?tid=36253727&pid=18909870121

    Researcher Winnie Yandell reports the marriage of Amanda "Danie"Barnett to Jesse A Gooch.

    Listing in Laverty Cemetery Register, Norge, Grady County, Oklahoma
    RIDGE Amanda "Danie" [Barnett] Gooch 4 Nov 1859 15 Sep 1942
    "At Rest" "Gone But Not Forgotten"
    "Will Live Again"
    W/O [1] Jesse Gooch
    [2] Rev. Wm. G. Ridge, M/O Seburn Dosier "Doke" Gooch, D/O John B &Minerva Barnett
    Related to: Winnie Yandell
    --  http://www.okcemeteries.net/grady/laverty/rlaverty.htm

    1870 Federal Census, Prentiss County, Mississippi, 17 July, Township6, PO Booneville, p 6, Hse/Fam #34
    Gooch, Jamimie 48 F W Keeping House $100 Real Estate Value $450Personal b Cannot read or write NC [born abt 1822]
    Gooch, Thomas B 21 M W  Farm Laborer b MS Cannot read or write [bornabt 1849]
    Gooch, William N 18 M W  b MS Cannot read or write [born abt 1852]
    Gooch, Jessie A 11 M W  b MS Cannot read or write [born abt 1859]
    Gooch, Jefferson 8 M W  b MS [born abt 1862]
    Gooch, Mary J P 6 F W b MS [b abt 1816]
    Eaton, Martha E 22 F W Housekeeper b AL [b abt 1848]

    Jesse's father was named Jackson, but he died in the civil War.Jesse's mother used the name of her second husband for all herchildren, according to a descendant.

    "You will note the birthplace of his father was unknown on all censusrecords. His father was a Mr. Jackson, who died during the Civil War.The story, as dictated by Fannie in 1965, was that he was brought bythe house as a prisoner & all food was taken & they left an old blindhorse & took his father away and he was never heard from again. Shesaid Jesse regretted not having his named legally changed back toJackson. She gave the names of his brother & sister and half-siblings& who they married, etc. A few years ago when I became interested inGenealogy, census records verified the info she had given re hisfamily members was correct. According to the notes, he left Miss  18after an altercation of some kind & went to Ft Worth, Tx area and wasin Texas for about 3 yrs. Have not been able to verify this. The obitfor his half brother William M Gooch mentioned a half brother, JeffGooch (Jesse's brother) which further confirms that his mother Jemimahad indeed remarried & after the disappearance of Mr. Jackson, usedthe name of Gooch for all her children."
    --  Nita Muczynski, Ancestry Message to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 17 May2014

    Some sources suggest that Jesse and Amanda married about 1875.  Onegenealogy has the date as 2 November 1876.  This seems unlikely to me,though, since he was born about 1859, according to most of thecensuses, or in 1861, according to one or more genealogies.  If bornin 1859, in 1875 he would be only 16 years old, which makes it seemunlikely he would marry at that time.  Even less if he was born in1861 and would be about 14.

    The 1930 census reports that Jesse was first married at age 18, whichwould make it about 1877 or 1879.  But we know that the census age fortheir first child, W M Gooch, indicates he was born in 1878 or 1879.

    Jesse's birth year of 1859 was confirmed when I found his obituary onUSGenWeb for Grady County, Oklahoma (See below).  The date of marriagewas reported on one genealogy, which provided no source informationand lacked other details, but exhibited the character of familyinformation.

