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Samuel O MCSWAIN2,1

7th Jan 18041 - 22nd May 18382,1

Life History

7th Jan 1804

Born in Rutherford County, North Carolina.1

about 1830

Married Mary LOVELACE.2

10th Mar 1832

Birth of son Asa A MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.3,4,5,6

28th Nov 1833

Birth of daughter Lucinda MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.4,7,8,9,1

22nd May 1838

Died in Cleveland County, North Carolina.2,1

after 22nd May 1838

Buried in Lovelace McSwain Cemetery, Mooresboro, Cleveland County, North Carolina.1

22nd Sep 1838

Birth of son Samuel O MCSWAIN in North Carolina.2,4,1


  • I had found Mary McSwain with her children in the 1850 census, but herhusband had already died at that time.  The Hamrick Data Pages connectSamuel to the McSwain and Hamrick line.  This enables me to connectthem to persons already appearing in this genealogy.

    McSwain, Samuel O (1804 - 1838)
    b. 7 Jan 1804 in Rutherford, NC
    d. 22 May 1838
    father: McSwain, David (1782 - )
    mother: Hamrick, Susanna (~1788 - 1894)
    spouse: Lovelace, Mary (1813 - 1886)
    - m. 1830
    ----------child: McSwain, Asa A (1832 - 1885)
    ----------child: McSwain, Lucinda (~1835 - )
    ----------child: McSwain, Samuel O (1839 - 1864)
    --  http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~hamrick/wga75.html

    Samuel married Mary Lovelace.  Among their children they also had ason named Samuel O McSwain.

    McSwain, Samuel O (1839 - 1864)
    b. 1839
    d. 1864
    father: McSwain, Samuel O (1804 - 1838)
    mother: Lovelace, Mary (1813 - 1886)
    spouse: Hopper, Nancy Ann (*1840 - )
    ----------child: McSwain, Julius (*1866 - )
    ----------child: McSwain, Monroe (*1866 - )
    --  http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~hamrick/wga75.html

    The Hamrick information reports on three children.  The 1850 censuslists additionally Zechariah McSwain, age 22 in 1850.

    1850 Federal Census, Cleveland County, North Carolina, 27 August, page295 (scan p 148), Hse/Fam # 463
    Mary McSwain 37 F  $300 Real Estate b NC
    Asa A McSwain 18 M  Farmer b NC
    Lucinda McSwain 15 F  b NC
    Zechariah McSwain 22 M  Farmer b NC
    Samuel O McSwain 11 M  b NC

    The Hamrick information tells us that Lucinda married Zechariah RMcKinney, and reports that their first child, Meldonia McKinney, wasborn n 1850.  This makes it appear suspiciously that the Zechariah inthe McSwain household in 1850 was actually Lucinda's husband.  If thedate of birth for Meldonia is correct, however, that would mean thatLucinda married when she was about 14 years old!

    McSwain, Lucinda (~1835 - )
    b. Est 1835
    father: McSwain, Samuel O(1804 - 1838)
    mother: Lovelace, Mary(1813 - 1886)
    spouse: McKinney, Zecheriah R (*1819 - )
    ----------child: McKinney, Meldonia (1850 - 1907)
    --  http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~hamrick/wga75.html

    Further there is an age discrepancy that adds mystery to thissituation.  The Zechariah McSwain in the 1850 census is reported as 22years old, meaning he would have been born in about 1828.  TheZechariah McKinney who married Lucinda McSwain is reported by theHamrick Data Pages as born in about 1819!  If the Hamrick dates areall correct, this would mean that 14-year-old Lucinda marriedZechariah when he was about 40 years old.  This seems somewhatunreasonable.

    The census seems to indicate that both Lucinda McSwain and ZechariahMcSwain were married within the last year.  This probably means thatZechariah is Lucinda's husband.  Since the Hamrick pages give the nameof Lucinda's husband as Zechariah McKinney, the enumerator probablyerred in giving Zechariah and Lucinda the McSwain name of her motherand siblings.  But aside from the name problem, this probably means itis more likely that his age in the census is correct, making himcloser to 15-year old Lucinda at age 22, and born in about 1828.Their daughter Meldonia might also have been born later than the yeargiven by Hamrick, since not only these but many other dates in thatcollection are wrong.

    On Sam's memorial on Find a Grave, his middle initial is transcribedas D rather than O.  No photo of the stone is provided.

    Samuel D. McSwain
    Birth 1804 North Carolina
    Death May 22, 1838, Cleveland County, North Carolina
    Burial Lovelace McSwain Cemetery, Mooresboro, Cleveland County, NorthCarolina
    Created by Jeff Lovelace Oct 01, 2013
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #117947667,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=117947667&ref=acom&ftm=1


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