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also known as Alice of Saluzzo

about 12711 - 25th Sep 12921

Life History

about 1271

Born in Saluzza, Italy.1


Birth of daughter Eleanor FITZALAN.3

about 1284

Married Richard Lord Of Arundel FITZALAN in Marlborough, Sussex, England.1

1st May 1285

Birth of son Edmund 8th Lord of Arundel FITZALAN in Arundel, West Sussex, England.4

25th Sep 1292



Birth of daughter Margaret FITZALAN in Arundel, Sussex, England.5


  • The name of Alice's birthplace in Italy is spelled in some odlersources as Saluzza, but the town in spelled Saluzzo.

    Saluzzo (Italian pronunciation: [sa'luttso]) is a town and formerprincipality in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont region, Italy.

    The city of Saluzzo is built on a hill overlooking a vast,well-cultivated plain. Iron, lead, silver, marble, slate etc. arefound in the surrounding mountains. It has a population ofapproximately 17,000.

    Saluzzo was the birthplace of the writer Silvio Pellico and oftypographer Giambattista Bodoni.

    Saluzzo (Salusse in Piemontese, Saluces in French) was a civitas(tribal city state) of the Vagienni, or mountain Ligures, and later ofthe Salluvii. This district was brought under Roman control by theConsul Marcus Fulvius.

    In the Carolingian age it became the residence of a count; later,having passed to the Marquesses of Susa, Manfred I, son of MarquessBonifacio del Vasto, on the division of that principality becameMarquess of Saluzzo; this family held the marquisate of Saluzzo from1142 to 1548.

    The marquisate embraced the territory lying between the Alps, the Poand the Stura, and was extended on several occasions. In the MiddleAges it had a chequered existence, often being in conflict withpowerful neighbours, chiefly the Counts (later Dukes) of Savoy. AfterManfred II's death, his widow had to accept a series of tributes,which were to be later the base of the House of Savoy's claims overthe increasingly feebler marquises' territories. Thomas III, a vassalof France, wrote the romance Le chevalier errant ('theknight-errant').
    --  "Saluzzo," WIkipedia,


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