    Jessie Alexander Gooch
    Birth 1859 in Mississippi, Death Unknown
    Marriage to Amanda "Danie" Barnett 2 Nov 1876 in Prentiss County,Mississippi
    --  Burton-Gooch,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/2397696/person/-477011925?ssrc=&ftm=1

    1880 Federal Census, Yell County, Arkansas, 10 June, Spring CreekTownship, District 231, page 16, Hse/Fam #63
    Gooch, Jesse A  W M 21   Farmer MS MS MS
    Gooch, Mandana [Amanda] W F 19 Wife Keeping House MS GA GA
    Gooch, W M  W M 2 Son Single TX MS GA

    "Jesse and Amanda had a son named John Pearl Gooch, who was my greatgrandfather.  Our records have Jesse and Amanda's children as WilleyGooch (probably the W M Gooch in your tree), Jessie Gooch, John PearlGooch, and Sieburn Dosier Gooch (which you have).  I have a birthcertificate for John P. Gooch that lists Jess Alexander Gooch andDanie Barnett as his parents.  His birth date is August 20, 1886 inOverbrook, Love County, Oklahoma.  I also have a copy of his deathcertificate that lists Jesse A. Gooch and Amanda D, Barnett as hisparents.  He died on Oct 23, 1965 in Live Oak, Sutter County,California, and is buried in Gridley Briggs Cemetery.  John was thePostmaster at Laverty, Grady County, Oklahoma and I have a copy of acertificate signed by the Postmaster General.  I don't have anyrecords to support Jessie Gooch as a child but I have a birth year of1884, birthplace of Overbrook, Love, Oklahoma (same as John P. Gooch),and a death place of Santa Barbara, CA.  The information on JessieGooch is just from a family group sheet."
    --  Jared Kirk, great great grandson of Jesse and Amanda, email toOrville Boyd Jenkins, 10 November 2013

    Jesse and Amanda divorced around the time of the birth of their lastson Sebourne (Seburn) in July 1898.  In the 1900 census, threechildren are with Jessee.  The oldest son Willey would have been outof the home on his own by then, if still alive.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 31 July,Township 2, District 133, page 39A,  Hse #513, Fam #538
    Gooch, Jesse Head  W M [birth date not rptd] 34 Divorced MS MS MSFarmer Rents
    Gooch, Jesse [sic] dau W F Feb 1884 16 Single Ind Terr MS MS
    Gooch, John P Son W M Aug 1886 13 Single Ind Terr MS MS Farm Laborer
    Gooch, Seburn D Son W M Jul 1888 11 Single Ind Terr MS MS Farm Laborer

    According to the 1910 census, Jesse married Frances Oneila Clark about1906.

    1910 Federal Census, Seminole County, Oklahoma, 25 April, KonawaTownship, District 184, page 9B, Hse/Fam #171
    Gooch, Jesse A Head M W 51 Marriage 3 Married 4 years MS US MS FarmerRents
    Gooch, Francis O Wife F W 27 Marriage 1 Married 4 years 2 children/1living TX GA TX
    Gooch, Fredrick M W 1yr1mo Single OK MS TX [born abt March 1909]

    Venita Muczynski reports that Jesse and Danie married in 1905.

    "There was no wife on the 1900 census & he & Fannie were married in1905.  Fannie's father, Dr Clark, did not approve of this marriage &Jesse & Fannie eloped.  Jesse was about 23 yrs older than Fannie. Ihave notes passed down from my grandmother, Frances Onelia ClarkGooch."
    --  Nita Muczynski, Ancestry Message to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 17 May2014

    The 1910 census reports that this is the third marriage for Jesse, butI have found no information on the second marriage.  Most genealogieslack any info about a wife between Amanda and Francis.

    Jesse and Francis' granddaughter Venita Muczynski says that there wasno wife between Amanda and Francis, and that Francis was the secondwife.  So where did this report of this as the third marriage comefrom?  The only wife I have found information on is Danie Barnett,whom Jesse married in Mississippi in abt 1876.  I understand Amanda(Danie) to be the first wife.

    In 1920, The Gooch family is enumerated as a second family in thehousehold of a head of household whose surname I cannot read due tomultiple overwrites.

