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Cornie M COCHRAN2,3,4,7,1,8

also known as Cornelia M COCHRAN

6th Nov 18752,3,4,1 - 8th Oct 19195,4,6

Life History

6th Nov 1875

Born in Mississippi.2,3,4,1

4th Sep 1903

Birth of son Wince JONES in Arkansas.3,9

21st Jan 1906

Married William Thomas JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,7

20th Dec 1906

Birth of son Charles David JONES in Arkansas.3,4,10

27th Mar 1908

Birth of son Elmer Foote JONES in Arkansas.6,5,11,3,2,12


Resident in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas.1


Birth of daughter Luiza Marie JONES in Arkansas.6

24th Oct 1913

Death of son Charles David JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4,1,10

23rd Jul 1914

Birth of son Thomas Earl JONES in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.6,2,13,9,14,1

9th Mar 1918

Death of son Wince JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.9

12th Mar 1919

Birth of son Levi Everett JONES in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.15,14,13,5,6,16,2

8th Oct 1919

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5,4,6

Died during a flu epidemic

after 8th Oct 1919

Buried in Jones Family Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.4


  • Cornie is found under the name Connie in several references.  Ilearned only in April 2015 that her full name was Cornelia, accountingfor the comon reference in records and family information as Cornie.

    "Cornelia is one of eleven children born to David Pressly Cochran(1848-1895) and Rosaline E Hanna (1854-1908)."
    --  Jerry Lyn Robnett, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 17April 2015

    Cornie Cochran was the third wife of William Thomas Jones.  Her lastchild Levi Everett Jones was born on 12 Mar 1919.  By the February1920 census, Cornie has died (census date was actually January 1, soshe died before the end of 1919).  William Thomas is reported as awidower.  It is possible, then, that Cornie died in childbirth withLevi on 12 March 1919 or shortly thereafter.  I have not foundCornie's death or burial information.

    I have not been able to determine definitively who Cornie's parentsare.  I have found a 1900 census listing in Prairie Township ofArkansas County (Ethel area) of a Cochran family with a daughterConnie L, age 24, and with an actual birthday of November 1875 inMississippi.

    In later censuses, Cornie M Cochran/Jones' age puts her born inMississippi about 1876.  This Connie L Cochran is the oldest child inthe household of her widowed mother Rosa, with younger siblingsLeviticus B, Addie M, Lydia, Belle L and Hallie M.  This would fit,because William Thomas Jones married Cornie Cochran in about 1903.


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