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William Thomas JONES

William Thomas JONES1,1,2,11,3,4,5,6,1,7,8,9

30th Jan 18751,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,7,8,9,10 - 22nd Jan 19487

Life History

between 1875 and 1930

Resident in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.2,11,6,3,8,10

30th Jan 1875

Born in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,7,8,9,10

12th Dec 1894

Married Mary Frances CRISWELL in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1,5

15th Jul 1897

Birth of son William Henry JONES in Arkansas.3,26

about 1898

Birth of son James M JONES in Arkansas.5,20,3,4,27,1

about 1902

Birth of daughter Mattie Helen JONES in Arkansas.28,3

4th Sep 1903

Birth of son Wince JONES in Arkansas.3,7

25th Oct 1904

Death of Mary Frances CRISWELL in Arkansas County, Arkansas.7

21st Jan 1906

Married Cornie M COCHRAN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1,5

20th Dec 1906

Birth of son Charles David JONES in Arkansas.3,18,19

27th Mar 1908

Birth of son Elmer Foote JONES in Arkansas.20,15,4,3,1,21


Birth of daughter Luiza Marie JONES in Arkansas.20

24th Oct 1913

Death of son Charles David JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.18,11,19

23rd Jul 1914

Birth of son Thomas Earl JONES in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.20,1,23,7,6,11

9th Mar 1918

Death of son Wince JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.7

12th Mar 1919

Birth of son Levi Everett JONES in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.24,6,23,15,20,25,1

8th Oct 1919

Death of Cornie M COCHRAN in Arkansas County, Arkansas.15,18,20

26th Aug 1920

Married Ida Myrtle CRISWELL in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1,5

about 1921

Birth of daughter Nixie JONES in based on implied order of birth in reprot by Jimmy Jones.5

about 1923

Birth of daughter Clara JONES in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,13,6

29th Apr 1925

Birth of son Herman JONES in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.14,15,1,6,16,17

before 1930

Death of daughter Nixie JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.12

about 1935

Birth of daughter Syvella JONES in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.14

22nd Jan 1938

Death of son Thomas Earl JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.22,12

22nd Jan 1948

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.7

after 22nd Jan 1948

Buried in Jones Family Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.7

Other facts




  • 1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 11 June, (Location &District Unstated), p 17, #115, Fam #118
    William F Jones W M 71    Farmer VA VA VA (b abt 1809)
    Mary E Jones W F 38 Wife Keeping House b AR Mass KY (b abt 1822)
    Thomas Jones 5 W M Son On Farm AR VA AR (b abt 1875)

    In 1900 William Thomas is enumerated as Thomas.  His widowed motherMary is living in his household.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 21 July, PrairieTownship, District 7, page 15B, Hse #256, Fam #263
    Jones, Thomas Head  W M Jan 1875 25 married 5 years  AR VA AR FarmerOwns
    Jones, Mary  Wife W F Apr 1877 23 married 5 yrs 2 children/2 living MSMS MS
    Jones, William H Son  W M July 1896 3  Single AR AR MS
    Jones, James  Son  W M Sept 1899 8mos  Single AR AR MS
    Jones, Mary Mother W F Apr 1843  57 Widow 5 children/3 living AR MassKY can read can write

    Living next door in house 255 is Thomas' younger brother Robert FJones.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    W T Jones
    Gender Male
    Age 31, Birth Year abt 1875
    Residence Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name Corney Cochran
    Spouse's Gender Female
    Spouse's Age 30
    Spouse's Residence Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Marriage 21 Jan 1906 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date 19 Jan 1906

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 18 April, PrairieTownship, District 15, page 2A, Hse/Fam #17
    Jones, Thomas Head  M W 35 2nd marriage Married 4 years AR VA ARFarmer, Owns Farm
    Jones, Cornnie  Wife F W 34 1st Marriage Married 4 years 3 children/3living MS MS MS (abt 1876)
    Jones, Willie Son M W 12 Single AR AR MS
    James Son M W 10 Single AR AR MS
    Jones, Mattie  Dau  F W 8 Single AR AR MS
    Jones, Wince Son M W 6 Single AR AR MS
    Jones, Charley Son M W 3 Single AR AR MS
    Jones, Elma Son M W 2 Single AR AR MS
    Jones, Mary Mother F W  67 Widow AR Mass KY (abt 1843)

    Willie here matches the child we previously knew as William H, whichseems to stand for Henry.  James is his brother, both children of(William) Thomas' first wife Mary Frances Criswell.  Elma, of course,represents the child Elmer.  A Helen Jones, reported by Jimmy Jones asa daughter of Mary Frances, does not appear here.

    However, we see Mattie, who in the 1920 census is referred to asMattie H.  After a full analysis (see my discussion below on date andage conflicts), it appears that this Mattie H matches Helen, for whomJimmy provided no age, and who otherwise does not show up.

    Thus I think I have sufficient grounds here to consider that Mattie,reported by Jerry Griffitt as a child of Cornie, is the child of MaryFrances, matching the Helen in Jimmy's list.  Since Mattie is anickname for Martha, her full name, thus, is probably Martha Helen.

    There are still conflicts with the next two children, Wince andCharley, both reported by Jimmy as children of Cornie.  They were bothborn more than four years before this census, which reports thatThomas has been married to Cornie only 4 years.  The birth states ofthe mother is not helpful in this case, since both Mary FrancesCriswell and Cornie M Cochran were born in Mississippi.