    1920 Federal Census, Choctaw County, Oklahoma, 8 January, Hugo Ward 4,District 66, page 7A, 608 West Bluff Blvd, Hse #128, Fam #134
    Gouch, J A Head  Rents M W 61 Married MS MS MS Farm Laborer
    Gouch, Fanny Wife F W 37 Married TX GA TX
    Gouch, Fred Son M W 11 Single OK MS TX [born abt 1909]
    Gouch, Vivian Dau F W 8 Single OK MS TX [born abt 1912]

    1930 Federal Census, Carter County, Oklahoma, 9 April, MorganTownship, District 28, page 4A, Hse/Fam #69
    Gooch, J A Head Owns M W 72 First married at 18 MS US MS Truck Farmer
    Gooch, Fannie  Wife F W 47 First married at 18 TX GA TX
    Gooch, Vivian Dau F W 18 Single OK MS TX [born abt 1912]

    In 1940, their daughter Vivian is still living with them, nowenumerated under her married name of Lewis, but she appears with nohusband.  Her marital status is unclear, since all the enumerator putthere is the number 7.  She has a 5-year-old daughter Veneta (spelledVenita in her own communication to me).  Vivian's husband's WWIIenlistment record in 1942 reports he was divorced, so their separationat the 1940 census probably indicates the divorce occurred before thatcensus.

    1940 Federal Census, Johnston County, Oklahoma, 8 April, GarrettTownship, District 35-8, page 4B, Hse #79, Owns $200
    Gooche, J A Head M W  82 Married Grade 4 b Okla Ardmore, Okla in 1935farmer
    Gooche, Fanny Wife F W 57 Married Grade 8 b Texas  Ardmore, Okla in1935
    Lewis, Vivian M W 29 Marital Status "7" (Divorced?) Grade 9 b OklaArdmore, Okla in 1935
    Lewis, Veneta M W 5 Single Grade 0 b Okla Ft Worth, Texas in 1935

    Note that Vivian is reported as living in Ardmore Okla in 1935, buther 5-year-old daughter Veneta (Venita) is reported as born inOklahoma (about 1935), but living in Ft Worth at that time.  Formarital status there is the number 7.  What the enumerator might havemeant, I cannot fathom.

    Obituary of Jesse Alexander Gooch - Grady County, Oklahoma

    Originally posted at:

    Gooch Services at 2 Friday

    Services for Jesse Alexander Gooch, 91, of 1014 South ThirteenthStreet are set for 2 pm Friday [24 November 1950] in the Chapel of theChickasha Funeral Home with Rev. Sam Burton officiating.

    Mr. Gooch died at 5: 47 am Wednesday [22 November 1950] in a localhospital having been in failing health for some time.

    He had been a resident of Chickasha for the past eighteen months.  Aretired farmer, he formerly lived in Tishomingo where he was a memberof the Church of Christ.  He was born in Baldwyn, Mississippi in 1859.
    --  Chickasha Daily Express, Wednesday, November 22, 1950, p 2,transcribed by Maggie Wettengel, US GenWeb Grady County,http://files.usgwarchives.net/ok/grady/obits/ghi/g2000010.txt

    Jesse is buried in Chickasha Rose Hill Cemetery.

    GOOCH Jessie A. 1859   Nov 1950  (burial 24 Nov) Block 16, Space 10
    --  Rosehill Cemetery register,http://www.okcemeteries.net/grady/rosehill/g/g8rosehill.htm

    His son Seburn is buried in Laverty Cemetery not far away.

    Laverty Cemetery - Norge, Grady County, Oklahoma
    GOOCH, Anne "Annie" [KNAPP], Apr 1908 Bates AR - 6 Jul 1984    (W/OSeburn Dosier "Doke" Gooch, D/O Martha Knapp)
    GOOCH, Seburn Dosher "Doke", 2 Jul 1889 Overbrook OK - 13 Feb 1974(H/O Anne "Annie" [KNAPP]  Gooch, M 9 Jul 1934)
    --  Laverty Cemetery, USGW Archives,http://files.usgwarchives.org/ok/grady/cemeteries/laverty.txt


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