Theobald 2nd Butler Le Botiller FITZWALTER Theobold 3rd Butler BOTILER Mini tree diagram


also known as Joan MARREIS1

12001 - 12252

Life History


Born in Spencercombe, Devon, England.1

about 1222

Married Theobald 2nd Butler Le Botiller FITZWALTER in Ireland.3


Birth of son Theobold 3rd Butler BOTILER in Norfolk, England.4,5


Died in no place.2

(less likely)



(most likely)


  • This family name appears in many forms from the spelling of the timeand later.  The most common modern English form of this name, Ibelieve, is Marris.  It is found in French as Marais.  the latter nameis also well-known in South Africa among the Afrikaner community, fromthe strong Huguenot stream that joined the Dutch Afrikaners inSouthern Africa during the Catholic persecutions of the FrenchProtestants.  The name of this woman appears in genealogies andhistories as Marreis, Mareis, Marais and De Maris, De Mareis, DeMarais or Du Marais.  It appears Joan was the first wife of Theobald(Theobold) Second Butler of Ireland, with marriage in about 1222, whenshe was 22 years old.  But Joan died soon after the marriage.  Somefactors indicate that she died in childbirth, with the son Theobaldwho became the 3rd Butler of Ireland.  Some genealogies reportTheobald as a child of the second wife, Rohese (or Rohesia) de Verdun. But the most careful information seems to indicate the facts of thematter to be that Joan was Theobald's mother, and the other childrenwere Rohese's children.  Some sources report that Joan was the motherof Theobold 3rd Butler, while others indicate his mother was thesecond wife, Rohese De Verdun.  Some sources report Theobald 3rdButler as born in 1223, which would be before Joan's death, whileanother date reported for his birth is 1227, making Rohese his mother. Few sources report all these wives, children and facts together.Some have only two wives, some only one wife with Theobald as Joan'sson, some with three wives and no children of Joan, and none of thethird wife.  Thus dates of marriages are not necessarily given by thesame sources reporting on the children or their particular dates.  Iam following the most complete and seemingly consistent sources andfilling in details from others where missing.


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