    Since they have been married 4 years by this time, we can estimatethat William Thomas Jones and Cornie Cochran married about 1905.  Thisconflicts, however, with information about the children from familysources.

    Jimmy Jones reported in email to me that the children born to CornieCochran Jones were Elmer, Levi, Marie, Thomas, Wince, Charlie.  Heprovided no birth dates.  Jerry Griffitt lists these children andincludes birth dates based apparently on the 1910 census.  The 1910census reports an additional child not reported by Jimmy Jones, MattieJones, age 8 in 1910.

    This would mean that by 1910, Cornie would have been married to W Tabout 9 years, not 4.  Jerry's date of 1902 matches this census age of8 years for Mattie.  In the 1920 census, when she is married to CyrusMcSwain, Mattie H is aged 18.

    Assuming that the report of 4-year marriage for W T and Cornie in 1910is correct, then Mattie would be the daughter of Mary Frances CriswellJones.  But Jimmy Jones reports no child by that name, and I havefound a match for the other names he provided.  But this name wouldnot match the middle initial H.

    This question is further complicated by the report Jimmy Jones givesfor these children, when combined with the birth dates available.Jimmy reports Wince Jones as the child of Cornie, but the census of1910 says Wince was 6, and thus born about 1904, 2 years before Thomasmarried Cornie, according to this report.  In addition the thirdchild, Charley, was 3 years old, and thus born in about 1906 or 1907,again before the census says Cornie married Thomas.

    Finally, it seems plausible to consider this census report erroneous.It does seem strange that Thomas and Cornie would have forgot how manyyears they had been married, and that the enumerator and even Thomasand Cornie would not have noticed the discrepancy of ages and lengthof marriage.  But strange thigns appear in census records.  We canimaging the task of the harried enumerator, taking all these nmamesand details under dictation.  It is best to consider this anenumerator error.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 February, SouthPrairie Township, District 16, page 8B, Hse #103, Fam #161
    Jones, William T  Head Owns M W 45 Widowed AR VA US Farmer [b abt1875]
    West, Elma F Son M W 11 AR AR MS [abt 1909]
    West, Luzia(?) M  F W 9 AR AR MS [b abt Jan 1911]
    West, Thomas E Son M W 5 AR AR MS [b abt 1905]
    West, Levi E Son M W 10mos AR AR MS [b abt Feb 1919]

    In 1918, William Thomas registered for the WWI draft.  This confirmshis birth date, but this form does not report birth place, like someof the other WWI cards.  On this registration, his wife's name iswritten Cornia.

    World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    William Thomas Jones
    Residence Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Birth 30 Jan 1875
    Occupation Farmer Self-Employed
    wife Cornia Jones
    Medium Height and Build, Blue Eyes, Lt Brown Hair
    Registration 12 July 1918 Stuttgart, Arkansas, Arkansas

    In 1920 William Thomas is a widower, indicating his 2nd wife CornieCochran died sometime between the birth of their child Levi Everett on12 March 1919 and the 1920 census date of 1 January 1920.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 10 February, SouthernPrairie Township, District 16, page 8B, By Road off Ethel and ChuteRd, Hse #103, Fam #161
    Jones, William T Head  Owns Farm  M W 45 Widowed  AR VA US Farmer
    Jones, Elmer F  Son M W 11 AR AR MS
    Jones, Luzia (Luiza?) Dau F W 9 AR AR MS
    Jones, Thomas E  Son M W 5 AR AR MS
    Jones, Levi E  Son M W 10 months [born Mar 1919]  AR AR MS

    The report for this family in the 1930 census indicates that WilliamThomas married Ida Myrtle Criswell after February 1920, when he wasreported as a widower in the 1920 census.  The 1930 census reportshows that it was in 1920 when they married.  Myrtle is reported asage 35, and first married at age 25.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 29 April, PrairieTownship, District 25, page 9A, Ethel and Chute Rd, Hse #155 Fam #156
    Jones, W T  Head  Owns M W 55  First married at age 20 AR VA USAFarmer [b abt 1885]
    Jones, Myrtle Wife F W 35  First married at age 25 AR AR AR FarmLaborer [b abt 1905]
    Jones, Thomas E Son M W 15 AR AR AR [b abt 1915]
    Jones, Levi Son M W 11 AR AR AR [b abt 1919]
    Jones, Clara Dau F W 7 TX AR AR [b abt 1923]
    Jones, Herman Son M W 4yrs 0mos AR AR AR [b March 1926]

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 April, Ethel,District 1-26, page 6A, Oak Flat School and Church Rd, Hse #94, Owns$2000
    Jones, Tom Head M W 65 Grade 4 b Arkansas same house in 1935 Farmer
    Jones, Myrtle Wife F W 45 Grade 6 b Arkansas same house in 1935Housekeeper
    - page 6B -
    West, Claria [Clara] Dau F W 17 Married Grade 8 b Arkansas same housein 1935 Housekeeper
    Jones, Herman M W 14 Single Grade 7 b Arkansas same house in 1935
    Jones, Sevella Dau F W 5 Single b Arkansas same house in 1935
    West, Willie Son-in-Law M W 26 Married Grade 7 b Arkansas same placein 1935


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